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Hello and welcome to our monthly favourites for July. So let's jump to it and tell you all about the great products that we both have been enjoying using this month...

This is a Sheaqueous Butter with Organic Shea Butter, Almond Oil, cocoa butter, vitamin E. A natural aqueous butter for very dry skin, No added Fragrance, for Sensitive Skin, Babies, Children, Eczema prone skin . Shea By Nature promises to provide vitamins E and A all day long. It boasts in helping with skin regeneration by minimising scars and pesky stretch marks. This all-natural, ethically produced Shea butter is simply decadent. It has left my skin feeling super soft, without causing irritation or redness. A bonus for those who have dry and sensitive skin. It has really help my skin condition and I shall continue to use it for hear on out. My husband works as an engineer and has very dry hands and after a couple of uses, his hands are super soft and supple. I have also tried this on my daughter too, she had a few dry patches on her face and in a matter of days they were completely gone. This Sheaqueous cream is a product that is suitable for all the family, no matter what age they are. A product that you should definitely try...

FREZYDERM Baby Sun Cream, has been formulated to include safe and effective pharmaceutical materials that gently care for and nourish delicate infant skin. I was looking forward to trying this sunscreen lotion on my daughter as it promises to offer a high sun protection. I won't put anything that is less than factor 50 on my daughter, she has fair skin and would hate for her to get burned. So, a day at the beach and armed with our new FREZYDERM Baby Sun Cream we went to go and jump some waves. When we applied the sun cream we could see it creates a waterproof protective blue film, making it easier to get an even coverage. The formula is enriched with chamomile, protects against dehydration and irritation. I really like how quickly this absorbed into my daughter's skin and didn't leave any blue or white marks on her skin. With most sun screen they need to be reapplied regularly and we reapplied every twenty to thirty minutes.

Mama + Belle was a company that launched a couple of years ago by a mother who wanted to create and design something quite unique. Even though this is not the first of it's kind, this teething necklace is a set above the rest. Mama + Belle fell in love with the idea of a teething necklace but wanted to create something that is much more than just a teething necklace, something that mothers would wear regardless of it's purpose. The teething range at Mama + Belle certainly does that. The Aurora Quartz Teething Necklace and it's simply just so pretty. I love how it brightens up a casual outfit immediately whilst easing teething pain.

Seamore is super tasty, a great alternative to the calorie loaded pasta. I feel as if the whole idea behind Seamore and it's creation is a unique one. The creators saw that the current modern food system was not great. There are some resources that are over used, not equally distributed and there is a lot of food waste and people often buy their food based upon the price rather than the quality. The world food is in trouble, there's less land to grow our food and the world mistreats the land do have. With seaweed you don't need land, fresh water, fertiliser or pesticides. It grows crazy on the sun and the nutrients in the sea can do great things for your body and a recipe. I feel as if this project to get people to eat more seaweed makes Seamore even more appealing. It's also great lower carb alternative if you’re looking to bulk up a meal; so you could use it instead or as well as your regular pasta or noodles. Not only do I think that seaweed can be incredibly tasty, but it’s also a good way to get in an extra portion of veggies and has a few special health benefits too!

Playfoam® Go!* | £13.20

The Playfoam® Go! set is an ideal travel activity! The award winning Playfoam® is an easy to use, lightweight modelling foam that never dries out. Develop fine motor skills by squeezing and folding the sculpting beads into anything you like, then squash it down and start again! The non-toxic blocks won't dry, crumble, stick to skin or surfaces, keeping children engaged and mess-free. The sturdy plastic carrying case includes 8 colours of Playfoam®, each kept neat and tidy in its own unique compartment. The first thing we noticed with The Playfoam® Go! was that the foam itself was very sticky, but it was interesting to see that it didn't leave any residue on our hands, which was surprising. Almost like marsh mellow. Honestly, we spend ages squashing, rolling, pulling and making crazy shapes. My daughter, like most toddlers love to mix colours with her play dough and this Playfoam® was no different. When we were in a creative mood we made circles, squares, hearts and even a diamond. It was a lot of fun, my daughter is beginning to write down letters and so we thought that moulding some shapes would be a great learning activity. As my daughter moulded her Playfoam® into little sausages I would talk to her about each letter and even sounded them out. Not only is it great for letter recognition but excellent for practising their fine motor skills. 

So what have you been loving this month? What do you think of our favourites this month? ♥
10 comments on "JULY FAVOURITES"
  1. Ooo I love the look of that play foam, my two would love it x

  2. I love the look of that teething necklace, it's such a great idea and something I really wish I'd bought when my youngest had his first teeth coming through.

  3. You've tried some really interesting products lately. I can't get over that seaweed pasta, think I'll have to give it a try.

  4. The platform looks fab. I'm definitely going to take a look at that x

  5. Very intrigued by the seaweed pasta, will have to give it a try. We tried seaweed crisps recently and they didn't go down well!

  6. How stylish is this teething necklace. I wish I had found something like this when my daughter was younger.

  7. That teething necklace is really beautiful! Love the pastel colours x

  8. We love mama & belle teething necklaces too! So fab for the littles :) haven't heard of the playfoam before, sounds good!

  9. Oh I do like the sound of that PlayFoam - we have an airplane journey coming up, we might have to give that a try! x

  10. Ooh some fab choices. I still want to try that pasta!


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