It's All About The Lips with Sleek MakeUP

Sleek MakeUP has become a firm favourite of mine after reviewing their highlighting palette and their gorgeous 'Storm' I-Divine eyeshadow palette. But it's hard to see why they have become a favourite though. As one of the fastest growing brands on the high-street, Sleek MakeUP creates innovative, superior performance makeup, with strong pigmentation and high quality. They understand skin tone, catering from fair to dark and everyone in between with products that aim to make the latest beauty trends truly accessible for everyone and being cruelty free makes them even better. They have pretty much become a staple in most makeup collections. 

Over the last few years we have seen the makeup world explode, with so many brands and celebrities putting their own stamp on the makeup world and introducing their own collections. The likes of Kylie Jenner, Kat Von D and Rihanna know a thing or two about makeup so it comes as no surprise that we have become obsessed with latest techniques and products. However, we have sadly seen the rise of makeup shaming. Sleep MakeUP and their campaign #MyFaceMyRules is all about positivity and standing up for everyone's right to define their own beauty, without boundaries. So you can be as makeup obsessed as you want to, wear what you want and however you want. Yes, I will take some of that. So I wanted to show you a couple of Sleep MakeUP products that I have been totally obsessing over, and these are products that I wouldn't normally go for.

Matte Me in Apricot Blooms & Party Pink

Liquid Lipstick has been a very popular product for a while now, surrounding the big releases of makeup artists and celebrities over the last couple of years. The matte trend also does not seem to be going anywhere soon and can be found on products from polishes to powders. My latest matte lip purchases have been two Sleek Matte Me Ultra Smooth Matte Lip Creams which have been around for a while, but I have seen them around quite a bit and thought that I would experiment with a matte lip look. Although Sleek offer some great bright and bold shades, I wanted to try the more subtle ones ‘Apricot Blooms‘ and the more vibrant ‘Party Pink', and I’m so impressed! The Sleek Matte Me Liquid Lipstick is described as being an ultra-smooth matte lip cream, which I agree with. It is a very cream texture and glides easily on to the lip which makes application easy. It is also pigmented and only needs one swipe for full coverage and colour.

It is matte which means that if your lips are really dry it can make them look even dryer so I always use a lip scrub before applying this liquid lipstick. The texture is very light which Sleek claims doesn’t cake, flake or dry out and lasting all day. As for these claims, the formula is very good for not drying out but after a few hours of wear it does start to dry out and there is also quite a bit of transfer and feel a little grainy.  So a consistent application is a must. My favourite of the two is the 'Apricot Blooms' which has crazy lasting power, it took me a while to take off with makeup remover too.  I prefered using a small amount in the centre of my lips and then spread the colour with my fingers to give my lips a light and even coverage. For me, Apricot Blooms is much like a pastel orange shade of lipstick If I do wear a lip colour I tend to stick to the pinks and nudes so it is a welcome change to try this colour on. I will admit that I was apprehensive about trying this colour as I was unsure if the colour would look too out of place for my pale complexion, but I have to say it worked really well for me. The 'Party Pink' has more of a coral hue and is most certainly not a pink, whatsoever. This would be a great lip colour to add into a makeup collection for the summer as for me, summer is all about corals and oranges.

True Colour Lipstick in Loved Up & Smother

Discover a variety of colours and textures, formulas and finishes for lips with the wide range of choices with Sleep MakeUP. The lip colour products are formulated to shade, define, and make your lips pop, which is what everyone wants their lips to do. With the True Colour Lipstick you can get a gorgeous matte and sheen finishes in a variety of shades that are highly pigmented, and conditioning to keep lips soft and supple. Enriched with vitamin E helping to hydrate and protect the lips. The two colours that I have are 'Loved Up' and 'Smother' in a the sheen finish.

As I'm all about the pinks when it comes as no surprise that my favourite shade is of course 'Loved Up' which is a sheen bright hot pink and this one certain packs a punch when it comes to the shade. I think this is the perfect shade for summer and I can certainly see myself rocking this during the hotter months for sure. This bright pink is without a doubt a complete show stopper, but I have paired this colour with a gloss and oh my word it is a beautiful look. Now the other shade I have is called 'Smother' and it's described as a sheen deep purple. However I am not too sure about this one, I don't think it's for me. It's probably too much out there and that with my pale complexion I look completely washed out. Berry shades are most definitely an autumn shade and so this would be perfect for the colder and crisp mornings

The lipsticks have a balm like texture with an easy, smooth, and extra soft glide across my lips that produces instant complete coverage on a single swipe. The finish has a slight sheen that looks almost glossy on my lips. Aside from the very beautiful formula I’d say the pigment was pretty amazing. This is full coverage lipstick at its best!

Eau La La Liner in Melba

Eau La La Liner is a pencil liner that is long lasting, and highly pigmented that can be used as an eyeliner, or lip liner as desired taking your look from day to night. So you will be able to achieve many different stunning looks with this pencil. I got the Eau La La Liner in the shade 'Melba' and it was something that I couldn't wait to try and pairing this with the Apricot Blooms Matte Me is the perfect combination. Honestly, they worked so well together and has become my favourite combination, I don't think that this is a shade that I would try and experiment with on my eyes though, however there are over 20 different shades in the Eau La La Liner so I'm sure I will be able to find something that is more suited to my eyes. 

The texture is creamy but not as creamy that could smudge, smear or fade, but they glide on the skin like a dream. I did find that the Melba shade was super pigmented which provided an intense and opaque line in just one swoop without pulling or tugging. When it comes to application I couldn't believe how easy the liner glided over my lips, it was so quick and easy. I will definately be using this combination of the two over the spring and summer months there are a match made in heaven. 

When it comes to lips, it's not normally something that I am concerned with. I tend to choose to go for a natural lip with some balm or gloss, however I was pleasantly surprised with the amazing lip products that Sleep MakeUP has to offer. Honestly, there is something for everyone. So whether you are a go natural and nude it up girl or like living in the moment with super bright and bold colours, you will find something to suit your tastes. #MyMakeUpMyRule is such a positive campaign for those who are scared to try something a little more daring. I was impressed with all the products that I tried and love a matte lip look and it's going to be something that I will be experimenting more in the future. Have you tried any products from Sleek MakeUP yet? If so, which ones? I'd love to know in the comments below.