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Little Lady's Christmas Eve Basket 2020

The Christmas Eve box is a trend that has grown massively in the last few years. The beauty of a Christmas Eve box is that you can fill them with whatever you like and give them to whoever you like, as long as they suit your Christmas Eve needs – that could be food, a film, books, or everything Santa needs on his arrival into your home. 

We have been doing these Christmas Eve Baskets every year for our daughter and now they have become our tradition. I always get so excited curating these little baskets for my daughter and nothing beats seeing her little face when she gets to unwrap the basket. Each year the basket of goodies seems to get bigger and filled with new surprises. Do you have a Christmas Eve box or basket? They are so simple and easy to put together they will really get you feeling festive and you'll have everything you need for a festive fun filled day. 

The Box or Basket

But you always have to start off with a box, basket or container to hold all those Christmas eve treats. When we first started our tradition we looked everywhere for the perfectly sized wooden box, but we couldn't find one. So in the end we decided to begin our Christmas Eve tradition with a basket instead of a box. There are so many different kinds of boxes or baskets that you could use, but you will definitely need something that is going to be sturdy and last a while. We picked up a medium wicker baskets many years ago, but we have seen this similar one in grey. 

A Christmas Film

There's nothing quite like snuggles on the sofa watching your festive favourites to wind down from a fun filled day, it has to be one of our favourite traditions. But trying to narrow down your favourite Christmas film is always a hard choice as there are so many wonderful choices. As a child we would always save The Muppet Christmas Carol for our Christmas Eve film and it this is something that my daughter loves to watch too. It just has that nostalgic feel for me. 

You could watch some favourites from your childhood like the Grinch, Miracle on 34th Street or The Santa Clause. Perhaps you want to choose an all out classic , like It's a Wonderful Life or White Christmas. Or maybe a newer film, like Netflix's Klaus which is perfect for all the family or the recently released Jingle Jangle that is fast becoming a festive favourite. The great thing about Christmas films for children is that it's so much easier to find a good one than a bad one. We have picked the best five films see which ones we included

A Christmas Story

Once you finish your hot chocolate with all the trimming watching your favourite film, it's now time for a bedtime story. The beautiful illustrations and sweet stories will leave you and your children feeling full of the holiday spirit. Beloved tales like The Night Before Christmas or The Polar Express are great choices for little ones. No matter which option you choose, we highly suggest holding on to these year after year. You may find that displaying them and reading together as a family will become some of the most treasured Christmas traditions you hold dear. 

Hot Chocolate 

Silky, delicious hot chocolate is the perfect festive treat for the holidays. But a hot chocolate with whipped cream and all the marshmallows you can possibly fit into your festive mug is like a Christmas Eve staple, right? You can always take your hot chocolate up a notch with Peppermint Hot Chocolate, Salted Caramel Rum Hot Chocolate or how about a Coconut Hot Chocolate? Go on, it's Christmas!

Magical Reindeer Food

Let your children create a little Magical Reindeer Food for the Rudolf and his hard working reindeer team. Traditionally it is just oats and glitter, but, with my animal loving girl we needed to make sure that we didn't include anything that could harm any birds or wildlife. 

Gingerbread House

My husband always works on Christmas Eve which can be a little disappointing as he misses out on all the fun. But we always managed to save a couple of fun festive activities for him to get involved with and making a gingerbread house together is one of them. I love making gingerbread but making a gingerbread house from scratch isn't my favourite so to make life a little easier we always add a ready-to-assemble gingerbread house kits in our daughter's basket. 

Festive Pyjamas. 

Christmas is a time for wearing pyjamas, even during the day so it's an opportune moment to upgrade their nightwear with a matching set. Last year we picked up some matching festive pyjamas from Primark, but sadly due to the lockdown and shops closing we couldn't get hold of all our size which is a shame. But after scouring all the supermarkets and a little online searching we managed to pick our daughter some cute little reindeer pyjamas that I know she will love. 


Christmas socks or slippers are always great idea to add into a Christmas Eve Basket. There are plenty of options for children from fluffy to funny to personalised that will look so cute over the festive season. Frugi have the best choices with their Super Socks in a Bag like these grey reindeer ones. I know that my daughter will just loves these. Wrapped up in their very own gift bag, these brand NEW Super Socks make perfect Christmas presents for little ones. With colourful and festive characters on each pair, these beautifully soft and cosy socks are ideal for keeping teeny-tiny toes warm. Not only are they cute, festive and warm they are 90% Organic Cotton 8% Polyamide 2% Elastane. 

Christmas Crafts

Not something everyone thinks about when putting together a Christmas Eve box or basket, but we love crafts in this household. So we added a couple of small crafts kits for our daughter to occupy herself throughout the day. We have added a Suncatcher Decoration Kit that we will pop into our window, a Foam Fun Craft Kit and a Merry Christmas Elf Craft that we picked up from Poundland. 

Colouring Books and Pens

Along with those crafts we always like to add in a couple of activity packs, colouring books and pens. After having a festive Christmas Eve Breakfast we will then pop on our first Christmas film of the day and do a little colouring together and the best picture gets to go on the place of pride - the fridge!

Sweet Treats

As if we haven't indulged in enough sweet treats already we have added in a couple of sweet treats in the Christmas Eve Basket. We picked up a mini selection box, a jar of gold coins, candy canes and this really cool The Snowman and The Snow Dog Fruit Flavoured Jelly Bean Cane.

