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The Baby Feeding Series with Mamas Doody

Hello and welcome back to another instalment of The Baby Feeding Series, that features real stories from real parents who have experienced how hard and baffling feeding your baby can be. I want this series to be a place where parents can share their own experiences in the hopes that other parents who are struggling can feel less alone. Being a parent is the hardest job in the world but it's one of the most rewarding jobs too and so I want to share their stories.

Last week we had the lovely Emily from Fresh Milk Mama who kindly offered to share her weaning journey with her son. So much of her post resonated with me, but we soon found our feet and now she's a wonderful eater, with the odd days where she wants to be fussy. This week I would like to introduce the lovely Sherene from Mama's Doody who shares her beautiful breastfeeding journey with her children so without further ado, I'd like to hand it over to the lovely Sherene...

My Breastfeeding Journey

When I was pregnant with my first-born I knew I would breastfeed. I took a breastfeeding class put on by the hospital and the will that no formula would touch my baby’s lips. I had looked at the ingredients on a can of formula once and could barely pronounce some of the words. I was very leery of formula and the unknown ingredients it was made of.

My first-born latched on perfectly, I was very lucky. She instinctively knew what to do. As a first time mother, right after you deliver your precious little baby, the very first thing the baby wants is mama – and milk! I remember she nursed for what seemed like a while after she was born. She had always been very vocal about her needs and it started from infancy.

I breastfed her for 10 months solid with no hiccups. But then, around the 10-month mark I noticed I wasn’t pumping but an ounce of milk when at work. My body somehow just stopped producing the 3 – 4 ounces I was accustomed to at each pumping session. A baby always gets more when nursing versus when a mother is pumping, or so I was told. And I truly believe it. A machine cannot completely mimic that of your baby. Your body knows.

So with the decline in my milk supply, I was forced to turn to formula since I worked outside of the home. Any paediatrician will tell you that babies need milk – whether breast milk or formula up to the age of one. And so I started her on formula. And she was completely fine and I got a bit of relief from the pumping and nursing sessions each day.

When my second daughter was born, I thought I knew everything there was to know about breastfeeding. After all, I was a pro the second time around, you know – been there, done that. My little one, just like her sister, latched on no problem. But my little one was a much better sleeper as a new born than her sister was, and not so vocal when she was hungry. And when we got home from the hospital her latched had changed. She started to prefer one breast over the other and nursing started to hurt. Code red!

Enter Mastitis territory. If you are a nursing mother (in the early days) and your baby doesn’t wake to feed every 2 – 3 hours – wake your baby! If nursing is hurting more than a week – get help! Do what you have to do, but wake the baby or call a lactation consultant. This could save you big time! My little one went one day when she didn’t nurse for almost 5 hours and my body went a little berserk. I also at the time was applying lanolin cream day and night. Any article of clothing I wore hurt my breasts.

I remember waking in the middle of the night one night covered in sweat as if I had just dipped in a pool. The next day I thought I had the flu, but not only did I have flu like symptoms, I also had sore boobs.

After I met with my OB, she confirmed what I had already suspected – a breast infection. Also known as Mastitis. She put me on an antibiotic and shortly thereafter I was better. It is important to note you can continue to breastfeed when you have Mastitis.

While breastfeeding the second time around wasn’t a piece of cake, I continued to do so, and it did get easier. It was around the 11-month mark, just like what happened with my oldest, my milk started to decrease. It was at that time I stopped nursing and switched to organic formula. And my daughter stayed on that till about 14-months of age. And she was totally fine. I did feel better giving her organic formula versus non organic but it is pricier.

My little one will be 2-years-old this May and I think back to when I breastfed her. I had a lot more downs than ups with her during the beginning but, since she is becoming more vocal now, and more opinionated on what she eats, I long for those days I could simply give her breast milk.

She is a full blown toddler now and often says, “Eat, eat!” Repeatedly. Of course, she takes a few bites of something then wants something else, as toddlers do. It is in these moments when I thoroughly miss being able to give her a boob or bottle to fill her hungry belly.

