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It's The Little Things

 The perfect happiness is listening to the laughter of a child, a walk along the beach to watching the sun set, sharing a moment underneath the stars. It's the little things that make happy moments. I have been inspired by other bloggers to take part  in a new linky It's The Little Things with the lovely Jodie over at Dear Little Daisy and Lauren at Dilan and Me. It’s so easy to forget and look past the tiny moments that bring us joy, so they wanted to create this linky so we can all fully appreciate and remember those moments that make it all worth while.

Puddle Jumping - I normally hate when my daughter gets dirty. I'm one of those mums who follow their child around tidying and with a pack of wet wipes ready for any dribbles. But as a part of some goals I made to myself this year, I wanted to take more of a relaxed approach to parenting and so we decided to go puddle jumping. It was freezing, we were filthy but we had the best time. I highly recommend puddle jumping if you need a giggle.
Being kind - As you may know, my daughter and I have been going to baby classes regularly and already I can see a big difference in her behaviour. My daughter is an absolute gem most of the time, but recently we have seen her not want to share her toys. My sister has two little girls and whenever we have a playdate with them my daughter is more than happy to share their toys, however when we host the playdate at our house, she doesn't want to share as much. So this week in baby class watching her share with all the other children made me burst with pride and grin from ear to ear. When the class ended she even helped the class leaders clear up all the toys while all the other children and their parents got their coats on, it was such a delight to watch my daughter be so kind and helpful to others.

Potty about the potty - This week I could have cried. Yes, my lovelies  I was so happy and clapped like a seal because my daughter did a poop on the potty. Is that normal? If it isn't heck I am far from normal but I was so proud of her and she did it all on her own. I am one proud mama!

Holidays - Last year, unfortunately we didn't get to have a family holiday. Bu we did manage to get away for a mini break with my mum and quality time with my mum is something to always appreciate. For this year my husband and I have been talking about going away for a mini break with my husband's brother, wife and little boy. Even though our destination is yet to be decided it's something that we all can look forward to.

All that is blogging - After what seems like forever after so much time...I brought my own domain, finally. For a person who hates changes or anything technical I am super proud of myself. I don't know what I was worrying about to be honest, next step going self-hosted. Also this week I have been building up some great friendships with other inspiring bloggers who are only too happy to help me whenever I need it.


Dear Little Daisy

RECIPE | Low Carb, Gluten Free Cream Cheese Pancakes

Being as it's January most people are still on the health kick train and some have inspired me to try eat less sugar and cut down the carbs, and so these Cream Cheese Pancakes were born.

These pancakes are perfect for breakfast or for anyone who's on a low-carb diet or just prefers a light breakfast.  However the fun doesn't stop there. These pancakes are so versatile and can be used for a lighter options for a lunch or dinner. We have used these in place of tortilla wraps or pittas, they are very elastic and can easily being rolled up without any breaking. One batch of these pancakes are just 2g of carbs, 13g of protein only 253 calories.

What you will need:

56g of cream cheese
2 medium eggs
1/2 tsp cinnamon

Place all the ingredients into a bowl and whisk until smooth. Let the batter sit for a minute or two before adding to the pan so the bubbles can escape. If you don't your pancake will probably fall apart and we don't want that to happen.

Pour some of the batter into a hot pan greased with coconut oil, butter or fry light. Cook for two minutes until golden brown, flip and cook for one minute on the other side. Repeat for the rest of the batter.

Serve with honey, syrup, or fresh berries.
As you can see we love these pancakes, but don't forget to try our other pancake recipes. My daughter's favourite has to be our American Style Pancakes, or our two ingredient Banana Pancakes they are so easy to whip up. However if you're looking for a way to get your children to eat more veggies and want to be a little sneaky then our Sweet Potato Broccoli Pancakes are perfect.

Wheelchair or pushchairs: Who should take priority?

