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Birchbox - March 2018: Be Present, Not Perfect

Happy be-lated March everyone. I have been meaning to post this Birchbox review for March, but as always we are crazy busy. So better late than never right? This month, Birchbox focus on the importance of me time and the art of self care, which we could all do more, am I right? Being a parent is hard work, actually when I sit there and think about it, it's pretty exhausting! I only know too well chasing around my very hyper three year old daughter, this girl knows how to keep me on my toes that's for sure. So it comes as no surprise that I rarely have time to recuperate and indulge in some me time. However, with this month's Birchbox it's telling me I have to, so I will be indulging. As always, each box comes with 5 beauty products that are picked to help you look, and more importantly feel great. This month every subscriber gets a fun size tube of Benefit BADgal BANG Mascara, something that we have already discovered so I was more than pleased to receive a fun sized tube in the mail. You also have an option of a peel off mask or hydrogel eye mask from Blaq. So let's see in side the box...

Benefit. BADgal BANG Mascara in Carbon Black | RRP £21.50

BADgal BANG! 36-HOUR FULL-BLAST volumising mascara creates MASSIVE volume without weighing down lashes. The gravity-defying formula contains aero-particles, one of the lightest known materials, derived from space technology. This innovative intense pitch-black mascara layers easily for bigger & BIGGER impact. It's custom big Slimpact! brush is streamlined to reach root-to-tip, corner-to-corner, upper & lower lashes for BIG VOLUME WITH 360° REACH! Yes please. You could say that over the years I have tried so many different mascaras and I know what I like. I always look for a great formula, a plastic brush and a mascara that gives me luscious eyelashes without clumps or panda eyes! This is Benefit's biggest launch for the last couple of years and well? It's been worth the wait. Let's face it, Benefit are known for the game changing mascaras, but does their brand new mascara live up to the hype? Yes!

Blaq. Hydrogel Eye Mask | RRP £4.40

This was the product that I was most looking forward to trying, because let's face it, as a mum I am prone to awful dark circles. The patches come in a solution and are extremely soothing and cooling upon application. After about 15 minutes the eye patches can away easily and the area felt de-puffed and had a glow, brighter and tighter. It contains glycerin, witch hazel extract, bamboo charcoal, Irish moss powder (0.1%), konjac fibre, algin and citric acid. They are really simple to use too, which is a bonus. Cleanse your skin and the eye area, remove the film and apply them about 1 cm below each eye for about 10-15 minutes, before carefully peeling off the skin. If you want those bright eyes on a more frequent basis then you need to use these masks twice a week, or until you have caught up on that sleep. So it looks like I'll be making a purchase then, as I won't be sleeping anytime soon. Night terrors!

Lumene. Nordic C [Valo] Glow Boost Essence | RRP £29.90

When we want to achieve a glowing finish to our make-up, we often reach for a dewy foundation to do the trick. But what if instead it was as simple as the skincare we used beforehand to guarantee a hydrated and beautifully glowing base? Introducing the Valo Glow Boost Essence from Lumene- a foolproof solution for reviving fatigued and dull looking skin and instead swapping it out for a glow. I love this oil! I've been using it to prep my skin before make up or if my skin needs an extra moisture boost. It leaves your skin feeling so smooth and looking really lovely and dewy! The only bad thing I can say about this product is the price, although I am very tempted to splurge on it when I finish my sample!

Baija. Gommage Festin Royal Body Scrub. | RRP £14.90

A brand that I have never heard of, so I was excited to try this out. That's why I love Birchbox so much as it give me so many opportunities to try new products out without paying full price. So this body scrub is packed full of honey and soothing shea, which has been amazing for my dry patches that seems to have accumulated on my back and legs this year. You simply massage into damp skin and rinse away with warm water and it had left skin feeling moisturised, smooth and supple. Sometimes with my sensitive skin I find that some scrubs are far too harsh for my skin, but this one was very gentle for an exfoliator and didn't irritate my skin whatsoever. I would most definitely purchase a full sized version of this scrub. 

