Paris. What's Next?


I was unsure as to whether I should publish this post as it has effected so many people in the world. I actually cannot believe that it has been a week already since the awful Paris attacks. I have thought of nothing else all week, it's just so scary. But those poor people, those poor families, my heart goes out to them. I cannot even begin to understand, it's such a sad world we live in that some can go to those extremes. 

To those that have been affected I am just so sorry for your loss as this news falls heavy on my heart. My thoughts and wishes are with you all. I am in no way here to tell you about all the details on the attack because I am finding so hard to comprehend such behaviours. But these recent events have filled me with fear and I am so scared of what could happen next. 

I am sitting here watching my beautiful daughter sleep and I ask myself what kind of world have I brought my daughter into and I wonder what will this world become for her. Was I selfish? It scares me to know that one day my beautiful daughter will have to be without me and her Dad. It fills me with dread that one day I will leave her in world with so much hatred, it breaks my hearts.

Even though we never know when our time will come. I cannot begin to think how selfish it is of some to take that away from us and take it upon themselves to make that choice. It actually makes me sick to my stomach to think that some people can actually be responsible for such behaviours. It's a scary world. I can never understand why someone would willingly hurt another and be okay with it, it just doesn't make sense to me. 

My child will have to grow up in this world, a world where people harm innocent people, a world where people have that much hate for others, ideas and things that they will go to such extremes. But more so without thinking about the consequences or the devastation they leave behind, the poor families ripped apart, or how they make people fear for the future of this world. I for one have changed my outlook on life and will cherish every single moment I have with my family. As we do not know what is yet to come but then again I don't want to know. 

Over the Internet there are so many stories, opinions given about what should we do. What we need to do. What the government should do. But does anyone actually know what the best solutions are that will be good for all? I don't think that there is a simple solution there is so much to take into account. What works for one, may not for another. We have to go on with hope in our hearts, we all want peace for everyone and if we stand together perhaps one day the world that we live in will become a better place.


  1. It's such a sad time. Great post and well written. Thanks for linking up to #justanotherlinky xx

  2. It's such a sad time for all of us. Thank you for commenting x