Do you have a Christmas Eve box for your family? If not, have you thought about starting a new tradition?

Nutrivive CBD Dermavive Ultra Cream

I'm not someone that deals too well with dramatic changes, I need to be eased in gently and quietly. But with the way it looks outside, the weather clearly didn't get the memo and went full on winter! With this cold crisp air also brings low humidity, plummeting temperatures and frosty mornings meaning a lot of changes for my skin. Winter is notorious for leaving my skin feeling dry, cracked and irritated causing a lot of problems that can often lead to extra sensitive skin.

And so the time has come to adapt to a winter friendly skincare routine. In general, my skin needs a lot more love this time of year, so I tend to switch up my daily and nightly routine so I can deal with those changes in my skin.

While I would always recommend a gentle cleanser anyway, but this is essential in the winter when your skin is really dehydrated. You don't want to strip your skin of those natural oils by using a harsh cleanser. If you don't already, something that I would recommend you add into your winter skincare routine is a vitamin c essence. My favourite is LUMENE Valo (Light) Glow Boost Essence which is a foolproof solution for reviving fatigued and dull looking skin and instead swapping it out for a glow. I love this essence and use it all year round. 

Skipping on the moisturiser is an absolute no no in the winter. If you can just change one thing then please please get yourself a good moisturiser to help tackle your dry and delicate skin during winter. I''ve always struggled to get a good balance with my winter skincare routine and that I use too many products or not enough. So trust when I say that I have tried a lot of products and many creamy moisturisers over the years. 

Finding a good moisturiser that nourishes without clogging pores and boost luminosity and soothe discomfort without leaving a greasy film can be quite the challenge. But I may have just come across something that can do all those. Over the last few weeks I've been trying this new Nutrivive CBD Dermavive Ultra Cream and it's an absolute dream. 

OK, so as far as CBD in skincare goes, I'll be honest I've always been a little dubious. Beauty trends come and go quicker than we're able to keep up with sometimes, and when CBD came on the scene a couple of years ago promising skincare miracles it seemed too good to be true. 

But what is CBD?

But CBD has flooded the health and wellness space and it seems to be everywhere! But what exactly is CBD, and how has it become an ingredients that many of us want to to try? CBD is an extract known as cannabidiol, and it's a part of a class of compounds known as cannabinoids found in cannabis plants. This naturally occurring substance is extracted and mixed with a carrier oil, often hemp seed or coconut to create CBD. 

This natural remedy boasts an incredibly wide range of health benefits. From treating a variety of physical and mental condition such as stress, anxiety, chronic pain depression to promoting a better night' sleep to helping with inflammation and fast becoming a luxury wellness and beauty ingredient. 

Nutritive CBD Dermavive Ultra Cream

This super nourishing moisturiser is the perfect all rounder for those with dry and delicate skin. It is formulated with CBD and rich in natural ingredients that deeply hydrate the skin, providing calm, soothing results without any unwanted greasy layer of oil. I love that it's infused with Blackberry and Yang Yang but in no way overpowering like some other scented moisturisers I have. 

You only need to use a small amount as a part of your morning and evening skincare routine, so this little tub is going to last me a long time. I have been using this cream day and night for the past few weeks and I can see that my skin looks and feels more hydrated. Around the autumn and winter time I normally get dry patches on my cheeks and chin but these patches have completely vanished since using this cream in my skincare routine. 

The moisturiser is cruelty free, 100% organic and suitable for vegans. The Dermavive Ultra CBD cream costs £39.99 for 50ml; a little goes a long way here! You can get it from the Nutrivive website, where you can also get various concentrations CBD pure oil and blends.

** We have been kindly gifted this Nutrivive CBD Dermavive Cream but as always my words and opinions are my own. Images are subject to copyright, please seek permission before using.**

My Top 5 Christmas Films

It feels so strange think that we are already in the second week of December! Seriously these months have just flown by and I feel as if I have missed EVERYTHING. So come on fess up, who is prepared? We have so much to do in these last couple of week so I am sat here wondering if we will get it all finished in time. So what better way to be counter productive by wrapping myself in blankets, drinking hot chocolate to watch some festive favourites. 

I'm sure so many of you are looing forward to lots of fun and festivities so I thought that it would be good to share some of our favourite Christmas films of all time! There are so many good ones, so it was pretty hard to pick five! But these five have to be the ones that make many families feels nostalgic and get them all in a festive mood. Will your favourite be in our list? 

The Muppet Christmas Carol 

A bit of a controversial one! But this film has to be my all time favourite festive film. It just makes me feels so nostalgic and takes me right back to my childhood. We would always save this film for our Christmas Eve family film all snuggled up on the sofa with hot chocolates and lots of whipped cream. The Muppet characters tell their version of the classic Charles Dickens novel, A Christmas Carol which is a tale of an old and bitter miser's redemption of Christmas Eve. A must see for all families especially because in this adaption there are some modern songs, who doesn't love a good sing-a-long? 