R + Co. Badlands Dry Shampoo Paste | RRP £14.90

I have to say that dry shampoo is by far one of the best products out there on the market. I don't know anyone who hasn't used Bastiste one time or another. However, R + Co have introduced me to a new formulation with this paste. It’s actually half dry-shampoo powder, half style paste, so you use it with your fingers, much in the same way as you’d use a wax or a pomade. The texture is matte, because it’s soaking up oil with volcanic ash sourced from Hawaii. However, I was hugely disappointed! I like this product, but I didn’t find it functioned as a dry shampoo. While it wasn’t great for hiding grease, it did add amazing volume & texture to my hair and gave it a brilliant bedhead look.

Peter Rabbit Review: It's Adorable, Adventurous and Hilarious. A Must Watch Film!

As you will probably know, my daughter loves rabbits and Peter Rabbit is kind of a big thing in our house. You may remember my daughter's bedroom updates, where our daughter had pretty much outgrown most of her furniture and asked for Peter Rabbit theme throughout her bedroom. It wasn't long after that we were able to venture into the magical of Beatrix Potter and her many tales about rabbits, a naughty squirrel and puddle ducks. So it comes to no surprise that my little lady and her Peter Rabbit obsession was kicked up a notch or five when she discovered the film trailer of Peter Rabbit The Movie. And I must admit, I was too. 

* Warning Peter Rabbit fans, this post may contain spoilers*

Peter Rabbit tells the story of a rabbit and his family who are always sneaking into Mr. McGregor's garden to steal his vegetables. Peter Rabbit brings back so many fond memories of childhood for so many of us. It's hard to imagine a childhood without Beatrix Potter. Her magical tales of enchanted woodland creatures have been read to generations of children, and remain – even today – as one of the most cherished children's literacy creations of all time. So you can see why so many people were a little apprehensive about the release of a new adaption of the loved Beatrix Potter tale. I wasn't too sure if I was ready too see Peter Rabbit lose his sweetness and charm of Beatrix Potter and turn into a rascal, rebel rabbit.

However, there was absolutely no reason to worry. Peter Rabbit was the perfect blend of laughter, mischief while still depicting the magical tales of the enchanted and very cherished character. Peter Rabbit is absolutely adorable, funny, so mischievous and can sometimes take things a little to far, being the rascal rabbit he is. I must admit, it was the perfect modern version of Peter Rabbit. 

Come on, seriously how cute is he?
The Story

The visual effects are simply, outstanding. It starts with a sweet shot of CGI birds breaking into song, only to be immediately silenced by Peter Rabbit (James Corden) bursting through the scene, you're immediately hooked! You can tell that this is a sequel from the books and Cbeebies animated version and time has moved on. Peter Rabbit, his cousin Benjamin, and his triplet sisters Flopsy, Mopsy and Cottontail, spend most of their days picking on Mr. McGregor and stealing vegetables from his garden. We soon discover that they are also friends with a local women named Bea (Rose Byne) who spends her time painting pictures of the rabbits as well as the surrounding nature. You get the impression that Bea has taken on a mother like relationship with the rabbits since the death of their mother and they also mention about Peter's father being captured and put in a rabbit pie, all in front of a young Peter. 

One day Peter leaves his jacket back in McGregor's garden (doesn't he ever learn) and goes back to retrieve it. Mr. McGregor spots and catches him, but suddenly dies of a heart attack. I must admit I wasn't really expecting that and trying to answer questions from my three year old as to why Mr McGregor is laying down was not something I wanted to explain in a full cinema. However after Mr. McGregor gets taken away in an 'Icecream van with blue lights' Peter then takes it upon himself to celebrate and invite all his woodland friends for a feast and take over Mr McGregor house creating quite the mess. 