For any woman reading this that is unsure of breastfeeding or scared to, don’t be. It might take work in the beginning, but if you know that going in, you’re less likely to fail. And remember, if you simply cannot breastfeed – formula will keep your baby alive. And in the end, that’s all that really matters. A healthy, happy baby.


About Sherene
A mother of two adventurous little girls that has oodles of patience whilst craving a balance with her children that's almost impossible.  Sherene works part-time for the federal government in HR and most days she can keep it together but for the days that she can't, wine helps her stay in the zone. Sherene created Mama's Doody during her maternity leave with her second daughter, something that she never imagined. But, motherhood is something that you must rant about and even though Sherene cherishes being a mother to her little girls, motherhood is not for the fainthearted and so Mama's Doody was born.

Remember you can Sherene over at Mama's Doody


5 Recipes For Left Over Pork

Like most, we love a Sunday roast. This week we had some gorgeous pork and there's nothing better than making enough for the next day. So if you've got some left over pork from your Sunday Roast, don't bin it. Use it to make another scrumptious meal, we have rounded up some of my favourite left over pork recipes.

When it comes to re-heating your cooked pork, make sure it's piping hot before serving. Cooked pork can be wrapped and stored in the fridge up to three days, or if you want to freeze for another day, then it's best to use within three months. As you've already cooked the pork, some of these recipes are ideal if you want to whip up a simple and easy dinner in next to no time.

1. Roast Pork Sandwich

The pork joint for our roast this week was bigger than normal and as there was so much left over, it's perfect for using for some roast pork sandwiches. We like to use left over pork, with apple sauce and way to much stuffing in between two thick slices of fresh bread. But we've have been inspired by the wonderful world of pinterest and found some amazing recipes for Roast Pork Sandwiches, so why not try these tasty Barbeque Pulled Pork Buns

Serves 1-4


325g of cooked pork, roughly
1 can of tomato sauce, or Passata equivalent
1/4 cup of Barbeque Sauce
2 tbsp. Worcestershire sauce
1 tbsp. apple cider vinegar
Small sweet bell pepper, diced
2 cups baby spinach, chopped

You can find out how to combine this all together to make tasty easy pulled pork over at Green Light Bites

2. Pork Curry

Pork curry is so simple. All you have to do use is a few spices, homemade or a jar of sauce and a some vegetables. BOOM! Cook through and serve with some rice or noodles.
Serves 1-4
Any left over pork, chopped.
1 tbsp. sunflower oil
1 large white onion, peeled and chopped
1 tsp. ginger, grated
2 garlic cloves, peeled and crushed
1 large potato, peeled and chopped
2 tbsp. curry paste
400g can chopped tomatoes,
150ml vegetable or pork stock
1 cup of mushrooms, sliced.  
You can also simply use a jar of curry sauce to whip up a curry in less than 15 minutes. You can find out how to make this amazing tasting curry over at Good To Know.

3. Pork Noodles

This recipe is another great one to try if you want to create a recipe in minutes. Toss your cooked pork into the bundles of egg noodles and stir-fry veg for a speedy meal.

Serves 1-2


2 nests medium egg noodles
2 tsp corn flour
2 tbsp. soy sauce
1 tbsp. honey
1 tbsp. sunflower oil
250g/9oz pork tenderloin, cut into bite-sized pieces
thumb-sized piece ginger, finely chopped
2 garlic cloves, finely chopped
1 green pepper, deseeded and sliced
100g mange tout
1 tsp sesame seed

You can this recipe over on BBC Good Food
4. Pork Kebabs
One of the easiest ways to use up your leftover pork is by turning your leftover cuts into kebabs. As long as they're all of a similar size, they should warm at the same rate. Add spices and fresh herbs to  flavour of your pork kebabs. We love these Smoky Paprika Pork Kebabs.

