RECIPE | Courgette, Carrot & Sweetcorn Fritters

These crispy sweetcorn fritters packed with goodness are easy to make, full of veggies, and loved by children and adults alike. They are my go to when I am stuck for lunch or a veggie packed toddler snack. They only take a few minutes to prepare and can be eaten hot or cold, meaning they can be made ahead for the next day.

You probably already have most of the ingredients for the fritters in your cupboard. The carrots and courgettes add an extra crunch and provide additional nutritional goodness. If you don’t have spring onion, you can easily substitute a little finely chopped onion or some chives.

 You can serve the fritters on their own, or as part of a meal. But most of all, they are the perfect snack for toddler finger food or those who have just begun a baby-led weaning journey. 

Can you freeze fritters:

Yes you can freeze the corn fritters: wrap each fritter separately then place in a Tupperware and freeze for up to a month. Take out individual fritters as you need them. If you take them out of the freezer in the morning they should be defrosted by lunchtime.

To make these Courgette, Carrot & Sweetcorn Fritters you will need:

1 egg 
50g self raising flour 
1 tbsp. milk 
1 tbsp. sweet chilli sauce 
100g courgette, grated 
150g carrot, grated 
4 spring onions, sliced 
2 tbsp. canned sweetcorn 
50g mature cheese, grated 

1. To make the fritters, grate the carrot, courgettes and chopped your spring onions finely and mix together.

2. In a separate mixing bowl place the flour and lightly beat in the egg and milk until smooth. Season with salt and pepper. Pour over the grated vegetables and mix through and stir in the chilli sauce.

3. Add the oil to a large frying pan – you need to shallow fry these, so make sure the base of the pan is well covered. Using a small ladle, spoon the batter into the pan around 2 tbsp of mixture per fritter. You should be able to fry 4–5 at any one time. Fry for a couple of minutes on one side until light brown then turn over and cook for a further minute.

4. Turn out onto kitchen paper to remove any excess oil and keep warm in a low oven. Continue until you have used all the batter.