Little Lady's Christmas Eve Basket 2017

December has well and truly been a whirlwind, with Christmas literally around the corner. One minute it was time to get excited with opening the first advent calendar door, making Christmas crafts and now, it's only a few days away. By now, most people have finished work and are getting into the festive spirit, or making last minute dashes for presents. It's Christmas Eve and we have finished all those errands, the gift drops and all wrapping. Hooray. Nothing like last year where we had about 100 gifts to wrap and a wooden kitchen to put together, which took us forever. So for the first time we have no errands, no drops off and certainly no wrapping. 

Now that our daughter is beginning to understand all the excitement that comes with Christmas, it seems so special and after the year our little family has had. I can't think of anything better than spending time with my two favourites, getting excited, drinking our way through lots of hot chocolate and watching lots of Christmas film. The Little Lady's Christmas basket is full of lots of Christmas treats, goodies, dvds and books, we have really going to town on this basket. So let's find out what we put into her Christmas Eve Basket. 

Every Christmas Eve Baskets should definitely include a new DVD, Christmas themed of course. Last year, our choice was ELF. This year, we decided to go for Olaf's Frozen Adventure. It is the first Christmas season since the gates reopened and Anna and Elsa host a celebration for all of Arendelle. When the townspeople unexpectedly leave early to enjoy their individual holiday customs, the sisters realize they have no family traditions of their own. Elsa laments the fact that because she had isolated herself most of her life, she and Anna were unable to spend time with each other. Olaf decides to look for traditions with Sven's help. With some special hot chocolate and some sweet treats this adventure will go down nicely. 

Christmas Pajamas. Yes, everyone should have some special Christmas Pajamas to wear on Christmas Eve. I remember doing this every year since I could remember. So, a tradition we want to keep on with our daughter. We got a cute little reindeer onesie in a sale for £6, and she looks so adorable. We also got her a set of cute jingle antlers and a headband with a Christmas hat. 

One of the most magical parts of Christmas has to be the stories and even more so when they take on a Christmas theme. A magical Christmas story, The Girl Who Saved Christmas is one of our favourites. What would happen if one year all the children found themselves on the naughty list? We also got her the classic 'The Night Before Christmas' as I have a feeling our little lady will be too excited to settle down easily on Christmas Eve. To keep her occupied during the day we have decided to pop some Christmas activity packs, colouring pencils and of course sticker books. 

Not forgetting to add in Santa's Christmas Plate and a special key so he will be able to let himself in and out. Some carrots and reindeer food for Rudolph and the rest of the reindeer. With that, I shall wish you all a very Happy Christmas.  


  1. What a lovely basket of goodies! We did Christmas eve boxes this year for the first time and I loved it more than the kids! x

  2. Aww this is a fab Christmas Eve box! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas xx