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WICKED WEDNESDAY | #1 I am done with you taking photos...

We have not been taking part in Wicked Wednesday as much because the little lady isn't giving me enough funny content, but don't worry we have had words. So without further ado...

It was Christmas Eve and I wanted to take some professional looking photos of my little tinkerbell in a very Christmassy outfit. But after a couple of snaps she began to get the grumps and I had to bribe her with a candy cane!!! 

10 comments on "WICKED WEDNESDAY | #1 I am done with you taking photos..."
  1. Kids hey! Always count on them to do the opposite of what you want them to do! #wickedwednesday

    1. She is just not as photogenic as she use to be, but she does love a selfie!!! Thank you for your comments and for stopping by!!!

  2. hahaha! They never pose when you need them to....

    1. I know the little buggers!!! Thank you for stopping by and for your lovely comments! x

  3. How typical! I've given up asking my lot now - candy cane bribes have been a feature here all Christmas however ;) #WickedWednesdays

    1. Amelia would do anything for a candy cane. But I am all our now so unsure what we will use...haha. Thank you for your comments and for stopping by x

  4. Oh my god she is SO adorbs!!! Thanks so much for linking up in the first #wickedwednesdays of 2016! Hope to see you next week! x

    1. Thank you so much for hosting so great material this week. See you next week!!! :)

  5. Haha why can't they be Dane performing seals X #WickedWednesday

    1. I rather annoying when they do this. I find it so hard to get photos of Amelia looking at the camera nowadays lol


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