Serves 1-2


1tsp smoked sweet paprika
Juice of 1 lemon plus lemon wedges, to serve
2tbsp tomato puree
1 garlic clove, crushed
1tbsp olive oil
600g pork, cut into bite-sized cubes
Flat-leaf parsley and a few salt flakes, to garnish

You can fid how to make these kebabs over on Yummly

5. Pork Stew

Our go to recipe for leftover pork and gravy is super easy to put together. I love using our slow cooker, but this recipe can be easily cooked on the stove or in the oven. You chop your veg, add your left over pork, add some stock and let your slow cooker do the magic. However if you want to tingle your taste buds then you must try this Spanish Pork and Chorizo Stew.

Serves 4-6


1tbsp olive oil
500g diced pork
1tsp chopped garlic
2 onions, diced
2 green peppers, roughly chopped
2 red peppers, roughly chopped
200g cooking chorizo, sliced
500g box of passata
2tbsp tomato puree
250ml veg stock
400g new potatoes, halved
Salt and black pepper, to season

Find how to make these stew over here...


Hello and welcome back to Motherhood Mondays, it's been a while since we had have has someone guest post for us.  So we are back with another incredible journey into motherhood and today I would love to introduce Emily from Fresh Milk Mama. Emily had kindly offered to share some funny anecdotes with being a mum, I can very much resonate with some these. I'm always finding some forms of Paw Patrol figure in my shoe. Children hide things in all types of places. I hope you enjoy reading these anecdotes as much as I did.

You Know You’re a Mom When…

The other day, I was rushing to meet a friend for lunch. I reached into my coat pocket for my chap stick, and found a crayon instead. I laughed and realized I was definitely a mom, rushing off for adult-time with a pocket full of crayons.

They crayons got me thinking about the silly little things that happen now that my husband and I are parents. These are tiny incidents that I couldn’t have imagined before I had kids, and never would have found entertaining. Now, a crayon in my pocket warms my heart, and if I’m feeling sentimental, brings tears of happiness to my eyes.

Here are some of the moments when I realize I’m definitely and irreversibly a mother. They are silly and simple, but somehow so important to me…

1. I searched all over the house for my computer mouse, and eventually found it wedged inside a shoe (I’ll give you one guess about who put it there…)

2. After breastfeeding my son, he tried to get me to breastfeed his stuffed doggy, and I immediately messaged both my husband and my sister about how cute it was

3. I made my husband a sandwich and without thinking cut off the crust and then cut it into four pieces before serving it to him

4. Carrying my purse instead of a diaper bag is a treat I look forward to each time I go out alone

5. A simple game of peek-a-boo is guaranteed to entertain my son

6. I always point dogs out to my son. I’ve caught myself pointing to dogs while out on my own more times than I care to admit. The same happens with passing helicopters.

7. Loudly exclaiming ‘yum yum yum’ when tasting food is totally normal for me now

8. My son learned to brush his hair - but thinks any brush is for his head. It was so cute the time he brushed his hair with the dish scrubbing brush!

9. Long before he said his first word, my son learned to make a ‘moo’ sound like a cow. My husband and I sometimes ‘moo’ with him for ten minutes straight… and feel happier than we ever could have imagined.

So, there are a few seemingly insignificant moments that I think are burned into my memory forever. I didn’t realize how important these tiny memories would be before I became a mother!



About Emily

A mother to a very active 1.5 year old boy, Emily is a regular at the neighbourhood playground. She and her husband are from the USA, but currently live in Hong Kong for work. Struggling through the early days of motherhood while trying to breastfeed spurred her to launch her website, Fresh Milk Mama, in hopes of supporting other women who find breastfeeding a challenge. Follow her journey and find breastfeeding and postpartum health tips, as well as great lactation recipes, on Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook.

Remember you can find Beth over at Fresh Milk Mama.

If you'd like to be part of the series then please feel free to send me an email to  and I'd be thrilled to get back to you with more information! Please get in touch even if you don't have a blog and you would simply like to share your story.

Isn't she so lovely? Look at her cheeky smile, what a darling?

Do not let this photo fool you...

Isn't she so lovely? Look at her cheeky smile, what a darling?

I'm here to tell you all something. As much as I love this little lady, pretty much more than anything in the world. This little lady was far from darling this evening, she did something that I would never had imagined she would do. 'My child would never do that!'. Well this darling did, and so I thought I would share...

