10 Bloggers and Youtubers That You Need To Follow

I don't think I can say this enough, it's so important to support one another. There's nothing quite like sharing some positive vibes in the blogging community right now, to share successes and congratulate one another. I'm pretty sure that you familiar with the story that's been circulating in the bloggersphere and I still, cannot understand why there is a need to tear one another down, especially when we are so many opportunities to build people up. Nothing makes me smile more than receiving lovely comments, someone sharing my post - I think it's all about being supportive and showing kindness. I have wanted to put together a post like this for a while now, so I’m finally sitting down to do so. I just wanted to select a small amount of amazing bloggers and Youtubers that I want to share with you and why they inspire me. 

Hannah Gale
Youtube: Hannah Gale – YouTube
Blog: Hannah Gale
Twitter: Hannah Gale (@Hannahfgale) · Twitter
Instagram: Hannah Gale (@hannahfgale)

Hannah is someone who I have followed for a couple of years now. She is a TOTAL inspiration in many ways. I first stumbled across her blog in the early days and I have seen her blog and socials grow from strength to strength. I love her whole attitude to life, to blogging and her whole work ethic. Best of all, those list posts are just everything, as I love a little list or two myself. It's a great way to keep focused. I love scrolling though her Instagram for inspiration to help take my photos to the next level, they are so aesthetically pleasing. However mine are in no way near as beautiful as hers. This girl love fashion and I'm so in love with her style, whenever she shares what clothes she loves I am guilty of making a couple of purchases.

Corrie (Dizzy Brunette 3)
Youtube: Dizzy Brunette 3 - YouTube
Blog: Dizzy Brunette 3
Twitter: Dizzy Brunnette (@dizzybrunette3) - Twitter
Instagram: Dizzy Brunnette (@dizzybrunette3)

Way before becoming a blogger myself I would spend hours and hours scrolling through Corrie's blog, it's just so beautiful. This girl, is legit an inspiration. Corrie loves to share snippets from her life, beauty, fashion (she rocks those instagrammable walls), planning her wedding and her beloved labradoodle Frankie! Who is the cutest pooch about. What I love about Corrie is how she comes across in her blogs and Youtube videos, it honestly feels so genuine and she seems super friendly. My favourite videos are her beauty hauls, and her tips and tricks with beauty looks. Another reason why this girl is pretty amazing is those luscious locks she maintains, she is most definitely a hairspiration.

Jordan Bone (Jordan's Beautiful Life)

Jordan is a makeup and motivation Youtuber and published author who lives in Norfolk. WOOO! This girl is most definitely one of the most inspiring Youtubers out there at the moment and I have seen her brand go from strength to strength and I know it will continue to do so for many years to come. Back in 2005, Jordan was involved in a car accident which would change her life forever. Ever since that day she has been a quadriplegic, paralysed from the chest down,she has also been through depression because of the reality of her injury. However, despite how difficult her life as a quadriplegic can be she is super positive and has a drive to live a full life and created her own YouTube videos all about positivity and motivation to hopefully inspire at least one person. Last year, she release her first book My Beautiful Struggle where she shares her incredible story which is truly inspiring.

Gracie (Grace Victory)
Youtube: Grace F Victory – YouTube
Blog: Gracie Francesca | The Internet’s Big Sister
Twitter: Gracie 🖤 (@GraceFVictory) · Twitter
Instagram: Gracie Francesca (@gracefvictory)

I first discovered Gracie on one of her two BBC documentaries and so I thought I would go and see what she's all about. I love this girl, she's unlike any other Youtuber I have watched and her blog is pretty amazing. I love her complete honesty and she makes it no secret that she suffers with her mental health and I know that some many of her posts are inspiring other people through their struggles. Gracie is a dedicated body image campaigner and has modelled beautifully in plus size campaigns, you even catch snippets of her in some adverts. However despite her own insecurities, she most definitely empowers others. One of my fave projects of hers was the recent L’Oreal campaign along with other Youtubers and Celebrities; breaking down racial barriers in beauty.

Emma Conway (Brummy Mummy of 2)
Instagram: Emma Conway (@brummymummyof2)

If you do anything today then please go and watch this video, especially if you're up for a giggle. A word of warning, finish your tea or coffee before this one. I really hope you did watch this video, because if you did you will completely understand why I'm adding this lady to this list. The woman behind the madness is the lovely Emma Conway who is one of the most popular parenting bloggers out there and has even won some awards. Woo Hoo! Her whole blog and Youtube channel focuses on all aspects of being a parent of two, giving you an insight to the highs and lows of what being a parent is, an honest and funny account of parenting. 