Meanwhile in London, McGregor's nephew Thomas (Domhnall Gleeson) works at the Harrod's department store where he awaits for a promotion. And discovers the news about his uncle's death and doesn't seem too bothered and is more concerned with not getting the promotion, leading to a complete meltdown and gets fired. When he learns that his uncle's house is valuable, he decides to make plans to refurbish and sell the farm so he can start his own toy store next to Harrod's. As he makes his way to the house he is repulsed by the mess and assumes that his uncle made the mess, then all of a sudden Peter and his woodland friends come out from hiding and run. Thomas then crashes out and wakes up to the mess from the night before realising that it wasn't a dream and begins cleaning. However, soon enough he discovers his neighbour Bea an artist who loves all the animals and asks Thomas to leave the gate open for them to go in freely to pick the vegetables, and handed him a gift of some binoculars. You could say that Thomas and Peter got off on the wrong foot and it's clear that Peter has a problem with the friendship that Bea and Thomas have and hatches a plan because Thomas 'has got to go'. 

That's where the fun started. Thomas and Peter start a war with each other by setting up traps and other offensive nuisances. In the midst of all the traps and tricks Thomas and Bea end up falling in love with each other which causes Peter to become jealous and wanting to separate them even more. So much so, they both end up fighting whilst trying to avoid the wrath of Bea finding out that they actually hate one another. The fight soon gets out of hand and Peter angers Bea when he unintentionally ruins her painting and she throws Peter out of the house. Their hatred for each other is kicked up a gear or two as Thomas seeks out other measures to get rid of the rabbits and throws dynamite into Peter's burrow. In doing so, he tries to hide his plans from Bea and continues to be dishonest with her, until Peter detonates the dynamite to prove to Bea that Thomas was using it. However, his actions have awful consequences as the explosion destroys his burrow and the tree on top of the burrow crashes onto Bea's art studio leaving her with no choice but to break up with Thomas, who goes back to London to work for Harrod's again. 

Peter feels so bad for his behaviour, even Benjamin Bunny couldn't forgive him this time, he had taken it too far. Peter then discovers that Bea is planning on leaving the countryside and he and Benjamin join forces to go and get Thomas from London. A quick tour of London with a London street rat they soon find themselves at Harrod's in pursuit of Thomas, and with encouragement they were all on their way back to the countryside. Peter tells Bea that it was him that detonated the dynamite and says sorry in the cutest way possible. But this is all short lived when Thomas forgot that he sold the house and so will need a little help to chase the buyers out of the house, now this is most definitely Peter and his friends territory. All is well between the rabbits and between Thomas and Bea. Yay!!! During the end credits, it is shown that Bea, Thomas, and the rabbits eventually moved to London together where Thomas has his own toy shop and Bea begins to write and illustrate books based on Peter and his friends.

Final Thoughts

This is a must see! It's perfect for families who love Peter Rabbit, it will make you laugh, probably cry, but most of all, you will fall in love and want to watch it again. So if you're a fan of Beatrix Potter and of course the mischievous Peter Rabbit then you must, actually, you need to go and see this. Peter Rabbit The Movie was the perfect blend of laughter, mischief while still depicting the magical tales of the enchanted and very cherished character. Peter Rabbit is absolutely adorable, funny, so mischievous and can sometimes take things a little to far, being the rascal rabbit he is. I must admit, it was the perfect modern version of Peter Rabbit. Our daughter has never really been to the cinema before seeing Peter Rabbit, as we wasn't too sure if her attention span as a three year could sit there for 90 minutes or more. But she was completely mesmerized and this film kept her full attention throughout, without meltdowns or any toilet breaks. I must admit, the film was far funnier than I expected, I mean come on have you ever seen a rabbit twerk? I found myself laughing quite a bit. My daughter's favourite parts were the wild parties at Mr McGregor's house. But she also like the part of the film where this rebel rascal rabbit decided to be cheeky and place a carrot in Mr McGregor's visible builder's bottom! What a cheeky rabbit! It was the perfect way to spend an afternoon as a family, and you'll be surprised at how much you'll laugh. It's adorable, adventurous and hilarious. It's a must watch film. Will you go and see Peter Rabbit? Or have you seen it already? I'd love to know what your thoughts?