We gave each other kisses and cuddles before tucking this 'little darling' into her bed, read her a story and sang her a lullaby. She then drifted off into slumber. Finally, she's asleep. It's now time to chill and relax, so I go downstairs into the kitchen to make myself cup of tea. I snuggled up with the husband to drink my tea and watch a bit of Netflix. Anyway back to why you're here, my 'little darling'.
About and hour or so later I go back upstairs to go and check on our daughter. I try to ninja into the room, with the use of the torch on my phone to see her sleeping, like most nights. Oh crap, she's awake! What?! She's naked! WTF! I then turn on her bedroom light and my daughter begins to jump on the bed, very excited whilst singing 5 Little Monkey's. But then, something rolled onto my foot, WT...Is that poop? The 'little darling' continued to jump on the bed along with drops of poop, can you imagine? FML!

But it gets better...

'I feed Milo', 'I feed Milo'! What?!
Just so you know, Milo is her special sheep dog that she has for bed time. As she is jumping and shouting 'I feed Milo', she then shows me!  I'm sure that I don't need to tell you what she was feeding that poor dog!. I was disgusted! Eurgh! But I now had to clean this sh*t up. Be a mum, they said, it will be fun, they said!

So this...'little darling' is very far from darling this evening.
This, however is not the only time that I have been greeted by a naked and free baby. My husband and I had some friends over for some dinner and we took our daughter to bed, she was very reluctant to go. As toddlers do. After a couple of hours, I go to check on our daughter and she's completely naked with a pair of tights on her head. Our daughter had somehow managed to get to her tight draw, unravel every pair, throw them everywhere before trying out a pair on her head. She clearly had way too much fun because she was in a very deep sleep. I managed to get a nappy and a gro on her, mama got some skills.
I really don't want this whole naked thing to become too much of a regular thing and so I asked other parents for advice and googled. I found that a surprising number of toddlers do this whole 'lets get naked thing'. It's perfectly normal and usually for a bit of attention, but it can also be due to boredom or the sheer excitement of being' free'! I think we all would if we could. Even though as parents we want to encourage independence, it can however be an irritating habit and so with a little help I have come up with a few ways to prevent any nakedness at night time...
1. Look at your schedule. If your child is taking off their nappy at naptime every day, maybe they are not as tired as you think. Perhaps it's time to ditch nap time or make an earlier nap time.
2. Toddlers love naked time, it gives them a sense of freedom. Make a point of letting them have some time everyday where they can practice taking their clothes and nappy off and on. When it comes to nap time or bed time remind them that these are not times for nakedness.
3. What's your reaction? Do you make a big deal out of finding them naked? Do you smile and laugh about it? I know the first time I found my daughter naked and bouncing along with her poop, I was completely shocked, disgusted and then laughed at it. Attention is attention and perhaps it's more than enough to encourage that type of behaviour. If it happens again, I think I will try and stay calm and not feel completely grossed out when poop falls on my foot!!!! 
4. If all else fails, try using clothes or a Gro Bag until they understand that nap time and bed time are not naked time. For us, we used her Gro Bag one night, but she escaped from the Gro Bag and got naked! Onto plan B, underwear. I would put her in a nappy, put some underwear on and then a baby gro. But she yet to escape from this one.
Remember that this, like all phases of a child's development, won't last forever. After a while your toddler will lose interest in their new game and find something new that will sure frustrate you!

The Baby Feeding Series with Pickle and Poppet

Hello and welcome back to another instalment of The Baby Feeding Series, that features real stories from real parents who have experienced how hard and baffling feeding your baby can be. I want this series to be a place where parents can share their own experiences in the hopes that other parents who are struggling can feel less alone. Being a parent is the hardest job in the world but it's one of the most rewarding jobs too and so I want to share their stories.

