Looking For A Helping Hand with Bidvine

It's spring and what comes with spring? The beautiful sunshine, spending afternoons in the garden, blues skies and pretty flowers. It's also the perfect time of year to make plans for the coming months and to make a start on that ever growing list of tasks that we never seem to get around to doing . But like most families, life can get busy and things can take a back seat. We all need a helping hand sometimes, whether it's a plumber, handyman, photographer or even a party planner. For all these types of professionals we normally find ourselves trawling through pages on the internet, or looking through adverts in the local newspapers. It can be such a tedious task, so what if this could be made easier? Let me introduce you to the wonderful world of Bidvine.

What is Bidvine?

Bidvine is a site that helps you hire trusted local service professionals easily. It's really simple to use, you fill out a form beginning with your postcode and which service you are looking for. You then go on to answer service specific questions. Bidvine then sends this job request to trusted local professionals to bid on. It's 3 simple steps
1. Tell them what you need
2. Get bids to choose a pro
3. Hire your professional and expect great things
Bidvine brings together local businesses and people to help achieve the quickest outcome possible, so a winner all round. The website is very simple and easy to navigate yourself around, even those who are not great with computers or apps can work their way around. Bidvine covers all areas of trades. Be it a handy man to help with all those jobs that make the never ending list of jobs to do. A decorator to help wallpaper a room, so you can unleash your creativity rather than trying to wallpaper with a spouse, it's never a good idea. Perhaps you're in need of a photographer to capture those special moments or want help planning the perfect wedding, birthday or other occasion. Bidvine is the way to go.
Bidvine charges a small fee to their professionals to offer you a bid, which means that you get genuine professionals and skilled people who are bidding for your work. So, as you can imagine I couldn't wait to see what Bidvine could offer when we decided we needed their handyman services  to help us around the home. Our spare room has been neglected for some time and this year is the year we need to make more use of our washing room/junk room. Our daughter will be three this year and so it seems natural that she has a bigger bedroom, but it needs some work. We need a handyman (or woman) to help us redecorate and mend the current furniture. After entering my postcode I was then asked to fill out a few questions about the task in hand such as: 'What do you need done?', 'Where is the project is located?' and 'How big is the room?'. Where I then signed up to receive a number of emails bidding for the job with their quotes. It as so quick and easy to do, I couldn't wait to pick someone to help with our daughter's room.
Why YOU should be using Bidvine?
Bidvine believes in getting your work done by the best professionals. Bidvine pride themselves on perfection in work and help professionals find their customers. Even when a professional has just started up their business, it can be hard to build up a clientele and so by registering with Bidvine can help them get their company and services on the map for consideration. Bidvine has some brilliant values that promise to help support both the customer and the professionals providing the service too, which is something that is always nice to see.
Secondly with Bidvine you can find a trusted and certified professional easily, within minutes. Just a few clicks, answer a few questions you are able to find plenty of professionals in your local area an even check their certifications before hiring them, no pressure. There certainly is no fear of any cowboy builders with Bidvine, that's for sure. Lastly, and probably one of the most beneficial deciding factors is that finding a professional with Bidvine is completely free, with no hidden costs. Bidvine emphasises on getting you your desired professional who will fulfil your requirements and be able to reply on their services wholeheartedly.

Have you ever heard of Bidvine? What are your thoughts? Are you ready to Bidvine?