5 Ways To Prepare For A Trip with Your Family

A trip to the beach. Nothing but the sun in your hair, sand in your toes, and a much needed dose of relaxation, right? A trip to the countryside. Nothing but quaint cottages and tranquil views right? But that’s only if you discount the frantic packing and shopping and list-making that occurs the week before you go. And adding a toddler to the equation guarantees at least triple the amount of planning, packing, and stuff to cart along with you. Honestly, the immense degree of thought required when taking a holiday with a toddler might make it tempting to skip the salty waves and tranquil settings altogether. To make the whole process less intimidating, today I’m sharing a few tips that come to mind when thinking about holidays. Today we set off bright and early for a family getaway, something we both were looking forward to, especially after a few meltdowns in the preparations stages. Being someone who loves to write a list, I thought that I would start off with a little bit of list making. I started off by writing a list of all the things the little lady would need and how many sets of clothes I should pack before, I then did a list for me, and then my husband. Before I knew it, I had one day left to pack! Whoops. Then a small frantic meltdown occurred. What do I pack for a toddler? How many baby grows do I take? What shoes? A coat? What if its hot? What if it rains? I some how managed to pack for the three of us, for seven days in less than 24 hours! BOOM! Squeezing as much as we could in our car, setting off for our four hour car journey. Any car journey can be difficult but I thought that I would put a few tips and tricks to help ensure your journey is as care free as possible. 

Before you set off on a car journey the most important thing to consider is the car. You won't get too far without one. And you most definitely don't want to get stuck on the on a single track roads right through the middle of the Lake District, with steep and twisting roads with a gradient of 1 in 3 and break down at the top!!!! So getting your car prepared is essential. My husband loves his car, no seriously he loves his car - so much so, it's like having a second child. But despite how much he loves his car I cannot fault him in making sure that his car is safe and efficient before any long journey. Whenever you set off for a long journey there are always essential checks you have to make beforehand too ensure you have the safest journey. 


All drivers will know the importance of an MOT test so before you set off check your MOT expiry date, just in case you're due. Something else you need to consider before setting off are your tyres so make sure that you check tread depth, pressure and keep an eye out for damage. If you do need new tyres there are a number of amazing places that are more than happy to ensure that all your tyres are safe for your journey. The engine is something that goes without saying too. To ensure these checks are carried out, undertake any task that may need doing a few days before, making one last check that the evening before and that morning. Always check the water/coolant and oil levels to prevent overheating and engine failure. Make checks on your battery in that they are secure, clean and greased and look over belts and hoses too. Even the smallest leak can lead to a dangerously low fluid levels on a long journey. Windscreen washers and wipers must, by law, be in working order at all times. So make sure that the washer bottle is topped up with water and ensure that the wipe blades are arms are in a good conditions. Lastly, not forgetting to go through all of your lights - indicator, brake, dip, full beam, fog etc. I always help my husband with these checks to make sure that there are in full working order. 


As parents we all know that when you take a baby or a toddler away, you have to take so much with you including the kitchen sink. So, I have really sat and thought about all the things you will need when you're away. Babies and toddlers need so much so if you're travelling with a really little one you may need a steriliser, as well as the usual bottles, formula, food and feeding equipment. It would also be a good idea to take a travelling changing mat, nappies, wipes. Not forgetting a buggy or stroller, portable highchair and car seat where necessary. More important essentials include clothing, obviously. If you have access to a washing machine whilst away, you can pack lightly with three or four changes of clothes for everyone day and night. If you don't, pack at least one outfit for everyone for everyday that you are away, for babies and toddler you will also need to pack a few spare outfits, we all know how messy little people can get. Don't forget to check our ultimate check list for babies and toddlers to help you on along the way. For adults, all dependent on your activities make sure than you have more than enough clothing to see you though your time away, not forgetting to add in a couple of outfits for an evenings. Don't forget to pack coats, wellies, boots. After all we know what the weather can be like in England.


Being organised is a complete essential when it comes to holiday. If you have more than one child, then you have your work cut out. So along with your lists to start packing in advance, you could also keep in mind that you may need to take your booking confirmations in case any problems arise. Also keep a list of your activities that you plan on doing. I feel as if these really help you stay focused on holiday without missing anything. 