The Polar Express 

Oh The Polar Express! Isn't it the sweetest little film. I remember watching this film for the first time years ago with my Nan and it always reminds me of her. I would always pop around her in December and she would make me one of those special hot chocolates of her and we would watch it together. You're never too old for cuddles of hot chocolates with your Nan. Now it feels so goof to create the same atmosphere with my own daughter who adores the film and wants to find the polar express every time we see a train. This exciting adventure is based on a children's book by Christ Van Allsburg. The film takes a young boy on a magical train journey that shows him that wonder of life never fades, if you believe! 

The Santa Clause 

This film us such a classic! The festive films of the 90s really brings back so many memories as a child, it feels so strange to be recreating those types of memories with my daughter. However, she did make me laugh when she asked why the mobile phones were so big in the film - she certainly made me feel old. But if you want to get into the festive mood then I would highly recommend you watching all three movies. 

The Grinch

The Grinch! But the Jim Carey version because, well he is bloody brilliant! We love Dr. Seuss in our household with a slight obsession with The Lorax. I couldn't even guess at how many times we have watched that film together. I'd like to say that we watch The Grinch at Christmas, but we start watching this one from July onwards, she never tires of it! The Grinch hates everything do with Christmas. So much so that he lives so far into the mountains with his dog so he can't be disturbed. But, one day he has an idea to steal Christmas. The Grinch then travels down to the village and tries stealing everything he could and meets a little girl, Cindy-Lou. Is this one on your festive favourites?

Home Alone 

A timeless classic! But it really is so hard to choose between Home Alone and Home Alone 2: Lost in New York though? They both have the festive feel and gets you all excited about Christmas, but which is better? My husband loves the first film, but for me Home Alone 2: Lost in New York just tops it off for me. I has a better story line than the first film and it always makes me fall in love with New York and the pretty lights! Visiting New York at Christmas time is on our travel bucket list. 

So what are your favourite festive films? 

Holiday Gift Guide For Men

I don’t know about you, but I always feel like it’s difficult to shop for men. Men don’t require much and when they find something that they like or want they normally buy it for themselves. This makes it particularly tough to find something to get them for Christmas. There are only so many socks and Daddy cups you can get. So we have curated a great holiday gift guide for the men in the hopes that's you'll find something. 

HyperX Cloud Buds Wireless Headphones

We will kick off this holiday gift guide for him with these HyperX Cloud Buds Wireless Headphones, he will soon discover sounds he didn't think possible. These Bluetooth® earbuds are great for listening to music, streaming, or playing some games. These are next level that go above and beyond to make sure their next workout or commute is better than ever. The lightweight flexible neckband features an in-line mic and multi-function button so you can answer calls or change tracks. I like the fact that it comes with three ear tip sizes so you can get the perfect fit for all day comfort.

Flaming Lick Hot Sauce Subscription 

Got someone wo likes hot sauce? Why not get your foodie taste test lots of different hot sauce flavours with this hot sauce subscription. Flaming Licks is definitely for the ultimate hot sauce head! With three hot sauces, chilli jams, chilli chutneys, pickles or chilli inspired marinades coming through to their letter box each month - it's the gift that keeps on giving. 

Fortnum & Mason The Grosvenor Hamper

I adore a Christmas hamper that is filled with luxury treats to see you through the festive period. This Fortnum & Mason’s The Grosvenor Hamper includes a bottle of Vinho Verde, a bottle of Dao Tinto, the Fortum & Maon Royal Blend Tea, Champagne Truffles, Piccadilly Salted Caramel Biscuits and Pistachio and Clotted Cream Biscuits. For something with a smaller budget how about this John Lewis & Partners Festive Treats Hamper that is full of everything you need to indulge in over the Christmas period and more. From a bottle of Merlot and a Christmas pudding to mince pies, a luxury chocolate set, and chutneys, this gift will be the star of the show on Christmas morning. 

Original Arran Cheese Platter

Let’s talk about CHEESE! A cheese plate appetiser is an essential dish at festive gatherings and can make a really great gift too. We like to get cheese gifts or platters for our aunts or uncles, and they are always appreciated! You can pick up some great cheese gifts just like this Original Arran Cheese Platter that include Walker's Mini Oatcakes, Tuxford & Tebbett Creamery Blue Stilton, Arran Cheese with Chilli, Arran Mature Cheese, Arran Oak Smoked Cheddar. But that's not it they have also included Bradfords Granny's Best Pickle and Tomato Chutney. Yum!

Navy Blue Canvas Pumps

These Navy Blue Canvas Pumps from Next make a great casual look that will go perfectly with a pair of jeans and a formal shirt. It has been designed as a sporty slip on that is comfortable, fitted with a lightweight sole for a flexible ease. Perfect for wearing to the office on Fridays, on date night or guys night.

Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 37

With most of us taking up some kind of exercise plan during lockdown in the summer and autumn. So to help keep to those goals why not add something that will help them stick to their new active lifestyle. The Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 37 is the running shoe that'll keep those 5Ks coming. They are so light, responsive, bouncy and durable and come in all black. 

Drake & Hutch Red Striped Socks

Socks! They are like a Christmas staple for men, aren't they? So of course we added some funky red striped socks into the holiday gift guide for men. Drake & Hutch have some of really funky designs that certainly have a British flare. There is a whole range that include stripes, polka dots, to camouflage, hearts and even palm trees. Drake & Hutch was first established in London by a group of young designers with the aim of creating underwear that is affordable and made with the same quality and attention to detail found in a bespoke suit.