Disabled Yorkshire campaigner Doug Paulley has claimed an important victory in his battle for wheelchair users to have priority use for wheelchair space on buses.  Read here.
At the time Mr Paulley attempted to board, a woman with a sleeping child in a pushchair occupied this space. She was asked by the driver to fold down the chair and move, however she refused, stating that her pram didn't fold down. Mr Paulley had to wait for the next bus and as a result he missed a connecting train for an appointment. Mr Paulley brought a case against FirstGroup after he claimed that their policy 'requesting, not requiring' able bodied passengers to move was unlawful disability discrimination.  
As a mum who uses the bus I have been asked to get off with my pram for a wheelchair user and I did so without a second thought. It's not the only time I have been asked to get off a bus, and I am sure that it won't be the last. I remember feeling very embarrassed the first time it happened, but with a little help from a friendly gentleman at the bus stop I was alright. Knowing that I had to walk the rest of the way wasn't the highlight of my day but I know that I did the decent thing and moved for someone who was in more need. I will always try and be accommodating to anyone, whether they have a disability or not.
I cannot actually believe that a case such as this had to go that far and to Supreme Court. Isn't it common decency to be polite to one another, not to think that one should have priority over the other. A person in a wheelchair has no choice about needing to take up that space, a pram can and should be folded away when asked despite its inconvenience. As I can only imagine how inconvenient it must be to travel by bus when you're a wheelchair user and only to find a mother and her baby in the space who think that their baby's comfort should come before your physical needs.
In light of all this victory for wheelchair users having a priority over parents with prams. It has left me with a few question being one of those parents who use the bus. Where exactly does it leave us parents? Being told and shamed off the bus, perhaps leading to more problems than actually solving. I know that not many parents asked to get off a bus would be too happy to pay for their fair again. I am so happy that Doug Paulley won his case, its a significant cultural change but don't you think  that in this day and age there is enough room for both, we all need to be more polite, considerate and accommodate others when their need is greater than ours.

What is your view on this?

Pretty Dresses, Little Curls, Thank Heavens For Little Girls


For me, becoming a mother has been one of the biggest accomplishments that I have made and probably will ever make in my life. Any decisions that I have made has never brought me so much joy and love into my heart. I'm sure that many of you will be with me on this one when I say that a love for a child is like no other love known to man, it's an unconditional love, a love without limitations, a love that is impossible to break. But my journey into motherhood has by far not been one of the easiest.

From an early age I was told that it may be difficult for me to conceive and for years I convinced myself that I didn't want to children. I met my husband, fell in love and we got married but soon after the questions began. When are you going to have a baby? Is there a bun in the oven yet? I would always dream of the day of getting a positive pregnancy test and prayed for the day to come and could only imagine what it would be like to have a little baby bump. After months of a lot of heartache our future in becoming parents was bleak and it was then when we decided to stop trying for a baby. We began to focus on all the great things we had already achieved and made plans for our future, then something amazing happened. My husband and I had beaten the odds and we were finally expecting our first child.

Early on in our pregnancy we were convinced that we were having a boy. Thinking back to our second baby scan we thought all the 'signs' for a boy were there and we even said he a few times. But during our appointment the sonographer immediately knew the gender. I was having A GIRL!
I couldn't actually believe what she said. We both cried and couldn't believe she said we were having a girl. As a first-time mum, I didn’t know what to expect… in fact, I STILL don’t know what to expect!  Motherhood is still new to me and I am constantly learning and hopefully improving every single day. But one thing I know for sure, is that my baby girl changed my life. Babies are special and so unique! They can be exhausting, they are precious and they are perfect and so I wanted to tell you all the great things about having a GIRL...

Have you ever looked at little girl's clothes? From very early on I found myself mesmerized by all the beautiful options that were available. The beautiful dresses, the colours, the ruffles, the lace there's no doubt about it, girls clothes are way too adorable. My daughter's wardrobe is very impressive, I would probably go as far to say that I am very envious - mines mainly black, grey or white! But dressing her has actually taught me a bit about fashion and now I am finding myself paying attention to what I put myself in. Another great thing about having a little girl is the SHOES. Again there are so many fantastic options for her and I am already showing her the importance of a good sized shoe collection.

When my daughter was born she rocked a granddad hairstyle for quite some time and then her hair started to grow and now it's crazy!!! *I must get her to the hairdressers* From the cute headbands, bows, clips to the oh so cute pigtails to plaits there are just so many options for beautifying my little lady's hairs. But do you know what makes this even better? My husband is great at styling her hair, no honestly, I'm not just saying this he really is.

It's well known that girls start talking earlier than boys. My daughter has been chatting since before she could walk. Some days there are times where I wish she would be less vocal but it's lovely to sit there and actually have a conversation with her about unicorns, princesses and why they've decided to hide under the sofa. My daughter doesn't go to nursery yet but whenever we have playdates or go to toddler groups she is quite the social butterfly and I love to watch her play with other children. But being an only child and not in a nursery yet I did think that perhaps she would be the complete opposite and not want to leave my side, but no, as soon as she sees other children or those doors open at toddler group she off unless she wants food or a drink. Haha.


I walked into my dressing room and saw her playing with my makeup brushes saying 'eyes'. I hardly ever do my makeup in front of her yet she figured out what they were and how to use them. I have even caught her with one of my handbags slung over her shoulders wearing my slippers *just to let you all know I have never ever gone out in my slippers* and as soon as she saw me coming in the room she started strutting around the room saying I am mummy.


