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Hello everyone,

 Its December and Christmas is just around the corner! I cannot wait I have been looking forward to about Christmas since October. I am one of those types of people that get so excited to see stores put up their trees and decorations early. But as its the first of December we can officially say that its okay to get into the Christmas spirit for all you Scrooges out there.

As its the first of December it also means the beginning of vlogmas and blogmas which I fell in love with last year but as I have started my own blog there are so many new blogs that I have found that will be taking part. Are you taking part in vlogmas or blogmas? If you are, leave a comment and I will come and check your channel or blog out.

My husband and I are looking forward to Christmas this year. Amelia will be a little older and will hopefully she will play with the new toys rather than bang the boxes or eat paper. This year we are having our first Christmas in our new home and we will be cooking our first Christmas lunch together, yay for Turkey!!! Normally we would go to our parents house and alternate each year but decided to shake it up this year. One year we tried to do both and fit two Christmas dinners in...bad idea!!!

So this is how we got our house prepared for Christmas...

We actually put up our tree and decorations in November!!!! We usually put our Christmas tree on the first but my husband works and he wanted to put it up together and involve Amelia. We got all the decoration down and Amelia was off hiding the baubles meanwhile my husband and I tackled the tree, it was going husband developed at bad case of Christmas tree ornament disorder! It's a thing apparently. I love him and appreciate all his hard work but it took him over fifty minutes to put the tree together, no lights, no baubles, no tinsel, just the tree. He was after perfection!

So after two and a half hours here's our tree...

Amelia enjoyed helping with the decoration and was fascinated with all the tinsel and twinkly lights and even managed to put the star on the tree with Daddy's help of course.

However minutes after my husband put her on the floor she was away with a candy cane I couldn't believe it. What a cheeky little toddler!!! I did manage to get a photo the next morning when she pinched some more.

We also got matching stockings this year and I think that they are still available from Matalan, we got them for about £6 each but I would get yours quick as they are great value for money. I love these stockings are so big and soft, most stockings that are made available today are always too narrow and small, these are perfect.

Okay so everyone I think that's it for the Christmas post!!!

Hope you all have a fun make your homes all Christmassy!
10 comments on "THE CHRISTMAS POST"
  1. How cute, I love the matching stockings! Brave to put your tree up so early! We put ours up last Sunday! My little girl is called Emelia and think she's a similar age! X

  2. I love that spelling of Amelia/Emelia. I am forever telling my little one not to touch the tree I caught her tugging at the lights the other day. So I think soon we will have a tree that is only decorated at the top. I do find it so exciting when you get prepared for Christmas though. Next I will be working on her Christmas Eve basket thank you for your comments and stopping by xxx

  3. November is so like us! Get that tree up! How cheeky is Amelia with the candy cane? I hope you have a brill time in your new home and thanks for sharing with #bestandworst xx

  4. Yes definitely I love Christmas and I am so eager to get the house decorated. I am finding more decorations for the house when I go out and about, I cannot help it. Lol. I know what a cheeky little toddler. I have to try and prevent her and the dog from pinching the candy canes. It's becoming a task in itself along with finding the baubles Amelia hides. Haha. Thank you so much for hosting, there are some great posts linked up this week!!! :)

  5. Tree looks lovely & like the stockings! We can't even have a tree on the floor currently, let alone candy canes on it - it'd be chaos! I haven't even heard of Blogmas, so have no idea if I'm doing it! #sharewithme

    1. Thank you. Oh no last year we had it on table but we braved it for the floor. Amelia thinks taking the baubles off the tree as a game now lol! Blogmas and vlogmas is where bloggers upload posts everyday up until Christmas. I am definitely not short of any reading material lol...:)

  6. We let our 3 year old decorate the tree. Yes we were that stupid. Cue one overloaded branch, I think your husband would have had a heart attack if he'd have seen it!

  7. Your tree looks great :) My OH surprised me by putting up our tree in November while I was in work... I did a very good job of pretending I was pleased ;) #picknmix

  8. Our tree looks great every night until the morning when my little tree destroyer gets up, haha Thanks for linking to #PicknMix

  9. I love Christmas! It's just so sparkly and pretty, just like your tree ;) Love that cheeky photo of little Miss with the candy cane :)

    The worst word ever with a toddler is 'again!' ;) My boys were both the same when they were smaller and I always regretted buying the new book ;)

    Thanks for linking up to #PicknMix

    Stevie x


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