Everlane The Boxer Brief

If you're not using Christmas as an excuse to replenish the pants and socks in the life of the man closest to you, you're doing it wrong. It is time to ditch those pants that fit in all the wrong places and choose something that is practical and comfortable. These Everlane The Boxer Brief are made from Supima cotton with a tailored fit for the ultimate comfort. 

Burton Navy Half Zip Jumper with Organic Cotton

Clothing isn't always the first choice when it comes to getting gifts for my husband, he has a certain style and he is so picky! I hate shopping for him, but there is always a safe go to! A good pullover jumper is always something he likes to have in his closet. This Burton Navy Jumper is lightweight half zip jumper is an essential item for his wardrobe all year round. With a classic fit in a soft organic cotton blend rich yarn, the fit of this style makes it wearable over a smart collared shirt under a blazer or alternatively over a T-shirt for more casual days.

Gillette Fusion5 ProGlide Chrome Edition Razor 

You can't really go wrong with a razor? It's something that they need and can never have too many of them. Just like this Gillette Fusion5 ProGlide Chrome Edition Razor which features 5 anti-friction blades for a shave you barely feel, and a chrome effect handle that lets you shave in style. With FlexBall technology, ProGlide responds to contours and gets virtually every hair. It will make a great stocking filler. 

Philips Series 9000 Prestige Beard Trimmer

If you’re going to invest in a new beard trimmer for Christmas, be it for you or a loved one. The Philips BT9000 Prestige is a high-quality stainless-steel body hand finished with ultimate attention to detail, giving you a lasting premium experience. With built-in metal comb, experience unmatched precision no matter how much pressure is applied. It leave you will soft, refreshed skin that you get when you visit a barber. 

Prada Luna Rossa Black

Aftershave is always a great choice and you can cater to all types of budgets. But perhaps get him something that he hasn't tried before and after a handful of those spritz cards I decided on a little luxury with this Prada Black with dry musky Amber set off with frothy Patchouli and Coumarine, with hints of Bergamot and Angelic slowly builds and crashes with seductive, masculine energy. It smells so GOOOOOD!

Personalised Joop! Homme 125ml EDT 

We always love picking up some budget friendly ones for family and friends. So this Joop Aftershave is the perfect pick. We also had the option to get our bottles personalised for our brother in law which I always think is a nice touch. It isn't something he tends to choose, but sometimes different can be a good change. The Firetrap Noir is another budget favourite the fragrance starts with tones of Verbena, pink pepper, pepper, with middles notes of nutmeg, patchouli, and a base expresses notes of civet. 

Heath Wash Bag Gift Set

A new wash bag is always a great practical gift, but a new wash bag filled with a new skincare regime is even better. You will never be without the essentials with this Heath Wash Bag Gift Set that is made from full-grain leather and canvas. Inside there you will find a whole range of essentials such as Hand Salve, Eye Serum, Face Wash, and a Moisturiser. 

The Fuzzy Duck Collection

Baylis & Harding have some of the best gift ranges out this time of year and most will find one of their gift sets under their tree. The Fuzzy Duck Collection is great for the everyday gentlemen who loves a little bit of luxury that leaves them feeling energised and revived. This Men's Fuzzy Duck Ginger & Lime Gift trio set comes with all the shower essentials you will need - hair and body wash, shampoo and shower gel. Ginger & Lime is a clean, masculine scent - a blend of citrus Lime and warming ginger to gently cleanse and uplift the senses. These shower combination will sure leave your feeling clean and revitalised. 

The Summerton Club Subscription Service

The Summerton Club is a premium spirits subscription service. You can choose from a monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly subscription where you will receive a beautifully-aged bottle of whisky, brandy or rum delivered directly to your doorstep. The perfect gift for my husband. I love that these are not ordinary bottles you will find at the supermarket, each bottle is carefully selected and that extra bit special. Some bottles aren’t even available to purchase in the UK yet and all deliveries sent out are worth more than the membership fee. The Summerton Club pride themselves in not only providing great value for money but a taste experience that any drink connoisseur will appreciate and love.

These gifts cover a wide range of creative interests and tastes that will bring smiles to their faces on Christmas morning. I really hope that this gift guide inspires you. Some of the items featured in this blog post have been gifted to me, but as always my words are my own. *Images are subject to copyright, please seek permission before using*

Holiday Gift Guide For Little Girls

We have recently shared a great holiday gift guide for her, and now we have a holiday gift guide for little girls. I always look forward to sharing this gift guide because who doesn't get excited buying toys for little ones. It always makes me feel nostalgic seeing all the toys I had as a little girl. Now I get to play them with my girl. 

We searched every corner possible to try and find the best deals around. So whether she loves playing with dolls, being creative with role play or loves to unbox little surprises, there is an option here for your little girl that can be both fun and educational.

There are so many cute things out there that it was hard to choose, but we think these ideas will be a big hit. Here’s what we recommend considering adding to your holiday shopping list. It's time to make your little one feel like the princess she is with one of our adorable prezzies! 

