Shopkins Happy Places - Building Their Own Dream Home.

Recently, we have become somewhat obsessed with Shopkins. There is something about these little plastic toys that is addictive, and they make little people go crazy whenever they see them. Although our collection of Shopkins is quite small, I know the obsession will soon set in. 

We can definitely understand why there is so much hype around Shopkins, they're pretty adorable. So when we were offered the opportunity to try a brand new app Shopkins Happy Places I knew we couldn't say no.

Moose Enterprises and Kuato Studios have launched their first official app, Shopkins Happy Places and we honestly couldn't be more excited. It is aimed at children aged 4+, but even though my daughter is three and a half, we decided to download it anyway, and to my surprise, she figured it out very quickly, probably quicker than me. Children who want to create their own dream house will enjoy the Shopkins Happy Places app. Not only can they design a bathroom, bedrooms and a living space but children can also have fun designing a kitchen too. The app was so easy to install, and we both enjoyed decorating our Happy Homes with our Shopkins.

The children of the digital generation are lucky and much more intelligent than we ever were. Like many children, my daughter is drawn to technology like a moth to a flame. It doesn't seem to matter if it's a smartphone, tablet, electronic game, or television. It is quite fascinating to see how quickly they can figure out how to navigate the app or tablet. I sat with my daughter and she quickly figured out how to use the app and even told me I wasn't playing her game properly. That certainly put me in my place.

How Does the App Work?

Shopkins Happy Places takes place in a fictional town called Happyville. Lil' Shoppie Jessicake with her gorgeous blue locks moves into her new home where she loves pink and wears pink clothes. As soon as Jessicake has moved in and her first parcel is opened, the fun can begin and you can let your inner interior designer loose. Children can help decorate and design the inside of their own Happyville house by collecting 'Petkins' which are cute furniture and everyday items from a variety of different themes, and arranging them however they wish. This could involve designing a bedroom with all the necessary accessories such as beds, lamps, and cushions or designing a brand new kitty kitchen with adorable kitty accessories.

When it comes to collecting accessories for their dream home, they should consider three main themes. The Dreamy Bear Collection includes over 31 different accessories designed especially for bedrooms. It includes everything from beds, trunks, dressers, to small accessories like vases, makeup cases, and cute cushions. The Kitty Kitchen Collection is a line of kitchen accessories that was my daughter's favourite. There are 44 different accessories available to collect. You can choose from practical items like an oven, coffee maker and dining table, all the way to more fun ones like a kitty cookie jar, eggs cups or bread bins. Additionally, the Puppy Parlour Collection has been designed for living rooms and d├ęcor with over 46 to choose from you are sure to find something to fit into their dream living space.

They will be able to earn more Petkins, Happy Places and Lil' Shoppies characters (Poppette, Coco Cookie and Bubbleisha) as they progress through the game. Using the Lil' Shoppie to design their dream home, players will be able to see what their characters are thinking as a little thought bubble appears over their heads. Jessicacake loves to sleep, eat, drink, and apply lots of lipstick. My daughter enjoys buying her lots of pizza slices. After you have done things with your Lil' Shoppie 25 times, you will receive a package containing three new Petkins. As with the traditional shopkins, items inside the new boxes can be common, rare or ultra rare, so my daughter was really excited when it was time to open them. So far, she has found a few super rare items and got very excited when the words appeared on the screen! In addition to collecting Petkins as you play, you can also buy a box of 5 Petkins for £1.99 as an in-app purchase, which we've done a few times.

As well as following Lil' Shoppie's thoughts, you will also have the opportunity to participate in occasional House Goal challenges, which involve slightly more complex tasks to complete in order to earn a prize. After a little encouragement, my daughter immediately got to work. As you go through the tasks and sequences, the app's unique TalesMaker technology records key moments during the play session and presents them to the child as a record of your day, which my daughter enjoyed playing with. The images, their sequence, the captions, and even the words can be altered by children. The images are then added to your device. 

Grown Ups' Corner

Growing Ups' Corner, in my opinion, was a brilliant feature of the app. It's a part of the app designed just for adults that you can access by entering a four-digit code. You're asked to enter your year of birth, but how you enter it is up to you. There are not many tasks you can change in the Grown Ups' Corner, such as limiting their time using the app, asking permission to save pictures to your device, and even restoring purchases. As a parent, I allow my child to have screen time but limit it to no more than 20 minutes at a time. So the Grown Ups' Corner gets a big thumbs up from me.

This is probably one of the best apps for 4 year olds on the market right now. With its bright, colourful characters and illustrations, this app is a sure fire way to engage users. Our daughter found it easy to navigate around the app and its content, and enjoyed the fact that there was so much to choose from. We are still working our way through some of the activities.

What the Mimi Thought?

As you can imagine, my daughter absolutely loves Shopkins Happy Places, and sometimes we have a hard time getting her off of it! I'm glad my daughter took to the app right away and this has become her go-to app now, meaning I can get rid of all those annoying advertisements! When I asked my daughter what she liked most about the app, she said she loved getting accessories for her Kitty Kitchen and would play for quite a while. 

As we discover all the new activities, my daughter is not only entertained, but she is also learning! You can find countless apps that can enhance your child's development, promote motor skills, improve memory and increase pattern recognition through these apps. It took me by surprise how quickly my daughter took to the app, but I am certain this app is helping with her overall learning skills while keeping her entertained. However, as with anything, screen time should be limited. Everything in moderation is key. The Shopkins Happy Places app can be downloaded from the App Store.

**We have been kindly gifted our the Shopkins Happy Places App featured but as always my words and opinions are my own. Images are subject to copyright, please seek permission before using.**


  1. This looks so fun! My eldest was obsessed with shopkins when she was little and my youngest is beginning to follow suit! X

  2. I imagine Ru will be obsessed with games like this when he's a bit older! x

    Gemma Louise

  3. Haha not playing the game properly, l hope you're improving! Sounds like fun. #bloggersbest

  4. My eldest had fun playing on this too. Really thorough review hun :-) Thanks for sharing with #bloggersbest x