Beauty Buys: Shine Shampoo Bar.

It's pretty clear from the way it looks outside that winter is in full force. As I write this post I am cosy under a blanket with a chunky knitted jumper on and it's looking very grey and miserable outside. Despite the bitterness, it's one of my favourite seasons. There's nothing quite like looking at the changing colour of nature, the fresh crisp air, chunky knits, boots, and not forgetting berry coloured lipsticks. I always looks forward to snuggling up in blankets and reading a good book whilst watching the rain outside, however the same cannot be said for my skin and hair. With the cold crisp air, it does mean plummeting temperatures, hot showers, crazy winds and whacking up the heating up to full - all things that are not great for my skin or hair. Winter is notorious for leaving my skin dry, tight, flaky, chapped and itchy. That's without even mentioning my hair, the colder days are not kind to my hair at all. So, I am always looking for ways that I can protect my hair from damage in these wintry elements. A new discovery; Shine Shampoo Bar has helped so much.

The Shine Bar has been created by hairdresser and owner of Shine hairdressers in Brighton, Jonathan Harries, who wanted to create something simple, unique and environmentally friendly. It's designed for daily use on short hair, but can also be used as an occasional shampoo on longer hair, like mine. The lather is just as plentiful as with a regular shampoo, working just as well over your whole body, and the quinoa contained in the formula ensures prolonged life of your hair colour.

With normal bottles of shampoo, it's easy to waste product that you can't get out of the bottom of the bottle and the plastic bottles often end up in landfill, but the Shine Bar has zero waste. The bar dissolves down like a bar of soap so there's no product waste, and the packaging it comes in is biodegradable.You just need to make sure you pat it dry and store it out of the shower, so that it doesn't disintegrate. It is also very easy to pop the Shine Bar into luggage if you're off on your travels, and perfect if you'e going to the gym. There are no worries about spillages on your clean clothes. 

The Shine bar is made up of quinoa, a gluten-free super food that has taken the natural health community by a storm. There are so many great things about adding some quinoa into your diet, but they are also have some benefits for your skin and your hair. Hydrolyzed protein extract from quinoa helps prevents and even repair split ends by penetrating through the hair cortex, strengthening and nourishing it. 

I guess for someone with long hair, when it comes to washing, drying and styling it can become a bit of a chore, with the washing, drying, and adding serums to the end. I am changing up my hair care routine at the moment and so adding this little beauty into my routine occasionally has done wonders for my split ends. I must admit, at first, it felt a little odd rubbing a bar of soap onto my head. I am a shampoo out of a big bottle kind of girl, but even though that may be the case, the bar lathered up so well. You really don't need too much of it either. The smell is amazing and not too overpowering, like some shampoos. The Shine Bar left my hair feeling fresh, clean and definitely nourished. I have used a couple of natural products trying to battle the colder elements during the winter and most have left a residue on my hair and wouldn't leave my hair feeling clean at all, perhaps these were too rich for my hair. The Shine Bar was perfect. There was no residue left on my hair and when it came to drying and styling my hair you can tell that this bar lives up to it's name. 

~ This post contains gifted items but all opinions are my own. ~


  1. I have never heard of a shampoo bar before, it sounds lovely though.

  2. This sounds really interesting - I think I'd find it weird rubbing a bar on my head but if it works well then I'd get over it too! x

  3. Love the sound of this! Haven't used anything like it before!

  4. I need to give this a go. I’ve heard so much about it and this post has sealed it!

  5. This sounds really interesting. It is definitely the way forward in reducing plastic use and being eco-friendly too.