Wooden Toys 

Aldi have an amazing wooden toy range this year so we snapped a couple of them in the toy sale. We wanted to get a her a couple of bits that will tie in nicely with her little pink kitchen. So we picked up this Wooden Pink Biscuit Set as we know that it's going to make the perfect addition to her little kitchen. It comes with 12 biscuits all in one compact pink spotted box. Keeping with the kitchen, we also got this Wooden Cookie Set that comes with an apron, oven glove, baking tray and six cookie cutters - I know that she will have some much fun pretending me be star baker whipping up these yummy cookies for us.

box of wooden pretend biscuits

The next little Aldi pick we got was this adorable Wooden Till Set. My daughter has been asking for till for some time but I have always hated the plastic looking ones, we had a little mishap when she was teething when she decided to bite through the conveyor belt. However, when I saw this super cute pink wooden till that comes with all the bits and bobs she would love getting creative and play shops. I love the fact that this comes with a set of coins, notes, and a card machine - she is going to have the best time playing. 

wooden till

We Love Frugi

For sustainable Christmas gifts for little ones, Frugi have it covered with their extensive festive fun range or socks, tights, jumpers, lunch bags, water bottles and so much more. We love Frugi and all their funky designs and everything always seems fun and colourful, just what kids love! You can get things from £5 up to £35 so you will definitely find something to suit all budgets. 

Most of the gifts we tend to choose for our girl are always fun and educational but we like to get those practical things too. What could be more practical more than a Pack A Snack Lunch Bag? With a cute little hedgehog design with a contrasting foxglove pink trim I knew it would be the perfect pick for my wildlife loving little girl. 

It has a foil lining to help keep food fresh for a long as possible and the main part of the lunch bag is large enough to fit in a matching Splish Splash Steel Bottles in too. The outer fabric is made from post consumer recycled polyester which is recycled plastic bottles so we are making better choices. 


My daughter has gone really crazy for Barbie and so there needed to be a few picks on our holiday gift guide for little girls. The first thing that was on top of her list was a Barbie Convertible Dream Car with remote control. It wasn't an easy car to get hold off during lock down but I we managed to get one and I cannot wait to see her face on Christmas morning. This 2.4ghz radio control car has full movement, going forward, reverse, left and right, front and rear lights and can cruise at speeds of 8km/h. 

To compliment the car we got this Barbie Princess Adventure Doll that comes with a little pet dog, mobile phone, handbag, sunglasses and shoes. My daughter is going to love this fashionable Barbie that comes with an amazing pink skirt, metallic purple jacket and bright pink crown. 


My daughter loves collecting little toys and one of her favourite things to collect are the Hatchimals. We have quite the collection in our household and she is always happy to welcome new additions. That's why I'm so excited to get our hands on one of these in the Amazon Black Friday Deals. 

Crystal Flyers are the first-ever Hatchimals Pixies that can really fly, remove her from her crystal egg and she is ready to air dance. They really remind me of something that I had as a girl. We also got a couple of stocking fillers from the Hatchimal Pixie Range that I know she will love. The first one we have is the Hatchimal Pixie Single Pack which is an ombre egg that has one or two Hatchimals pixies inside. The Hatchimals Mini Pixies are really sweet too so we got a couple of these they include 2 Mini Pixies, as well as 3 surprise accessories. 

Sass + Belle 

We love the Freya Swan range it's a little girls dream, well as least mine anyway. It pretty, it's pink and is full of of character. As well as getting her some bits for her bedroom we also got her this beautiful pink polka dot coin purse starring two graceful swans floating on a wreath of pretty flowers. We then picked up this lovely Freya Swan Enamel Key ring that I know she will pop on her school book bag. Sass and Belle have a huge sale on right now so don't forget to have a peek. 

Harry Potter 

Well as you know my girl is obsessed with Harry Potter, but then who isn't! We have complied a holiday gift guide that is just fot Harry Potter fans, so don't forget to check that one out too. My girl always asks for some kind of Harry Potter LEGO sets so we picked up this LEGO Harry Potter Harry's Hut in the Tesco toy sale as it's from her favourite film. The magical adventures never end with this cool LEGO set as it includes six mini figures, a Buckbeak figure with movable wings and a host of accessories and features including a switch-operated light brick for the fireplace.

Is it even Christmas if you don't get a set of new pjs? I know that's what I look forward to most, that and new slippers. For my girl we picked up some PINK Harry Potter pjs and they are soooo cute. Matalan have an amazing Harry Potter range in at the moment that is all lights and pinks, we also got these white fluffy Hedwig Booties that she will love. 


My daughter loves Marie from Aristocats, she's pretty sassy like her too. But trying to get my hands on any Marie bits is a very rare thing. Thankfully we came across the sale on the Disney Store and picked up quite a few gift ideas for our girl. We got some Frozen II figurines, Tinkerbell T-shirt and a few accessories.

My girl loves accessories at the moment and it really is so sweet seeing her get ready in the morning. So we got her a whole bunch of Marie accessories including rings, a necklace and a cute hair bow that features a mesh overlay with silver foil hearts. Out daughter is slowly learning to tell the time so I am hoping that this pink glittery Marie watch will help encourage her a little more. It will make a purr-fect wrist statement. 


It feels so strange to be including this in my holiday gift guide for little girls, yet here we are. At every chance she gets my girl always want to have what I have, that include my Jimmy Chop perfume. So we decided that instead of her using up all my extensive perfume we would pick up a couple of bargain buys that all come in their own pretty pink packaging. 


