Hello and welcome back to Motherhood Mondays, it's been a while since we had have has someone guest post for us.  So we are back with another incredible journey into motherhood and today I would love to introduce Emily from Fresh Milk Mama. Emily had kindly offered to share some funny anecdotes with being a mum, I can very much resonate with some these. I'm always finding some forms of Paw Patrol figure in my shoe. Children hide things in all types of places. I hope you enjoy reading these anecdotes as much as I did.

You Know You’re a Mom When…

The other day, I was rushing to meet a friend for lunch. I reached into my coat pocket for my chap stick, and found a crayon instead. I laughed and realized I was definitely a mom, rushing off for adult-time with a pocket full of crayons.

They crayons got me thinking about the silly little things that happen now that my husband and I are parents. These are tiny incidents that I couldn’t have imagined before I had kids, and never would have found entertaining. Now, a crayon in my pocket warms my heart, and if I’m feeling sentimental, brings tears of happiness to my eyes.

Here are some of the moments when I realize I’m definitely and irreversibly a mother. They are silly and simple, but somehow so important to me…

1. I searched all over the house for my computer mouse, and eventually found it wedged inside a shoe (I’ll give you one guess about who put it there…)

2. After breastfeeding my son, he tried to get me to breastfeed his stuffed doggy, and I immediately messaged both my husband and my sister about how cute it was

3. I made my husband a sandwich and without thinking cut off the crust and then cut it into four pieces before serving it to him

4. Carrying my purse instead of a diaper bag is a treat I look forward to each time I go out alone

5. A simple game of peek-a-boo is guaranteed to entertain my son

6. I always point dogs out to my son. I’ve caught myself pointing to dogs while out on my own more times than I care to admit. The same happens with passing helicopters.

7. Loudly exclaiming ‘yum yum yum’ when tasting food is totally normal for me now

8. My son learned to brush his hair - but thinks any brush is for his head. It was so cute the time he brushed his hair with the dish scrubbing brush!

9. Long before he said his first word, my son learned to make a ‘moo’ sound like a cow. My husband and I sometimes ‘moo’ with him for ten minutes straight… and feel happier than we ever could have imagined.

So, there are a few seemingly insignificant moments that I think are burned into my memory forever. I didn’t realize how important these tiny memories would be before I became a mother!


About Emily

A mother to a very active 1.5 year old boy, Emily is a regular at the neighbourhood playground. She and her husband are from the USA, but currently live in Hong Kong for work. Struggling through the early days of motherhood while trying to breastfeed spurred her to launch her website, Fresh Milk Mama, in hopes of supporting other women who find breastfeeding a challenge. Follow her journey and find breastfeeding and postpartum health tips, as well as great lactation recipes, on Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook.

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  1. These really made me laugh out loud, I think all parents can relate to this in some form or another. What I didn't realise was that my hubby has kept noted little things like this for memories, very sweet.