Top Tips to Embrace The Adventures on the Road

Embracing the adventure is something that we love to do as a family. Nothing makes us happier than making a picnic, bundling ourselves into the car to go and discover and explore. With half term just a few days away we are already making lots of plans. We have booked a super last minute getaway and trying to agree on a little place to discover was pretty hard, who doesn't love a stay-caption in the UK though?. There are so many places that we have yet to discover that are only a car journey away. 

We love getting into our car and heading off into the beautiful countryside for adventures, but nothing is as exciting quite like discovering a place with new surroundings, new people and new things to explore. Sometimes I think we don't fully really appreciate the beautiful scenery, amazing beaches and woodland walks that surround us. So today I thought that it would be a great idea to share my top tips for family adventures on the road. 

My husband loves his car, no seriously he loves his car - so much so, it's like having a second child. But despite how much he loves his car I cannot fault him in making sure that his car is safe and efficient before any of our journeys. I don't know about you but when you have a child, you think differently. I know from my own experience you like to always make sure that you take that extra step to ensure that they are safe. So much so, we drove 5mph on the way home from the hospital. We have got up to speed now that she is four though. Safety is kicked up a notch or two when you have little people to consider. Along with my husband we have complied a little list for you to use when it comes to your embracing family adventures on the road... 

Before You Set Off...

Make sure you and your car are road ready. You need to ensure that you and your car are correctly insured, taxed and your MOT is up to date. First, let’s get the obvious out of the way – get your car serviced and make sure everything is as it should be; top up or replace oils, coolant, lights, wiper blades and tyres; and carry all your car’s documents. Any driver out there on the road will know the importance of the MOT test and that its an annual test to ensure that the vehicle is road safe. A check on the vehicle by a fully trained tester at a recognised MOT station is the only way you can be assured that your vehicle is fit to be on the road so book your MOT with KAP’s Brighton Branch and get yourself on the road, safely. As the MOT certificate allows you to get tax and insurance. So before you set off check your MOT expiry date, just in case you're due. You may be surprised to know some of the things that are checked and not checked when booking your MOT. Nearly half of all faults found during MOT checks could be avoided by carrying out simple maintenance, so it's worthwhile checking items like lights, wiper blades and tyres beforehand so that your vehicle has the best chance of passing first time. But a general MOT will check for: 

* Vehicle Identification Number and Registration Plate

* Lamps, Reflectors and Electric Equipment - checks the condition, whether they are working how they are suppose to, consider whether they are secure enough and check the colour. 

* Steering and Suspension - the tester will assess the strength and condition of steering wheel. Suspension will be checked for excessive corrosion, distortion and fractures. 

* Brakes - The overall condition of the brakes, pedals and levers are inspected, as well as any warning lights.

* Tyres - three main things you need to look checking your tyres and that's tread depth, pressure and keeping an eye out for damage

* Body and Structure - Check the Vehicle Identification Number, Registration Plate and speedometer. A general inspection of the body, chassis, engine mountings, seats, bonnet, boot and doors will be made as part of your MOT checks. All components must be free from excessive corrosion and must not have any sharp edges that might cause injury.

* Exhaust and Fuel Emissions - the tester will check for general wear and tear, corrosion and consider whether the parts are working how they are supposed to be.

The Car Checks Before The Road Trip…

Before embracing any kind of adventure it's so important to undertake a couple of essential last minute checks to make sure that your a road trip ready, by now you will have relevant insurances and that your MOT certificate is up to date. Basic checks to your car are also pretty important too. Begin with checking over your tyres, the engine and ensuring that you have topped up the engine oil and coolant. Making checks with your battery and any belts, and hoses for general wear and tear. It can be difficult to guess what can happen. So it's best to try and prepare yourself for anything. Even after you have completed all the necessary checks and you have made sure that everything is in working order, always prepare for things in case the do go wrong. By ensuring you have breakdown cover will help you feel at ease, companies such as AA or RAC are more than happy to assist you when you're in need.

Snacks are EVERYTHING…

As parents we are not supposed to use food to bribe our children, but on car journeys, regular snacks can help alleviate boredom and keep little ones happy. A hungry travelling child is NEVER a happy travelling child. Dried fruit, crackers, rice cakes and cubes of cheese are all great choices for snacking. Avoid anything too sticky, because a few chocolate buttons are never a great idea. Before you hit the road, always make sure that you get enough sleep and eat a snack or meal. I know some people rely highly on coffee or energy drink to see them through, they may help you in the beginning, but these caffeinated drinks may have the adverse effect as your journey continues. Pull over for regular checks and breaks every couple of hours if need be. 


Our favourite part about embracing our family adventure is without a doubt music. Even now there are certain songs that take me back to a certain trip and everyone has a car song right? Over the years my husband and I have travelled far and wide and the one song that makes us both smile from ear to ear is Don't stop Believing by Journey! It's a song that was made for Caroke! Now we have a certain little lady coming along with us on the adventures it's only fair we indulge in a little car-oke from time to time. However, we don't listen to Disney Princesses the whole way, she actually likes a few from the charts but one she loves is MK - 17 or as she likes to call it her 'get you back song'. 

There’s Nothing Like a Classic Car Game…

What’s more fun than a few classic car games. Depending on how old your little ones are there are a variety of easy games you can play as you travel across the country, or just down the road. Everyone loves a little game of I Spy. This is our little lady's favourite however we are still getting to grips with the rules of the game still, so we tend to make up our own version. Simon says is another great game to play in the car and what simon says, goes (within reason of course). A new one we have just started playing is banana where every time a player some one notices a yellow vehicle, they yells 'Banana!' and receives a point. The player who has the most points at the end wins. 

A Little Entertainment…

You could even download child friendly apps and games onto a kindle or ipad if they get tired of traditional games. Some people may frown upon kids being given tablets to play with, but kids love feeling like they’re doing things that adults do, meaning they will more likely to be kept entertained for longer. And for the sake of a peaceful journey, it’s worth it! I have found from our car journeys that keeping a stash of books and toys in the front is the way forward because let's face it most toddlers like to drop and throw things, don't they? But even if they do you'll be ready with your secret stash in the front. We also have a backseat and pushchair organiser which secures to the back of the driver or passenger car seat and it's the perfect distraction for my daughter. It has several compartments to hold drinks, toys, snacks and so much more. 

So there you go! There are a few of my top tips to embrace the adventure on the road. Where are some of your favourite places to visit in the UK? What are some of your best tips for road trips with little ones?


  1. Have a great time adventuring. I love get outdoors and finding new things to see and do. Have a great time xx

  2. Our car needs a new starter motor. We totally miss our little days out - hoping to get it fixed soon!

  3. We also love heading out as a family but we seem to have outgrown our current car, so we're on the search for a new one now. Mich x