Board games are such a great way to bring out your competitive side while having fun with family and friends, it's also a good way to break the ice and encourage guest to mingle with one another. I think that these Coaster Games make a wonderful stocking filler for little ones. These cardboard coasters contain six games with the game on one side and the rules on the other. Choose from a whole ranges of games including Letter Market, Sleuth Box, Alien Farm, Free the Frog and so many more. It is a great gift to get for children age eight and up to steer them away from their gadgets and consoles. 

Garden Play 

Now I will be the first to admit I hate gardening! However my daughter is the completely opposite and will play outside for hours if I let her. But she always needs new things to help keep keep her occupied and this Dantoy Bioplastic Sand Play Set will do just that. 

If you’re looking to make play time more eco-friendly, but love the wipe-clean ease of plastic, then Danish brand Dantoy’s I’m Green range will definitely appeal. Made from 100% sustainable BioPlastic derived from sugar cane, they are also all 100% recyclable and completely child-friendly, with no nasties, and safe for microwaves and dishwashers.The BIO line has been designed in these refreshing neutral colours that are really appealing. All the gift boxes for the smaller sets are made of recycled cardboard. They have the same size, making them ideal for stacking and easy to wrap if given as a present. A winner all round. 

So there we have our holiday gift guide for little girls. So whether she loves playing with dolls, games, being creative with role play or getting out in the garden there is an option here for your little girl that can be both fun and educational. After such an awful year we all deserve an amazing Christmas, our little ones especially. If this year has taught us anything it's to appreciate one another, enjoy all the little moments spending time together as a family. Being grateful for such a unique time in our lives that no other generation has seen, enjoying the simpler life. So I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and fabulous New year.

I really do hope that my gift guide inspires you, even a little. Some of the items featured in my gift guide for women have been sent to me for review, but as always my words are my own. *Images are subject to copyright, please seek permission before using*

Gift Guide: For Her

Yay! It's gift guide season! How are we already weeks away from Christmas?! Are you having some trouble with what to ask for or what to get her for Christmas? Well look no further I have you covered! For the girl that loves beauty, the girl who loves drinking tea or the girl that loves to note down cute little anecdotes. Whoever she may be, you will definitely find something. 

For The Skincare Lovers

'Tis the season to gift and glow. Lucky for you we have something extra-special for skin care that are the golden tickets to both gifting and glowing. L'Oreal Paris Pamper Party Kit Pure Clay Face Mask Spa Gift Set For Her is perfect. The set includes L’Oreal Paris Pure Clay Soothing Mask, Purity Mask and the Detox Mask that will give her a chance to indulge in a little pampering from time to time and leave her skin looking fresh and leaving her with blemish free soft skin. 

Next we have the Nivea Q10 Power Anti-Ageing 3-Step Face Day Night & Eye Cream Regime Set. I love getting little sets like this for Christmas as it gives me a change up my skincare routine from time to time. Plus most of us girls love to find a little Nivniv under their tree.

We have been huge fans of SEAMS beauty for some time! Honestly, their hand creams are amazing! This time of year I normally suffer with dry and sensitive hands. But that with the extra hand washing and sanitising my hands are suffering. So I always make sure that I have a stash of SEAMS inside my handbag. My mother in law works in the NHS so her hands are always so sore. So I thought that this SEAMS Hand Love Gift Set will be a good choice to give her this Christmas. Inside the little drawstring bag you get a SEAMS Hand Cream, Artisan Santiser and a cute little hand file - all handbag friendly!

Not forgetting her feet too. Sonestia have this amazing Footcare Set with Peppermint Foot Butter and Pumice Stone. The perfect eco-friendly gift to help keep her feet soft and moisturised. It also comes in a little tin that you could reuse all tied with a hessain green bow. There is a Foot Shaped Pumice Stone, Vegan Peppermint Foot Butter to keep her feet moisturised and soft

Something Sweet & Nostalgic 

The one where you're the best gift giver. Do you have to get a gift for someone who is ever so slightly obsessed with Friends? Yep me too. I have seen all kinds of Friends gifts about such a mugs, tea towels, shirts, game and even LEGO. But never anything from the beauty world. My sister will love this Friends Lip Balm Duo for a little stocking filler, the retro Central Perk inspired Coffee Cups are really cute. I know that she love something like this. 

You're never too old for Disney, right? So how about something like this Disney POP Princess Night In Set for a loved one? I think this is going to be a great little gift to gift to my niece, cousin or even my pamper night obsessed daughter. In each pack you get a whole range of things you will need to have the best princess pamper night including a bath fizzer, a lotion, a body wash and a face mask. Mad Beauty have a whole wide range of gift ideas for those who love Friends, Barbie, Hello Kitty and Disney. It is worth a peek or two. 

For The Organised One...

A diary is a simple but effective productivity tool that helps organise tasks, events, and notes. You can be as creative as you can. This gorgeous bright blue A5 positive bullet diary is perfect for making daily notes on everything that makes you smile. 

If you take note each day of all the happy things in your life, your diary will soon build up into a collection of wonderful memories, giving you a unique perspective when the year is over. With monthly and weekly page spreads, blank pages, monthly affirmations and lots of hints on getting the most out of your diary.

For Those Who Love a Little Luxury 

Luxury goes a long way and there is nothing wrong with spending a little extra money on something beautiful. Be sure to pick something that you know she will wear. Just like these black net effect shorts that features a subtle floral designs in a soft black for an elegant style. Perfection. These shorts can be paired with a stunning matching low plunge line bralette with triangle cups and front lace detailing. The epitome of luxury. 