Lorraine Mulrooney - (Babyy Pebbles)
Instagram: Lorraine Mulrooney (@Lorrainemulrooney)

I first came across the beautiful Lorraine over on Instagram, which I know that you will love. It's very aesthetically pleasing with some many photos of her gorgeous little girl Penny. The reason why I warmed to Lorraine so much is that we have had a similar pathway to parenthood and our daughter's are pretty much the same ages and so, not in a stalker kind of way, we went through the same milestones with our girls. But I love the way that this girl likes to share all the moments in her life, even the ones where you don't think you'll be able to get through. I really like the way that Lorraine comes across in her videos, she seems to be honest and the fact that she shares her baby loss, just shows that she just wants to help others. 

Aby Moore (You Baby Me Mummy)
Youtube: You Baby Me Mummy - Youtube
Blog: You Baby Me Mummy
Twitter: Aby Moore (@youbabymemummy).
Instagram: Aby Moore (@youbabymemummy).

If you want to take your blog to the next level then then this is the lady for you. Aby has become my blog guru and has helped my blog grow from strength to strength. Aby is quite something. With her courses you'll be able to smash your blogging goals for sure, join her in her mission to help people turn their blog in a business and sign up to the mamapreneur revolution. I signed up for one of her courses to help with productivity just over a year ago and now I'm self employed! And I am doing something that I never thought was possible and I really love it. Aby works so hard when it comes to blogging with daily face time lives, being in Facebook groups and only too happy to answer questions. If her workload wasn't crazy enough she has even started her own podcast, The Huddle with Ceri from This Welsh Mother. It's a funny listen. 

Gemma Brushneen (Somewhere After the Rainbow)
Youtube: Somewhere After The Rainbow - Youtube
Blog: Somewhere After The Rainbow
Twitter: Somewhere After The Rainbow (@gemmabrushneen)
Instagram: Somewhere After The Rainbow (@gemmabrushneen)

I found Gemma and her blog through Instagram, a recent discovery too. It's a shame really, because I LOVE her instastories, like seriously go and follow her just for these alone. I can't help but nod my head along with some of her uploads. As you can see from her blog name, Gemma focuses on life as a family of five after baby loss and through her blog she talks openly about the difficult time with her family. Something that is incredibly brave, to want to share something that is so personal just show what type of person she is, a real and honest one. 

Amy Cooper (Everything Mummy)
Youtube: Everything Mummy - Youtube
Blog: Everything Mummy
Twitter: Everything Mummy (@amycooperEM)
Instagram: Everything Mummy (@amy_everythingmummy)

I have followed Amy for some time, probably way before I even thought about becoming a blogger myself. To be honest her blog posts helped me through those late nights with a teething baby. Amy and her three gorgeous girls are so adorable and are totally photogenic, I love her Youtube channel it's literally everything. She shares snippets of her life as mum to three girls. Sometimes, I really don't know how she does, Amy is definitely super mum. 

Jonathan & Anna Saccone Joly (The Saccone Jolys)
Youtube: The Saccone Jolys - Youtube
Twitter: Jonathan (@JonathanJoly) Anna (@AnnaSaccone)
Instagram: Jonathan (@jonathanjoly) Anna (@annasaccone)

London based YouTube family, The Saccone-Jolys, includes husband and wife Jonathan and Anna, children Emilia, Eduardo, and Elessoa, and their six dogs. The name “SACCONEJOLYs” is a combination of Anna’s last name Saccone and Jonathan’s last name Joly. In 2008 Anna was uploading beauty videos to youtube on her own channel and Jonathan was helping her behind the scenes.In late 2009 Jonathan set up this channel because he wanted to do his own youtube videos. What started out as a week experiment to film his life everyday for 7 days in a row has now become SACCONEJOLYs


  1. I already follow all of these bloggers and vloggers lol! Obviously already on it. I think my fave has to be Hannah Gale though.. I’m obsessed with all of her channels!

  2. How lovely of you to do a shout out to so many. There are quite a few people here I wasn't aware of, so thanks for the suggestions. I've spent all afternoon subscribing to people's YouTube channels and trying to support them in light of the recent YouTube subscriber announcements. It's good to support each other isn't it?

  3. Ah thanks so much for mentioning me! I really appreciate it xx

  4. Oh super! Some new people to follow on there. Agree with you re Aby. She's the bomb!

  5. I love Corrie and Grace but the others are all new to me, I'm definitely going to take sometime to watch them xx

    Yasmina | The July Journal

  6. It is so nice of you to be supportive and share some love!

  7. Oooh, Aby is the only one I have read/watched on this list so I look forward to reading and watching all of the others. I've been looking for some new blogs to read :-)

  8. I love so many of these bloggers. Gracie's posts about body positivity are so inspirational xx