Download plenty of toddler friendly apps and games. It also helps to have a good supply of cartoons. Some people may frown upon kids being given tablets to play with, but kids love feeling like they’re doing things that adults do, meaning they will more likely to be kept entertained for longer. And for the sake of a peaceful journey, it’s worth it! Not forgetting to take a couple of films and board games for the evening for the adults. Being a blogger, I like to take photos and so taking my DLSR camera is an absolute must. 


It would be a good idea to pack a first aid kit, medicines, thermometer, antihistamines, jungle formula and most importantly sun screen, of at least factor 50! As well as a few bottles of high-factor sun screen and after sun, if you're spending most of your time in the sun. Not forgetting sunglasses and a sun hat too, plus a shade for the buggy or stroller. In terms of toiletries, again its best to be prepared. Pack the basics; shampoo, conditioners, body wash, plus toothbrushes, toothpaste, extra wipes, talcum powder and a moisturiser.

Don't forget before a long journey you get enough sleep and to eat something. It is always wise to pull over for regular checks and breaks every couple of hours. Go grab a snack, get some fresh air, stretch your legs and if you can have a quick nap. Plan your route, taking into account the times of day when you'll be passing through busy towns and where there are road works. Breakdowns and accidents are often attributed to poor car maintenance so make sure you carry out these check. How do you prepare for a long journey? 

How to Enjoy a Spa-like Day at Home

Spa days are the ultimate indulgence, but let’s be honest they’re few and far between. However, recreating them at home can be done any time you like and it’s so much easier on the bank balance too. Just because you’re doing them at home doesn’t mean they can’t feel just as relaxing or indulgent. All it takes is a few small steps to create the ultimate spa day from the comfort of your own home. And today I want to share my top tips for turning your home into a spa-like sanctuary.

Peace and quiet

The best thing you could probably do for your spa-day at home is attempting to book it in when no one else is home. That way you have free run of the house and don’t have to worry about being pestered by anybody else. Even if it’s just for a couple of hours, set that time aside to know that you’re going to really treat yourself to a pamper and relaxation.

Bubble bath

A peaceful, tranquil bubble bath is sometimes all you need to wipe away the stresses of everyday life. So why not find out the stash bubbles or bath oils that are normally saved for special occasions and spend some time in the bath just doing you. Whether this is reading a book, listening to a podcast, enjoying a glass of something alcoholic or just taking the time to close your eyes and relax.

Ambient lighting

Candles are of course a given when you want to create a spa-like feeling at home, but we also think there’s some small changes to the lighting in your home that will continue to leave you in a spa-like state. The installation of Firstlighting floor lights in the bathroom can create a gorgeously serene feeling in the bathroom, as can shower lights or plinth lighting.

Some form of entertainment

Enjoy your pamper time with something to look forward to. Now this could be a new book, a magazine you’ve been dying to read, or a new series you have been meaning to start or a film you’d like to watch. There’s no shame in enjoying your time alone spending it watching something you’ve been looking forward to. Something that is a complete must is making sure that your phone out of the way, because let’s face it, we can all get lost in scrolling through Instagram any day of the week. So to ensure that your pamper time is purely for pampering and taking the time to rest and recuperate leave that phone alone.

Sheet mask

I must admit, sheetmasks are worth every penny. And thankfully some o our favourite high street beauty brands like Garnier and Simple have some of the most affordable and high quality products available. The biggest plus we have found with sheet masks is that they force you to sit down and relax, as it’s pretty difficult to move around with one of these on your face.

Fresh clothing

Once you’ve had your bath and applied your favourite body moisturiser, make sure you have some fresh clothing or pyjamas to wear. You could also invest in some comfortable lounge wear to ensure your as relaxed and as comfortable as can be. Forget gym clothes, forget pyjamas but getting some clothing that has been especially designed to wear to lunge around at home. They will make you feel really comfortable, feel relaxed yet keeping feeling stylish that you won’t mind going out to the shop if need be.

