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Under The Spotlight: Soap and Glory Spa of Wonder

If you're anything like me, you'll love this time of year. After the rush of excitement that comes with Christmas and New Year, it feels good to be able to catch a breath and relax, a little. As we say hello to the new year, I have done the whole cliche of making some resolutions and one I intend on sticking to is making more time for myself. As a parent it can be so hard. I know that my three year old daughter keeps me on my toes most of the time and by the time she goes to bed I am too tired to want to have me time, but even so, I need to make time to rest and recuperate. The perfect resolution seeing as I received lots of indulgent treats for Christmas. As always, Soap & Glory never fail to disappoint and I can't wait to show this jam packed box of treats. 

The Soap & Glory Spa of Wonder contains lots of indulgent treats that are perfect for a pamper evening with bath, body, skincare products and even make up. This jam-packed collection features some of Soap & Glory’s most popular products in a sturdy container, that can be used again. There are an amazing variety of products to suit everyone. This beauty box is similar to last years one, including my favourite facial wash and a new one, a radiance boosting mask perfect for an indulgent treat. 

W H A T ' S   I N    T H E   B O X  ?

As you can see, all the beautiful products come in this gorgeous box which you can use for storage or something. Last year, Soap & Glory used a metal suitcase for their big box of beauty buys. I had a clear out of products just before Christmas, and got rid of the storage tin so this will be the perfect substitute. So what's included in the box? First up we have the CLEAN ON ME™ Shower Gel. This body wash is fantastic, it's my absolute fav. The pump makes it easy and mess free to dispense. The shower gel itself is a beautiful consistency, it feels thick and luxurious. I use it with a exfoliating gloves and find that 1-2 pumps is is plenty for the whole body and face as it foams up so well. I absolutely love the scent of all Soap and Glory products, it's not overpowering. My skin feels really clean, fresh and soft afterwards. 

RIGHTEOUS BUTTER™ 3-in-1 Body Wash. This product is amazing. It lathers really well in the shower with a shower puff, smells divine and gives you a really smooth, close shave to whatever bits need doing - in super quick time. SCRUB OF YOUR LIFE™ Body Buffer. I love body scrubs and this one has a scent that combines fresh bergamot and mandarin, rose, jasmine, peach, strawberry, oak moss, amber and woody notes. I am a massive fan of this gorgeous scrub. Best scrub ever leaves skin so refreshed after each use and you only need a small amount and has a lovely smell.

RIGHTEOUS BUTTER™. If you get the chance to try the body butter, try it. It’s AMAZING!! The name itself describes how it is, it really is like butter. The smell of this cream is absolutely amazing. It will leave your skin feels smoother, softer and fresher. I normally use it after I have a shower so it absorbs better but anytime should be fine. Unlike other moisturisers out there this one is not heavy at all and is really light and delicate on skin. SMOOTHIE STAR™ Body Milk, this is a very lovely moisturizing milk with a smell of freshly baked cookies when you applied it. 

FACE SOAP & CLARITY™ Facial Wash. I have dry, sensitive skin so I'm normally cautious with face products but this product says it's suitable for all skin types. I have to say for me, it's pretty good and doesn't irritate my skins whatsoever. My skin feel cleaner, smoother and super fresh. This is one facial wash that I will always have in the bathroom. One new addition to the Soap & Glory big box is this BRIGHT & BEAUTIFUL™ Radiance-Boosting Mask, but I have yet to use it. I am a little dubious about face masks because the last time I used one I had an allergic reaction to some of the ingredients. So I am hoping my skin will love this mask. 

THICK & FAST™ HD MASCARA in Black, I have to say this is not my favourite of the whole set. Only because I prefer a certain mascara wand and this doesn't give me the coverage that I normally like. You have to put layers and layers of mascara to get a day lash. I will keep with it, but I do prefer my L'Oreal and Benefit ones. Now the SUPERCAT™ Liquid Eyeliner in Black is a different story. It's the best liquid liner I have ever used, it lasts ages.. It's super pigmented, doesn't smudge and is really easy to use. And finally we come to the last product in the beauty box the SEXY MOTHER PUCKER™ Lip Gloss in Plums Up it's a very neutral pale shade. The plumping/tingling sensation is quite strong, does it plump my lips? I can't tell, in all honesty. I really like the consistency of the gloss and stays on the lip for ages and smells amazing. In a nutshell, this is a great buy for any Soap & Glory fan, as it's full of lots of indulgent treats that will sure to suit everyone. 

What a gorgeous beauty box full of indulgent treats! What's your favourite? 

38 comments on "Under The Spotlight: Soap and Glory Spa of Wonder"
  1. I LOVE soap and glory. They are one brand I loved before I started blogging and one that I would love to work with. I have strange skin, patchy and oily and the only thing that helps me is their melt as you massage!

  2. I've been eyeing this set up whilst it's been in the sale and I think you have just convinced me. I've not really tried much from Soap & Glory but I love the Vitamin C face wash xx

    Yasmina | The July Journal

  3. I love Soap and Glory Skincare. I didn't even know they did makeup! That body butter looks great, I love body butter x

    1. I’m obsessed with a couple of their products. They are really good. Especially their archery eye brow pencil.

  4. I got so much soap and glory stuff for Xmas it smells amazing I can't wait to start using it xx

    1. I get so much at Christmas and it lasts me all year.

  5. I love this range it smells so lush! #KCACOLS

  6. I really need to get back on the Soap & Glory wagon as I love their stuff! x

  7. Oh this all sounds lovely! Love Soap & Glory, you've reminded me haven't used any of their things for ages! xx

  8. I really lovely the Righteous Butter! There are so many other products in this post I want to try out now!

    1. This is a little gem, especially this time of year.

  9. So many gorgeous products in this box! I love Soap & Glory however it really dries my skin out :( x

    1. Oh no that’s not good, it’s been great for my skin. Are there certain product you can’t try?

  10. I NEarly bought this in Boots the other day and now I wish that I had!! I love soap and glory, in particular the righteous body butter!!

  11. Omg! Your going to be so relaxed after using all those! They smell amazing too!


    1. Yes I’m excited for the indulgent nights ahead.

  12. I love the smell of Soap and Glory products, the box had some great goodies #KCACOLS

  13. Love the sound of Scrub of your life! I love a body scrub - really refreshing, and soap and glory always do such great products. #KCACOLS

    1. Oh yes, that one I have yet to actually crack open, but it’s a fav

  14. I've never tried these products before but I absolutely adore the packaging, it looks so pretty #kcacols

  15. I bought my daughter the Soap and Glory set for Xmas last year so I got to try out all the lovely products. Might treat myself this year :) Thanks for linking up with #KCACOLS hope you can join us again next year!

  16. Soap & Glory do the best gift sets! I love so many of their products, especially the Sugar Crush range. The Radiance Boosting Mask is the only thing I haven't tried yet but it sounds pretty good! xx

    1. There a couple more from that range that I would like to try.

  17. I love soap and glory. I got a smaller set this year and scrub of my life is one of my favourite products ever! #kcacols

  18. This looks fun! I never heard of them, but I love their branding! Divine! #kcacols xoxo

  19. I love the Soap and Glory stuff, it seems like it's really well made. #kcacols


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