For the lady in your life a little luxury will always the way to go. Sometimes the simplest styles can be the most striking. Browse Nordgreen Watches and their extensive collection of watches you will be able to get something to suit your style. You can choose from the Native, Philosopher, or Infinity analogue timepieces and mix and match with a wide range of different metals, colours and types. If you're looking for a minimalist yet sophisticated style will most definitely make a statement. Just like a classic choice of a gold case and a gold mesh strap, but for those days where you want something more practical then there are so many different coloured leather straps available.

Something For Every Month

I'm a girl who is pretty much fuelled by giant cups of tea, so a tea subscription sounds a perfect gift for me. So if you're an avid tea drinker (treat yourself) or you know a gal that is a partial to a cuppa then this is the perfect gift for her. Teapro, is a loose leaf tea subscription company with a mission to turn every tea drinker into a teapro. Every month our subscribers receive a box that focuses on a particular tea type so they get to understand what makes each tea unique. They also include a gorgeous FREE tea infuser glass in the first box to making loose leaf tea as hassle-free as possible. As a self certified tea addict, I'm all for this. We got to try the Black and Yellow Box; a organic loose tea leaf that includes black and incredibly rare yellow teas. I love them all so far and I like the tea infuser that was included in our box. 

I really do hope that my gift guide inspires you, even a little. Some of the items featured in my gift guide for women have been sent to me for review, but as always my words are my own. *Images are subject to copyright, please seek permission before using*

Race with Ryan: Road Trip Deluxe Edition

So if you have a young child and an internet connection, chances are you are aware of Ryan's World or at least heard of him. For most of us that have seen more Ryan videos that we can count, you know all too well how crazy little ones are for Ryan, his channel, and the toys. 

For those not in the know, Ryan is one of the leading child influencers on the planet. Ryan’s World YouTube channel features nine year old Ryan, and his family that boasts 27.2 million subscribers. It all started when Ryan became obsessed with unboxing videos and asked his parents if he could start his own channel. As the channel began to grow in views and subscribers, so did everything else. Ryan's World has become one of the biggest YouTubers on the platform. Not to bad, considering it all started from one little unboxing video. 

Now, Ryan's World is a lucrative empire that has expanded into TV shows, clothing, toys and most recently launched into games. Even though Race with Ryan has been out for some time that experience continues to grow with the arrival of Race with Ryan: Road Trip Deluxe Edition.

What is Race with Ryan

Race with Ryan is a kart racing game aimed at a similar audience to his YouTube channel, featuring many of the same supporting cast with footage of Ryan and his parents. This game has been available for some time on Nintendo Switch, PS4, XBOX and the PC, however a deluxe edition is now available. 

This game reminds us of Mario Kart so we knew that we were going to have lots of fun and really get competitive. But this is just as much fun as we went around collecting Ryan's famous Mystery Eggs filled with Burger Shields, Sticky Slime, Trick Surprise Eggs and many more. Ryan’s World really comes to life and it’s every bit as colourful, fun and fast as you imagined. 

The racing takes place on six different tracks with four brand new tracks with the deluxe edition. You can choose from Fantasy Park, Treasure Island, Wild West, Ryan's Playroom, Toy Shop, Spooky Land and with the deluxe edition you get Icy Land, Redwoods, Big Apple and Route 66. All tracks are well designed with lots of imaginative detail and available in both forward and reverse versions. 

There are a variety of difference characters to race, including Policeman Ryan, Pirate Combo Panda and Gus the Gummy Gator plus many more can be unlocked as you race your way to the top. With the deluxe edition there are 12 new USA-themed drivers including Alaska Ryan, Montana Panda, and New York Lexa. Each character has two or three different vehicles to pick from such as trains, helicopters, rockets, cars, trucks, boats and so much more. 

The Modes of Play

There are three different racing modes in the game. Fast Race was simple and straight forward with racing controls, auto-acceleration, auto-steering and tutorial mean everyone can play, even me! It was really easy to select the track, character and level difficulty. The Random Race mode was basically the same sort of racing but you location, track, character and vehicles are automatically selected for you. 

We spent most of our time playing together in the Career Mode as this was great for the split screen races and you could have 2-4 players racing together. There are six cups to aim for, and each has three difficulties. The first three cups are Pizza Cup, Toy Master and Formula Fruit have three races in each. The Hook Prize and Hot Dog has four races each and the Royal Race final championship has all six tracks back-to-back.

The multi player mode lets you play with up to four players but setting this up on the XBOX was a little tricky to figure out. But after trying a couple of things we soon realised that we needed to sign out, add a guest and sign back into our account to select another player to join in the game. 

Race with Ryan Partttttyyyyy

Not only did we get to download the game we were kindly send over some goodies to host our own Race with Ryan Parttttyyyy. There is always time for a little party, right? So we made a few nibbles, set up some games, and got ready for an afternoon racing against on another with our Race with Ryan challenge. 

We were send a Ryan's World Combo Panda Mystery Playset too, which was sooo big. It was a lot of fun to unbox and set up as you got to use different codes to get to different parts of the toy. I can't say it is something that my daughter has ever played with, so it made a change to the usual role play toys she loves. It was exciting, easy to follow and my daughter liked all the surprise toys. This Panda Head Playset is available at Smyth's Toys for £34.99. See our review here. 