I can remember the new born days so clearly and the times where she would make it clear that my cuddles were better than Daddy's and that I would be the only one that soothe her if she was grumpy, hungry, or in pain. Even though some days this is still the case I have noticed that she's become quite the Daddy's girl and makes it clear when she wants Daddy to give her a bath, read her a bed time story or play make believe ponies. Most of the time I am not invited to play their games but I adore watching my two favourite people develop such a strong bond and seeing their bond makes me love my husband even more than I already do.

Being a parent is hard work. Understanding their cries, figuring out when they are hungry, when they need soothing and most of all learning what is best for both you and your baby. Since becoming a mum to my beautiful daughter one thing that I can say is that I appreciate my mum and dad so much more. My mum had three children under four by the age of 24! When I was this age the thought of having three children under four scared me and I only just managed to move out. Both my parents were always willing to help and lend a hand when I had my daughter and never made me feel bad about dropping her off so I could get a few hours sleep. Now that I have my little girl it has taught me to appreciate my own mum.


I have to say that my daughter has made me a better person, she has given me a purpose and has made me realise what is really important in life. I know that being a mum to my beautiful little girl inspires me to want to be an even better person. Being a parent you are faced with many challenges, some that you thought you could never endure, but because of my daughter I now know that I am more confident in my abilities and less likely to give up even when everything in my mind tells me to. Even if this sounds a little corny being a mum to my daughter has made me feel as if I can do anything and to always show gratitude to the simple things in life. I will continue my journey in motherhood knowing that my daughter makes me a better person and she reminds me of that everyday in all her cuddles.



Motherhood is a complete whirlwind. Sometimes finding the joy and smiles is easy and sometimes it's a little harder, but amid those times it's not so easy we owe it to ourselves to savour those moments forever.

Welcome back to the #MotherhoodMondays guest post series. A weekly feature for mothers to share their stories about their incredible journeys of motherhood in all kinds of forms, whether these are good, bad or ugly. This weeks Motherhood Mondays guest post features Lianne from Mrs Mummy Harris who shares some funny anecdotes she never imagined she would be saying since becoming a mum to Benjamin. I hope you enjoy and laugh lots when reading Lianne's post.

Before we get into her post I just wanted to share a little more about Lianne and her lovely blog, in which she shares her journey from being a newly-wed to a first time mum. Lianne lives in Essex with her husband Ashley, her two cats, Leo and Harley and her oh-so adorable son Benjamin. Lianne has just returned to work after maternity leave and she has very high hopes for her blog and wants to highlight all the milestones, the sleepless nights and the ups and downs of everyday life for a new mum. Thank you for joining us Lianne for Motherhood Mondays.

Things I never thought I would say.

As a mum I imagined phrases such as "don't touch that" "come back here" and "stop it" would be a regular occurrence. However, becoming a mum to Ben for all of seven months has made me say the following things:

1) "Ben get your foot out of your mouth." Since discovering his flexibility, his feet are his favourite things to try to eat.

2) "Well done, that was a massive poo!" - A very "mum" thing to say. But you don't realise it until you're in the parent club

3) "Shall we watch some more Scandal?" - I kid you not, he prefers adult tele to kids TV.

4) "your fingers don't go in the cat's bum." He loves stroking Leo our cat, but every so often he goes too near the bottom of the tail and fingers go wandering.

6) "Stop holding my nipple!" the last week or so he seems to have rediscovered my boobs, he sometimes puts his mouth over them to boob feed again (that hasn't happened in over three months) but I assume it's because he hasn't been well lately and it's a comfort thing.

7) "Stop picking my nose" - In his quest of discovery, he has found my nostrils and more so that I have bogies in them... though he can't grasp that by putting his fingers in them will always pull one out with the way he roots up there!

8) "Ben, stop moving your legs" - Ok, so this was actually Hubby when Ben was a newborn and he was trying to put on his nappy. When you hear this laying in bed its pretty hilarious.

9) "I've set up a playlist of Little Mix playing on loop for an hour." - I cheated a bit on this one - I actually said this to Hubby, not to Ben directly. But what sane person sets up a playlist of the same song 14 times just to keep someone happy? A sleep deprived mother that's who!!!

10) "No, you can't have the Sky remote. have the TV remote and be happy with that." He won't play with his toy remote and is itching to play with our sky remote to the point i have to hide it from him. Such a nightmare!!

So there you have it, in Seven months there are just ten phrases I did not expect to be saying! It's all rather amusing this parenting malarkey. I know that there is going to be so many more random things that will come out of my mouth (or hubby's). Watch this space!!

Thank you Lianne for taking part! And you my lovely readers don't forget to check out Lianne's blog and follow her on all her social media platforms.
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