It's All About Me

Hello and welcome to Blogtober! At one time or another there always seems to be some kind of challenge floating around the bloggersphere, of which I try to avoid. However I do like a challenge and I thought that it was time that I gave one a go in the hopes to inspire other people to take part and get involved. So with that let me introduce you to #Blogtober17, throughout the month of October I will be publishing a new blog post everyday with some prompts, of course. Being set challenges is just something that I do actually enjoy, so I cannot understand why I have never really taken part in these types of challenges, I like to try and push myself out of my comfort zone every now and again. Over the last six months or so my blog has gone from strength to strength and I honestly couldn't be happier with and it's so great to find out that people are actually reading my musings, mumbling or ramblings. So what better way to keep inspired by taking part in #Blogtober17 and for today's challenge, it's all about me!!!

If you already ready my blog (*a big high five for you) you'll know the basics, but this post will hopefully tell you a little more! So, I am a first time mum to the beautiful Amelia-Rose who is sometimes referred to as 'Little Lady', 'Mimi', 'The Toddler' or something else, less polite! All depending on what the post is about! But as you can see from the blog name, my whole blog is dedicated to this little miss! I'm not entirely sure how she became know as Mimi, as I never really wanted her name to be shortened, which I didn't think Amelia could be, turns out you can! So as I said my whole blog is pretty much dedicated to my little lady and all the amazing adventure and beautiful memories that we make as a family of three.

Seeing as we are talking about us three, I should mention my other important person. I am married to my wonderful husband who is normally referred to as 'The Husband', 'The Boy' or 'Tony!' who is my absolute world. We have been together nearly 10 whole years and been married for four of those and in those four years we have learned so many valuable lessons, ones that are more important than we had ever imagined. We have had career changes, a flat, building our forever home, two towns, a beautiful little girl and so many more magical memories. Not forgetting the harder moments. The family disputes, separations, deaths, the hospital stays, troubling times with conceiving and our own issues as a couple. Becoming parent to our beautiful miracle baby has most definitely changed our marriage and us. Being parents is a truly remarkable gift and a privilege that we both hold very close to our hearts. For me, becoming a mother to my beautiful little lady has been one of the biggest accomplishments that I have ever and probably will ever make in my life. Any decision that I have ever made in my life has never brought so much joy and so much love into my heart. I am more than sure that many of you reading this, mothers or fathers will understand exactly what I mean. Our journey into parenthood has been by far one of the hardest things that we  have ever had to go through, it's been an emotional roller coaster

Woah, didn't realise I would go so deep straight away, but hey! That's me! However to end this post I shall compile a list, as you know I love list making! If you didn't - something you didn't know. With this list I shall share a few fun facts about me in the hope that you get to know me a little better. 

1. I have a degree in Criminology and Sociology! Yep, I went to University and everything! No seriously I am so proud of getting my degree. 

2. I am one of three children - I am the poor forgotten middle child! Any other middle children out there? I have an older brother who has two girls and a boy, a younger sister who has two girls. Our family seems to have lots of girls!

3. Hello my name is Kelly-Anne and I am a tea addict! Haha. No joke I do not cope well without a cup of tea first thing in the morning, I also think a nice strong cup of tea solves all problems.

4. I was definitely born in the wrong era. There is something that I admire about life in the 1950s - their values, the music, the d├ęcor and I have always been drawn into the beauty and glamour of women in the 1950s. They always wore feminine clothing in their hour glass figures, hair was never out of place and their make-up was iconic.

5. Autumn is by far my favourite season. I love the beautiful colours and digging out all those cosy cardigans, jumpers and boots.

6. I want a piglet. Ever since I can remember I have been a little obsessed about pigs I don't know why I just adore them. I have been trying to convince my husband to get me a tea cup pig to keep in our back garden, I think Amelia would love one! ;)

8. I get too excited whenever I see new stationery. Anyone else like that? Books, pens, paper clips, pretty paper! No, just me who is the geek.

10. I hate boats. Even thinking about it now makes me queasy! 


  1. It's lovely to read more about you. Good luck with Blogtober x

    1. Thank you that's so kind, I am sure we will all have a lot of fun!

  2. Welcome to #Blogtober, it's lovely to have you join us, can't wait to read more about your lovely little family during the month.