A Day in the Life of Mimi Rose and Me

It's always intriguing to see what others get up to in their daily lives. Being a mummy to a toddler can be hard and stressful at times, but I do find that having a good routine in place can make me feel as if anything is possible Even when we get some time to catch a breath I will always try and make the most of those times. We have had this routine since my daughter was six months old, and hasn't really changed much. I do find myself asking where the time has gone by the time 5 o' clock comes around, it's amazing how busy a toddler keeps you.

Here's my day in the life...

7.00am: I am normally awake before 7am answering emails, trawling through social media and perhaps to try and squeeze in a toddler free shower. If I do manage to get in the shower without the said toddler in tow, I then will then get dressed, put makeup on and get my mum bun-ness on...

7.30am: My daughter is normally awake either singing to herself, chatting to the dog or asking about her Daddy. I will then go get her out of her cot so she can wash and brush her teeth before heading downstairs for breakfast. The first thing I like to do is stick the kettle and pour myself a cuppa while I pop some milk in the microwave for my little milk monster.

8.00am: Breakfast time! After our morning drink we will then go and choose what we'd like for breakfast. It's normally cereal with some peaches or strawberries, but some days we like to have crumpets or toast with fruit. We then head over to the sofa and eat breakfast whilst watching Emmerdale or Peter Rabbit. This is also the perfect time to let my daughter know what is on the agenda for that day.

8.30am: After breakfast we will then tidy our breakfast things away while the little lady plays with some toys or tries to help or play with the fridge magnets. Then I will take to her to room to get her dressed ready for that day, then make the beds, do some laundry and begin the daily cleaning. All depending on what the day is and what we have planned I will do a deep clean either upstairs or downstairs on alternative days.

10.00am - 12.00pm: It's during this time that I like to schedule any appointments, classes, play dates or general errands. During this time of day my daughter is very awake and has so much energy, I like to try and keep her mind busy. We enjoy going to baby classes, going to park, visiting my sister and her daughters or just going for a walk. We especially enjoy the morning walks during the spring, it's so peaceful and my daughter loves all the pretty flowers.

12.00pm: Lunchtime! Most days we will eat our breakfast and lunches at home, but some days we like to explore and will take a little pack up with us. But on the days we are at home we will eat lunch together of either a pasta or crackers and soft cheese along with assortment of fruit or crudités.

1.00pm - 3.00pm: This was nap time, but the days of naps are gone. Now I will try and encourage my daughter to be creative with either play dough, painting, chalks, or other arts and crafts. We also like to try and bake something together at least once a week, who doesn't love chaos in the kitchen. If she just wants to play with her toys I will take some time out to drink tea, write blog posts, edit photographs or what I should be doing more of, exercising.

3.00pm - 4.30pm: This is when I will let my daughter watch some television. It's normally Peter Rabbit, Bing or My Little Pony.  I will make a start on dinner, with a little helper of course. We have a step for her in the kitchen and she loves to get that out and help me prepare dinner.

4.30pm - 5.00pm: Dinnertime! We will always wait for Daddy to get home before tucking into our dinner. We like to eat as a family most nights as I think that's important to have that time to talk about everyone's day. My poor husband doesn't get five minutes to relax after work because my little lady likes to talk, talk, and talk or constantly ask him if he wants to play games with her.

6.00pm: Bathtime! This is normally time for my daughter and husband to bond, he runs her a bath while I clean all the chaos we created in the kitchen. I hate waking up to a messy kitchen. While my two favourites are splashing about in the bath I will tidy downstairs to get ready for the evening with my husband.

7.30pm: After a while in the bath playing lots of games with Daddy I will then go upstairs to get my little lady dried and put her in her pyjamas. We will then have a cuddles, settle down to read a book together before she goes into her cot for Bedtime! My daughter usually goes to bed without a peep, however if she does struggle I will just go to her and tell her that the fairies want her to go to sleep so when she gets up she can have an amazing adventure. I love fairies!

8.00pm - 11.00pm: Phew, what a day. I will then have a bath or shower and go downstairs to a nice cup of tea. This is time that I like to spend with my husband to chill on the sofa watching our favourite programmes on television until my husband falls asleep. Some nights we may even share some chocolate with a cup of tea before going to bed together. But generally my husband crashes by 9pm. Haha.


  1. Isn't amazing how much we can manage to fit into a day. Sometimes we don't even realise it. Gorgeous photos!

  2. It's amazing how much you can fit in. I find blogging and social media take up so much time in my day! You're very lucky your husband is able to join you for dinner most days, family dinners are so lovely.

  3. I'm exhausted just reading this. I need to lay down now! x

  4. So fun to hear about your daily routine! It's amazing how much we do on a daily basis isn't it? You have a really good routine in place for your daughter. Lovely that you have family dinners every day. My hubby is never back until after 7, so I usually do bedtime on my own too! x

  5. Aww I love that you shared your daily routine... Your days sound pretty busy but you seem like you got a goodate routine going xx