#ExploringCheshire to Find A Forever Home

Being someone who has moved a few times you m say that I have learned a thing or two along the way, moving home can be overwhelming, both financially and emotionally. However on the other hand, moving to a new place brings the opportunity to meet new people, explore a different area, and have meaningful experiences. We brought our first home when my daughter was just seven months old, let me tell you, it was one of the most stressful times in our lives. Buying a home is such a huge decision and one that shouldn't be taking lightly. Becoming a home owner for the first time may seem like an exciting and daunting financial decision, but is it the right decision for you? Along with Laurus Homes New Builds we have been looking to looking for a forever home and some of the things you need to consider along the way. 

Is Buying Right for You?

Buying a home is the natural progression into adulthood, but before embarking on one of the biggest decisions in your life there are some things you take into consideration before signing on that dotted line. And I know that this one comes as no surprise, but the most important factor is of course cost. There are a lot of costs involved when purchasing your first home. Whilst the deposit is usually the largest expenditure, don’t forget about the extra fees involved with the actual purchase of the property. These could include mortgage arrangement and product fees, valuation fees, stamp duty, solicitors’ fees, and removal costs. And that's before you've even moved in. 

Before buying our home we decided to begin saving. Fortunately for us we moved from our flat when we had a daughter and moved into my husband's parents so we could save as much as we could. So with a lot of hard work and practically no social life we managed to save enough for a deposit on a house. As soon as we saved enough we went to an estate agents so we could talk through our options and they were very helpful and offered us some fantastic advice for the process. And the one piece of advice that really stuck with me was him saying that we need to make sure we do our research and look at house prices, and figure out the right time to buy so it can be a beneficial investment. 

Location is Everything. 

For us location was so important. Wherever you decide to live, you’re going to be commuting from that place to work. That commute is going to have a cost in the form of both money and time, a cost that is going to be repeated for as long as you have that job. It was also important for us to choose a location that was has good schools, a local town and close to a hospital. When it comes to choosing a forever home I knew that I wouldn't like the idea of setting up a home in the hustle and bustle of a lively city, we knew it was going to be somewhere in the countryside. As you may know we set up our forever home in the beautiful countryside of Norfolk. We wanted to choose a location that was equipped with beautiful tranquil surroundings, the seaside with an abundance of woodland walks. There is nothing quite like the English countryside to set up your forever home with many different locations that offer the similar qualities as Norfolk, places such as Hampshire, Dorset, Yorkshire and even Cheshire. 


Cheshire seems to be the place to buy a house. With housing developments going on and price rises, it could be a good investment. Not only that, but Cheshire has also got a lot to offer adults and families. Rural and bursting at the seams with history and heritage, the county of Cheshire is home to a whole raft of unspoilt towns and villages. But with the energetic city of Chester sitting at the heart of the county too, looking for a forever home you will be sure to find a pace of life that suits everyone. At the moment #ExploringCheshire couldn't be easier with Laurus Homes new builds who are currently developing houses in these areas: Winsford, Daresbury, Delamere and Congleton. They develop all sorts of houses from multi-million pounds home to affordable homes. There is also future planning for Haslington, Wincham and Chester too. So what's not to love?

If you’re keen to get in with the Cheshire set and have bags of money, look for a homes in the Golden Triangle. The three points are predominantly marked out by Wilmslow, Prestbury and Alderley Edge although Knutsford is often thrown in too. So if you want to live the lavish lifestyle of the real housewives of Cheshire get yourself into the Golden Triangle. However, for most of us getting onto the property market doesn't start with a stately homes. Perhaps a property on the other side of the county, Cheshire West is much more realistically priced. You’ll find spacious family homes here at less than a third of the cost in Cheshire East. If you’re looking for your perfect home in the Cheshire area, Laurus Homes offer a variety of stunning, high quality developments right across this desirable part of the North West.


The county of Cheshire offers plenty of country villages, towns and it without a doubt has it's fair share of local attractions. So of course when you are looking for a home, always look around to see what's in the area. Cheshire offers so many different things all depending on what you are seeking, whether you're seeking great shopping, a good restaurant or a great day out with the family. There's something for everyone. For the family adventures you can go to places like Chester Zoo, GoApe!, Gullivers World, Botanic Garden and much more. If you fancy a bit of shopping, you can find Cheshire Oaks which has a lot of different shops or even Grosvenor Shopping Centre. There’s so much history to absorb too. Country houses like Tatton Park or Weaver Hall Museum and Workhouse are great for discovering how people lived in Cheshire through the ages. And you can always wander around the Roman walls and Garden, or the Dewa Roman Experience attraction.

Perhaps you're a foodie? Cheshire cheese is widely available all over the county. If you want to explore local delicacies in more depth, head to Nantwich Food Festival. This annual event is a great opportunity to try EVERYTHING from cheese to chutneys and ales. Great wine bars, country pubs and restaurants are in abundance. From rustic locals with comforting food and the perfect pint to stylish places to spend an afternoon, or night, Cheshire has a tempting choice of countryside pubs

So in a nutshell, Cheshire has a lot of offer someone who is getting onto the property ladders. Cheshire is a large county and so if you were looking to make a big relocation or set up a forever home in tranquil settings, there is so much to consider as property varies enormously. If you're lucky enough and money is no object you could live the life of a glamorous millionaire and set up home in the Golden Triangle to much more affordable neighbourhoods. In Cheshire you will find gorgeous cottages as well as some of the most beautiful period townhouses to some modern new builds. Laurus Homes are creating brand new developments in desirable locations around Cheshire and they have come up with this #ExploringCheshire infographic to highlight some of the best bits about the area.

So what do you think of Cheshire? Would you relocate?


  1. Cheshire looks beautiful. We live in Surrey (I was born in the county) we are buying our flat. It is now too small for our family but we can't afford to move in this area even though we love it. Relocating would be our only option at the moment but our children are very happy here and settled. It is a tough decision.

  2. Cheshire looks like a beautiful place with lots to see and do . It is definitely on my list of places to visit in the uk.

  3. Cheshire looks amazing! Would love to visit! This is the sort of place I want to live when im buying a home x x

  4. Honestly would love to live in Cheshire! countryside for miles. I would love to live in a small village xx

  5. Cheshire looks beautiful - I've never visited, but funnily enough my hubby applied for a job there before our move to the UK. We've ended up in Cambridge which is also beautiful, but very expensive. It's so tough to balance cost of living, quality of life and work etc. I see myself being more nearer the countryside and coast ultimately - but I do like the 'international' feel of a city too. x

  6. We are currently looking to move but since making the decision I’ve watched house prices move downwards. Some of the things we have seen have lost almost 10%. As it’s a big jump up for us we’ve decided to spend a bit more time watching the market. We don’t have to move right now so it makes sense to watch and wait. Unless that perfect house turns up of course!! X

  7. Cheshire looks a lovely place to live. We moved a lot over the last 8 years and are now finally in a house we will stay in for a long time!

  8. Location really is so important to choosing your new home! Cheshire sounds really lovely & that infographic is really fantastic, so useful to anyone house shopping in the area!