Harry Potter Collectors Gift Set

Calling all muggles! Calling all muggles! Yes, if you're not completely obsessed with Harry Potter then this post may not be for you. But for the rest of you muggles I have a little goody for you. For all muggles who love the Wizarding world of Harry Potter, this collector's box set is the perfect choice to say goodbye to 2018 and hello to 2019, in a harry potter-esque way.

When it comes to stationary, it's kinda my thing. I'm what you call a stationary geek and I am a type of person who spends too much time down the stationary aisles looking at pretty notebooks and cute pens. So as you can imagine, stationary is always something that is on my Christmas list every year. Even if I don't need them, you never know when you'll need a notebook. That doesn't stop with notebooks. I am exactly the same with calendars and there is a certain style I prefer bbut as I sit here writing this post I do actually have quite a few around the house. We have a wall calendar in our porch that is full of dates, birthdays and appointments. I have the cutest little wall calendar from Etsy for my blogging room. As well as my A5 Webster Pages organisers, which I really couldn't adult without. 

So when a opportunity for something stationary related came my way, of course I indulged. But the fact that this is for a Harry Potter fan makes it all the more interesting. I remember coming across the first book and I sat there and was engrossed from the first chapter, it's just one of those books that you cannot put down. And pretty much every book since then have all been amazing. The film are so good too and I never tire of them. So I'm most definitely a big fan of the Harry Potter phenomenon. Actually everyone in my family is so this Harry Potter Collectors Gift Set would be the perfect gift for our Potter mad family. 

Every year must come to an end and a new one must begin. For muggles looking to keep organised for 2019 the Harry Potter Collectors box set is the way to do it. Keep record of all of your notes, dates and birthdays with the calendar, diary and pen included in this marvellous box set. Included in this set is a Harry Potter pen, an A5 diary and a monthly wall calendar featuring images of your favourite characters for each month. A perfect gift for creating another memorable year!

Harry Potter Official Calendar 2019

From the Philosopher’s Stone to the Deathly Hallows, Harry Potter and the wizarding world of Hogwarts have had readers and film fanatics in suspense for over a decade. This calendar is quite big so it would be ideal for a kitchen or dining room so everyone can keep an eye on their days and not forget those all important dates, birthdays or appointments. Each month has a different character so you will have a good mixture of the goodies and baddies including Harry, Hermione, Voldermort, Luna, Snape, Ron and many more. I really do like the style of the calendar and the fact there is a place for notes just add to the usefulness. I always have something to do. My little lady's school and social calendar is busier than both my husbands and mine put together. New year, new me perhaps?

Harry Potter Official A5 Diary 2019. 

Just because you're allowed to do magic does not mean you can whip your wand out for everything - Molly Weasley. I do love that quote. As it's something that I know my own mother would say if we were a part of the wizarding world. This diary is handbag size with a beautiful gloss finish on the front cover. This official diary includes a week-to-view layout for all your daily notes/appointments as well as handy extras such as note pages, address pages, notable dates, and a year-to-view calendar. Something I always need being a blogger and mum to a little socialite. For me I really like the first couple of pages with lots of different quotes, names and place from the series. It really does make you feel as if you are a character from the books. A branded pen is also included in this gift set. 

Do you have a potter mad fan in your family? You have to get this cute little collectors gift set. It's the perfect gift for your muggle? 

I was kindly gifted this set, but as always my words are my own.