I am back with a monthly round-up. I am actually quite proud of myself with these round-up posts as I have managed to do one every month. I hope you're enjoying them as much as I have been writing them? So this month? Another cray busy one. We obviously got involved with lots of Easter fun, a day out at the farm and finally made a start on the decorating, after talking about it for so long - it's lovely to see it all coming to life.


On the blogging front, I have been crazy busy. This whole being a blogger thing definitely keeps me focused and on my toes, which is why I like it. But as I said I have been crazy busy and have been offered many fantastic opportunities. A while back I was asked to take part in a campaign with a newly launched company called HAPS, who have created new innovative ways to improve low moods and boost wellbeing in the form of a yellow sachet of goodness. This is not just a healthy drink, there's a real science behind it. It's natural because it contains whole fruit powders and boosters which increases serotonin production naturally, rehydrates, revitalises and improves mental wellbeing. Anything that tries to boost your mood naturally has got to be a good thing right? I do have to say I cannot be sure if this trial effected my overall mood, but I can say that during the days that I had one of these I felt as if I had more energy to tackle the day, it helped my motivation that's for sure.  This month we also got to work with Bidvine, which is a site that helps you hire trusted local service professionals easily. It was actually the perfect opportunity because we are on the hunt for a handy man to help us with our spare room.
In other blog news, I have been asked to be a ambassador for a brand. But I cannot reveal too much information just yet, but I am excited. As well as being busy bees I have been trying to up my game on the photography and Instagram front, so if you have any blog posts for me to read then please leave them in the comments. I will appreciate any help.


As always we have been a very busy little family. I think that we are finally getting to grips with my husband having just two days a week off, it did take us some time to get use to but we got there in the end. April saw lots of bank holiday fun, a week off with Daddy, Easter fun and even a day at the farm. Easter was so great this year, now that our daughter is old enough we got more involved, we even managed to make some Easter nests. But the Easter fun didn't stop there. We spend the weekend eating chocolate for breakfast, dinner and lunch and some nights enjoyed some more with a nice cup of tea. I ate wayyyyy too much.  We were also creative this month and made some Easter cards for the family, and other Easter crafts. That week was messy and very fun.

We went to the beach a few times this month. It's been 'the sun's out, let's go to the beach'. We've had a fair share of visits to the beach in the beautiful sunshine. But we've also had times where it's been absolutely freezing. Do you visit the beach even when it's cold? A cold day at the beach is just as fun, if you're a toddler you can run, slosh around in the sea make sand castles and even throw seaweed at poor Nanny Caney. It's moments like these that we will remember, cherish and be more than happy to share.
Over the Easter break we went for a lovely day out at Church Farm Stow Bardolph | Rare Breeds Centre.. My husband's brother and family came down for a spontaneous visit and so we explored and ended at Church Farm. We fed lambs, saw chicks, cuddles a goat and sheep, went on a tractor ride, bounced until we couldn't bounce anymore and even saw a lamb being born. A brilliant day! I was even a little creative and made a video of our day out, I was very pleased with it. I'm in the middle of writing a review for the farm, but it's taken a back seat. So don't forget to come back to check it out.


At the start of the year I told you that we are planning on lots of decorating and renovations in our home. This month we finally made a start, just so you know, when I say we, I mean my husband. Haha. Anyway we started in the utility room, it was in desperate need of a lick of paint and some TLC. I honesty can't believe what a difference it has made already. We are planning on giving the kitchen a lick of paint and start all the glossing, which is always a bugger to do. Our biggest project this year is the spare room! We are planning for our daughter to move into the bigger bedroom so she can spread out her toys as and when she likes, at least then it can be confined to one room.

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