Hello everyone,

I hope you all had a fantastic week and  have lots of fun adventures planned for the weekend. I can't wait to hear about it. This weekend our plans include more painting, more glossing amongst other boring jobs, I can hardly contain my excitement, haha!

The little lady and I had quite a busy week this week and if you read our last weekly round-up you will know that we were collecting our car on Sunday. But received a call saying that we would have to hold off for one more day, as if three weeks wasn't long enough. Let's just say when we finally collected our car we ended up leaving with a full tank of petrol, a full valet and the next service for free - so worth the wait really! I think Amelia offering throwing a raisin at the salesman was a game changer, at least he saw the funny side of it! After the raisin throwing fiasco, signing paper work and finally getting our hands on the keys we went for a little drive in our new car. Our new car is an MG6 GT 1.9TB SE, my husband had to tell me all that part because when it comes to car makes and models I have no clue.

We then stopped for some lunch and went for a little mooch around some supermarkets before ending up in a carpet shop. As you will know we are in the middle of decorating our home and have been thinking about laying carpet on the stairs, landing and two bedrooms, but we need to finish glossing first. I can't wait winter will be so cosy. In other 'house' news we have been sorting through our loft and found 9 large vacuum packs of Amelia's baby clothes, I don't need 9, do I? So that's what I am planning on doing over the next few days organising them for sale, donation and hand me downs to other relatives. Wish me luck!

On Wednesday night I went to the cinema with my sister to go and watch Bridget Jones's Baby but the only time we don't pre-book tickets - THEY SELL OUT! I couldn't actually believe it when we arrived at the Cinema and the only other film that was available was Don't Breathe and because I am a bit of a wimp I was a little scared. But in fact it was very good and I was glad that we watched this instead because the theatre was near enough empty and we got some fab seats.

Amelia was quite ill towards the end of the week and it took me by surprise because during the morning she was absolutely fine and then the afternoon she became cuddly and had a temp of 37.6, thankfully lots of cuddles with mummy and Calpol seem to be helping.

So until the next round-up have a good week!
Quite Frankly She Said Sunday Best


  1. YOu have to try again fro Bridget Jones!!! It's a must-have x #SundayBest

    1. I know I do need to attempt it again but I will book my tickets next time.

  2. I hope Amelia is feeling better now! Shame you didn't get to see Bridget Jones, it's so good. Thanks for linking up to #SundayBest x