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MEMI Makeup Collection: First Impressions

Minimal makeup is something that I really love at the moment, as the nursery run can be bad enough without worrying about applying makeup. So it's all about the five minute makeup routine in the mornings, ensuring I hide those tired mama dark circles and add a rose tint to my cheeks. I do love trying to be creative with my eyes look too, and I wanted to share a brand new makeup brand with you that I have recently discovered MEMI Make Up.

There is nothing like a beautiful premium product to make a girl feel special, and so MEMI have made it their mission to create an extensive range of luxury, affordable products for real girls who want to look naturally pulled together. With the mission in mind, MEMI bring an exclusive collection of beauty products and we were lucky enough to be able to try their millennial eye shadow palette and their radiance highlighter. Before we get into the first impressions, can we just take a minute to appreciate the gorgeous packaging, it's simple but pretty out there. Each and every product has been designed in a way that makes the the brand MEMI stand out, in a silver mirror casing with simple and minimalist font ensuring that you can recognise the MEMI brand. But what makes this brand even better is the fact that their collections are cruelty free and some of their products are even vegan friendly. 


Come on who doesn't love a new eye shadow palette? So many of us who love new makeup and creating different makeup looks just love brand new palettes. So why not unleash your inner millennial with this amazing collection of 12 pigment rich matte and shimmer finish shadows. This palette is by far my favourite as it offers a range of surprising different range of neutral hues that you can mix and match to create some beautiful looks. As you can see each shade is aptly named to know it’s core audiences interests, ranging from the bold ‘Boss Bitch’ and 'Iconic' to the more universally friendly '90’s Baby and 'Focus'. The shades are very pigmented and are not too thick in consistency. The powder leaves a decent amount on the lid upon application, with a little fall down but nothing too devastating to clean up, that something I actually hate. When you try adding a shade to the lid but more drops off the brush and onto clothing that the actual eyelid. I do have to say I really like the way that some of the shade leave a velvet matte finish, my favourite shade are '90s Baby', 'Iconic' and 'Focus' due to their neutral hues and they all leave a beautiful high shimmer finish. MEMI Makeup also have two other best selling palettes, 'Matte Muse' and 'Creative Control'. 

Another product that I was so excited to try was the MEMI Radiance Highlighter in Lemon Drops, seriously in love with this colour and what a cute name. This highlighter has iridescent pearl pigments and light reflecting particles leaving an instant luminous glow with a warm tone and comes in a good size too. Now a highlighter is not always something that I grab when I am looking for an everyday look, however if I do have time to play with makeup and have enough patience to add eyeliner too then I will use a highlighter. I really like this one, it offers more of a shine than a glisten which is perfect for a subtle glow appearance, no one want to look like Edward Cullen! But this highlighter is super pigmented and gives just the perfect illusion of a shine, that's not too much. The highlighter powder comes in six different shade which is perfect to suit different skin tones, the other colours that I would love to try would be 'Europhoria' and 'Dreamy'.

Have you heard of Memi Makeup before? 
14 comments on "MEMI Makeup Collection: First Impressions"
  1. These palettes look so lush xx such beautiful colours too

  2. Yep! I love it all! That palette looks so beautiful and for really cheap too! Gorgeous photos!

  3. I’ve not tried anything from this brand before but it looks lovely! Love the eyeshadow shades!

  4. Wow! I'd never heard of this brand before but that palette looks totally gorgeous! x

  5. These products are absolutely gorgeous, especially that eyeshadow palette!! x

    Gemma Louise

  6. I've been checking out their website, the make up looks absolutely beautiful.

  7. Oh those colours look gorgeous! Can't remember last time I bought new eye shadow.... Might be time! xx

  8. I’d never actually heard of this brand before, they look fantastic. I had to double glance at the prices because that is incredibly affordable!

  9. These look amazing! That highlighter looks amazing! I love the golden tones to it! x

  10. I've never heard of this brand before but the eyeshadow palette looks so versatile xx

    Yasmina | The July Journal

  11. That palette looks so pretty! I love the variation of matte and glitter! X x x

  12. I haven't heard of the brand before, but the highlighter looks gorgeous!

  13. This eyeshadow looks so lovely. I am rubbish at applying eyeshadow and so just use eyeliner, but this palette is so beautiful that it makes me want to try again!


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