How to Enjoy a Spa-like Day at Home

Spa days are the ultimate indulgence, but let’s be honest they’re few and far between. However, recreating them at home can be done any time you like and it’s so much easier on the bank balance too. Just because you’re doing them at home doesn’t mean they can’t feel just as relaxing or indulgent. All it takes is a few small steps to create the ultimate spa day from the comfort of your own home. And today I want to share my top tips for turning your home into a spa-like sanctuary.

Peace and quiet

The best thing you could probably do for your spa-day at home is attempting to book it in when no one else is home. That way you have free run of the house and don’t have to worry about being pestered by anybody else. Even if it’s just for a couple of hours, set that time aside to know that you’re going to really treat yourself to a pamper and relaxation.

Bubble bath

A peaceful, tranquil bubble bath is sometimes all you need to wipe away the stresses of everyday life. So why not find out the stash bubbles or bath oils that are normally saved for special occasions and spend some time in the bath just doing you. Whether this is reading a book, listening to a podcast, enjoying a glass of something alcoholic or just taking the time to close your eyes and relax.

Ambient lighting

Candles are of course a given when you want to create a spa-like feeling at home, but we also think there’s some small changes to the lighting in your home that will continue to leave you in a spa-like state. The installation of Firstlighting floor lights in the bathroom can create a gorgeously serene feeling in the bathroom, as can shower lights or plinth lighting.

Some form of entertainment

Enjoy your pamper time with something to look forward to. Now this could be a new book, a magazine you’ve been dying to read, or a new series you have been meaning to start or a film you’d like to watch. There’s no shame in enjoying your time alone spending it watching something you’ve been looking forward to. Something that is a complete must is making sure that your phone out of the way, because let’s face it, we can all get lost in scrolling through Instagram any day of the week. So to ensure that your pamper time is purely for pampering and taking the time to rest and recuperate leave that phone alone.

Sheet mask

I must admit, sheetmasks are worth every penny. And thankfully some o our favourite high street beauty brands like Garnier and Simple have some of the most affordable and high quality products available. The biggest plus we have found with sheet masks is that they force you to sit down and relax, as it’s pretty difficult to move around with one of these on your face.

Fresh clothing

Once you’ve had your bath and applied your favourite body moisturiser, make sure you have some fresh clothing or pyjamas to wear. You could also invest in some comfortable lounge wear to ensure your as relaxed and as comfortable as can be. Forget gym clothes, forget pyjamas but getting some clothing that has been especially designed to wear to lunge around at home. They will make you feel really comfortable, feel relaxed yet keeping feeling stylish that you won’t mind going out to the shop if need be.