Our Life Story: A Diary For a Whole Life Time of Memories.

 Every person has a unique life story. There is no such thing as two life stories being the same. As a blogger, I believe that everyone should take the time to put their story on paper or to write blogs. There are parts of my family life that I like to capture and share. The milestones, the events and all the exciting adventures we like to explore together. I know that by writing our life story we will be able to get a better understanding of one another, understand each others hopes and dreams individually as well as a couple. It a chance to see our relationship grow as the years fly by. It's also a great way to leave a legacy for family and friends. We all get so busy and never have enough time to sit down with family to tell them about our story.  Seeing as we will be celebrating our fifth wedding anniversary tomorrow what better way to celebrate those five years together than encouraging my husband to unleash his creative mind with the perfect gift; Our Life Story.

With so much packed into our life together, it's a great idea to keep track of our hopes, dreams and achievements. Five years ago we both stood at the altar, and made our promises to one another. We were filled with so many hopes, dreams and looking forward to all the memories we were yet to create. Before getting married we knew that our life would be different, our marriage would be different and in the throes our creating our life together I began to realise we have had so many fantastic memories to look back on. Holidays, weddings, parties, unexpected events, arrival of our daughter and many big adventures as a family of three. However, we want to be able to experience all the moments again and again and that's exactly what we plan on doing with Our Life Story.

With Our Life Story we will be able to record our adventures and lifetime together. We can document our travels and even fill in a world map as we go, not forgetting to fill those pages with our dreams as a family, record achievements and our ambitions as a couple and individually. Making plans to create lists of our favourite places to go together, hello Cuba our dream places to visit and even things we like to eat. This will be a place for us to record events through our years together. Seeing as I started a bullet journal for all my blog work, this will be the perfect way to record all those moments that we want to remember. 

Each section is clearly set out to ensure that we feel inspired when we write about journey. Our life story begins with a section about us which is the perfect opportunity to write facts about each other such as names, dates, jobs and education. You also have an opportunity to write about your skills, meaning that you can pin points certain achievements throughout our life. There is also a suggestion page full of ideas of places to visit, places to eat and so much more so you certainly won't be short of inspiration. There are pages for your ideas, hopes and dreams as a couple so you can tick these off as you. Personally, there are a few countries that my husband and I want to visit as a family, such as Thailand, Italy and in a few years we would love to take our daughter to Cuba to show her all our adventures on our honeymoon.

Each year is set out quite nicely with spaces for writing your stories with the changing seasons finishing with highlights of the year. I can't help but think that most of our stories will consist of many events centred around the little lady and feature many photos of her beautiful smile. There are over one thousand pages to write our life memoirs so there is plenty of opportunity to ramble for a page or two. I must admit writing our life story is something that I have been meaning do since our wedding day, it's just something that has always intrigued me and a a gift like this is such a sentimental gift to give. I'm pretty sure that my husband will really adore this gift.

This book allows you to create your own diary and record all the highs and lows, trials and tribulations, times that are good and bad in your life time. The book allows you to capture all the different events during a lifetime in one book instead of buying a new diary every year. A place to record different milestones within life, which could include events such as the places you have visited, the times you have moved house, started university or even the people you met throughout life.

This could be given as a gift for a wedding to capture the new chapter in someone's life or a Christening for the parents to fill in during their child's younger years and passed on to them to be continued as they grow. It also comes with a slip case, which will protect it from wear and tear throughout your and its lifetime. A few years from now you will be able to look back at your family holidays, shared experiences, unexpected events and big adventures, through the good times and the bad. With over one thousand pages, there's enough for a lifetime.

People choose to write about their lives for a variety of reasons, including a desire to leave something for their children and future generations, to create a record for themselves so they can be reminded of their youthful adventures when they're old and forgetful, and to offer something of value to the rest of the world. Writing a life story is a very personal experience, but if you're willing to share your life story as a couple, it can be incredibly rewarding. Have you ever thought about writing your life story? Or your story as a couple?

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