After a little unboxing fun we then did some colouring and puzzles. Before starting our own Race with Ryan challenge. We were sent a few toys cars and a very long race track mat that went across our living room floor, we then took it in turns to roll our die move along the track. But to up the stakes we took our challenge a little further and zoomed our cars along the mat to see how far they could get, unsurprisingly most of our cars ended up off road. 

Our Thoughts

We really loved playing Race with Ryan: Road Trip Deluxe Edition. The game is bold and bright with very striking colours for all the elements of the scenes and for the characters. Ryan's World really comes to life, and it's just as colourful, fun and fast as you imagined. Every location and track was perfectly thought out with a real attention to detailing in the scene. The characters and vehicles were fun and exciting to choose and the fact that there was so much choice with their own personality and ability was great. We did have a little troubling setting up the multi player mode. But after trying a couple of things we soon figured out that we needed to sign out, add a guest and sign back into our account to select another player to join in the game. So if you love racing games, you will love this game. 

** We have been kindly gifted Race with Ryan: Road Trip Deluxe Edition and Toys but as always my words and opinions are my own. Images are subject to copyright, please seek permission before using.**

Twisty Girlz: Transform From a Stylish Girl into a Sparkly Bracelet with a Simple Twist

It was a little while ago that we discovered the Twisty Petz which are bejewelled petz that can be turned into a sparkly bracelet with a simple pull on the head and tail. As soon as the two ends are pulled together you will have the cutest fashion accessory. But now there is a brand new way to twist with these adorable Twisty Girlz

What are Twisty Girlz?

These Twisty Girlz work in the same way as the Petz Collection, however these are fashionable dolls that transform from a cute girl into a very sparkly bracelet with a simple twist. Not only do these Twisty Girlz comes with stylish clothes and the coolest hair style, they come with their very own Mystery Twisty Pet. My daughter is a really big fan of collectibles with Hatchimals, Shopkins, Fingerlings, Num Noms and Funko Pop! So I know that these Twisty Girls will be no different.

There are 8 dolls to collect; Krystal Kool, Kitty Katt, Glitzy Bitzy, Lea-Purr, Lil Gems, Beadbox Betty, Calli Coco, and Princessa Tessa. Each Twisty doll has a different style, outfit and hairstyle. Inside each pack you will see a collectable doll that transforms into a bracelet, a cardboard carrier with a pet that transforms into a ring, a lead as well as an instruction manual and a collectors guide. 

These Twisty Girlz are aimed for children aged four years and over. They will certainly appeal to children that love collectables and as each pack retails at £9.99 they are great value for hours of fun. We were kindly send over Glitzy Bitzy and Kitty Katt that both came with their very own secret pet. Twisty Girlz transform from a stylish doll into bracelet and back again. Simply pull the skirt from the top and twist around to connect into the head, and you can wear her as a bracelet. 

Mystery Box Inside

Every Twisty Girlz doll comes with a super cute mystery pet. As you can imagine this was my daughter's favourite part in the pack, she loves surprises and blind bags. It could be a unicorn, a cat, elephant or even a puppy. That was half the fun. Then all you needed to do was use the lead to connect the doll and pet together or twist the pet into the cutest little ring. 

Glitzy Bitzy

As you can imagine my daughter couldn't wait to get these dolls out to get twisting, she started with Glitzy Bitzy. It's not hard to see why she picked this one first as she has the most glitzy outfit with her purple glittery skirt and a metallic silver top. And her hair, wow! Bright pink and lilac all tied back with the cutest unicorn headband. The hair felt just like cotton thread, so you could brush through with your fingers or a wide comb.  

With a few simple twists, the Glitzy Bitzy doll becomes a trendy bracelet. Now I will be the first to admit as a bracelet they seems a little odd as you pull the skirt apart from the bottom to then twist around to pop it into her head. But my daughter loved it! The doll also had a lead attached which could be hooked onto your secret pet. It wasn't long before she noticed that there was a secret box inside the packaging, she open the boxed and discovered a little unicorn which she immediately began twisting into a ring. Very fashionista! 

Kitty Katt

Next we opened Kitty Katt which was my favourite. With a similar design to Glitzy Bitzy but she had a black and silver glittery skirt and a black top with a small cat and whiskers design. Kitty Katt also had some really fun and vibrant hair colours with bright pink and purple pigtails, pull back by a cat headband to complete her look. My daughter loved this doll and said that Kitty Katt reminds her of Harley Quinn. 

So can you guess what was inside Kitt Katt's surprise box? I bet you did. Of course Kitty Katt came with her very own black kitten with vibrant pink beading. My daughter named the new kitten Ham because apparently all she will eat is ham. 

These dolls are great for a children aged four and over. Especially if they love collectables, animals and pretty, glitzy accessories. We both had fun transforming the dolls into bracelets and than back into little fashionista dolls. At a RRP of £9.99 they are such great value for hours of twisting and playing. They are an ideal gift to pop under the tree for a stocking filler. The range also includes rare and super are dolls that are all sold separately. You can buy the Twisty Girlz from Smyths, Amazon, The Entertainer and Argos

** We have been kindly gifted Twisty Girlz but as always my words and opinions are my own. Images are subject to copyright, please seek permission before using.**

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