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TBT | Baby foot and hand cast

Hello everyone,

Since its Thursday I thought it would be a good idea for a throwback to last year where I was on the hunt for the perfect gift for my husband from Amelia. I wanted to get him a gift that would be personal, unique and something he wouldn't expect. After a lot of research I came across baby casting, what a unique gift this would be. If there are any pregnant ladies or parents with a new-born who are reading my blog post I would highly recommend having a cast done, something that you can cherish forever.

I had Amelia's hand and foot cast by Francis Mortin at 3D Castings and I cannot recommend this lady enough so please check out her website and her Facebook page out. I was so excited about getting Amelia's casting but it was so difficult to keep it under wraps from the husband.

Francis was so great with Amelia and she knew exactly how I wanted the castings. We were at her studio for an hour then we went home awaiting an email with photos of the finished casts. But unfortunately they didn't turn out the way we had both hoped so we arranged another appointment, free of charge. The second casts were amazing and we both were really pleased at how they turned out.

It was time to give my husband him his gift and he was so pleased, however he had worked out what Amelia and I had been up to. It turns out he found a small piece of plaster under her finger nail. Face palm. Even though he knew I was still happy that he loved his gift, it's such a unique gift to get for someone.

Francis did some beautiful work on the new-born casts of Amelia's hand and foot that we will cherish forever.
5 comments on "TBT | Baby foot and hand cast"
  1. These are amazing, so good for the nursery. I wish I'd done it because when I look at photos I can't believe his feet were eve so small x

    1. Thats a shame lovely you could get one done now. I have seen some mother and child 3D castings which also look amazing!!! Thank you for your comments xxx

    2. You're right! Otherwise I might be saying the same thing in another few years :)

  2. oh how lovely!! We did something like this and so cute. I can't believe hubby sussed it though. Gutted!! Thanks for sharing with #throwbackthursday xx

    1. I know my husband is a clever one, doesn't miss a trick haha. I do think that these cast are just the perfect momentum to keep. I can't believe how much my little lady has grown. Thank you for hosting and for your lovely comments x


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