Last week we had the lovely Emily from Fresh Milk Mama who kindly shared her weaning journey with her little boy. Weaning can be such a daunting thing for a parent. I remember being feeling so anxious when we started to wean and I would panic at the slightest noise my daughter made, which is completely normal for a new parent. We tried weaning our daughter at 6 months because she was showing the signs, but she actually wasn't ready, which baffled us a little bit. We left it for a while and went back to weaning and for us it seemed as if a combination of soft foods and baby-led snacking seemed to be the best way. If you have a weaning story to share then please get in touch, we would love for you to guest post for us. 
This week we shall be talking about breastfeeding because it's such a great topic to talk about and one that gets parents talking. Breastfeeding is beautiful, it's natural and we all know that it's the best thing you can do for your baby. But breastfeeding is not for everyone and that's OK. The whole reason I started a feeding series was so parents could have a place to share their stories in the hopes to help and encourage other parents that could be facing similar situations to feel like they are not alone. Parenting is baffling. There are moments where we feel elated, there are moments where all we feel is sadness and not forgetting moments where we feel as if we are never going to be good enough. Despite all these feelings we have to be thankful and grateful for them, treasure them almost. In a round about way because of these moments we have become better parents, parents that our children will be proud of, so it's important to not see them as a failure but the making of you.

I think I've rambled on enough already and so I would like to introduce my lovely friend Jo, from Pickle and Poppet who has written a lovely post about how different it was to breastfeed her two children and in ways that you wouldn't imagine.

My Breastfeeding Journeys with my two children

When I was younger, before I even thought of babies, I always associated feeding babies with formula milk and bottles. I can vaguely remember one of my mum's friends breastfeeding. I remember being asked to leave the room and the curtains were closed. Other than that I had never seen mothers breastfeed.

That was until my sister done it. I think that she inspired me into trying it when and if I had babies. So, when I became pregnant I was adamant that I was going to breastfeed.

I am one of the lucky ones, I managed to breastfeed both my babies.
I had two very different experiences and would you believe it if I told you that my youngest was the hardest?
Feeding my First Born.

Reuben took to the breast immediately. There was no problem what so ever. Every single feed he latched on perfectly. The nurses at the hospital helped me with different positions so that I was comfortable with him whilst feeding, they suggested using the rugby ball hold sometimes as he was a heavy baby (9lb).

He was such a natural that he didn't lose any birth weight, he gained from the start.

I did everything I was supposed to do. Timed each feed and noted them down. Noted down which side he fed from so that I could happily switch between breasts. It was a grade A effort!
Feeding my Second.
Jessica was harder. She didn't seem to be able to open her mouth wide enough to latch on. I assumed I would be able to feed her as easily as I did Reuben and so left the hospital without getting them to check she was latching properly, after all I knew what I was doing.

It only took a couple of days before the pain started. Not the pain of initially breastfeeding (it does hurt even if you get the latch right) but a pain so intense I knew it was an incorrect latch. The midwife tried to help me but she struggled, I don't think she was confident with it anyway. Jessica lost some of her birth weight which is completely normal but I blamed myself for it. I resorted to YouTube videos and said if she gained weight at her next weigh in in a few days then fine, if she hadn't I was switching to bottle.

I was so worried with the latch, I concentrated on that so much that I would forget which side I needed to feed from and for a while I had one breast considerably bigger than the other and it took a while to balance them back out.

She did eventually get the latch right and gain weight. But it was so much harder than the first time round.

If I had to give myself advice on breastfeeding I would say:

Don't put yourself under too much pressure.

It does hurt, buy a good nipple cream.

Go out! Feed in public. Don't worry about other people, they will not be staring at you. To be honest they won't notice you, you are feeding your baby really


About Jo

Hi there, my name is Jo and I am a parenting and lifestyle blogger over at Pickle and Poppet. I’m a 30-something year old mummy of two and wife from East Anglia. I work part-time in insurance but I am currently on maternity leave, enjoying the madness of a new baby whilst juggling the busy life of a 3 year old. I have recently found a love in baking and love trying out new toddler friendly recipes.
Some of my favourite things to do include family walks (especially in autumn when the colours are so beautiful), reading, and knitting (although I’m still practising this one).

Remember you can find Jo over at Pickle and Poppet.

If you'd like to be a part of the series then please feel free to send me an email to  and I'd be thrilled to get back to you with more information! Please get in touch even if you don't have a blog and you would simply like to share your story.

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