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WICKED WEDNESDAY | #7 My very own piglet

I love this time of the week, so if you're up for a giggle or two don't forget to come and join Wicked Wednesday with us. This week, my crazy toddler found it highly hilarious that placing her nose on my parents clean windows making pig noises was a good idea. This kid makes me laugh so much. 

10 comments on "WICKED WEDNESDAY | #7 My very own piglet"
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    1. I know she is just so adorable. We had so many photos of her doing this!!!

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    1. Thank you lovely. I can't help but think the same lol!!!

  3. Ah but SO CUTE!!!! Thanks so much for linking up to Wicked Wednesdays. Hope to see you next week! x

    1. Aw thank you, I am hoping we get some new material this week. :) Who am I kiddin? I have a toddler so I am bound to get some good photos!!! Thank you for hosting! x

  4. Such a lovely photo! So cheeky looking

    1. Thank you lovely, I know isn't she just and as everyone was laughing so much she kept putting her nose against all my poor mums windows! lol!


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