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Is It Time to Restore The Floor?

I was at the beach with my family enjoying a splash in the sea and making sandcastles and then my husband gets the football out, never one to shy away from a kick about we started to play. My husband is the competitive kind, and if truth be told, so I am. However, I tend to shortfall in comparison to him. But my determined little self thought, right no! I'm going to make it hard and jumped for that ball and punched it so hard in the air that...a little wee came out. I was mortified. I was embarrassed. Oh the shame. But you know what, this happens to so many women. 

It wasn’t a gush more so a trickle, but it was enough to make me feel like a pensioner, that's for sure. We all know how important pelvic floor exercises are, but let's face it we are all busy people and I know that I am not the only one who forgets. When I first had my daughter I would always do them as I was feeding her or reading to her, but now she's become her own little independent self, I forget. But these little leaks are something that keeps happening. I actually remember the first time it happened. My daughter was not even a year old and my sister brought a for a trampoline for her children, and the big child I am couldn't wait to have a go. But, yep it happened. I felt a trickle. Now I avoid that trampoline like the plague. But that is not the mum I want to be to my little lady. I want to run, jump, get on a trampoline, hell I want sneeze without a fear. 

There’s a common misconception that a bit of a leak when you cough or sneeze is just something you have to accept as you get older and have babies. But you know what it isn't. There are loads of things you can do yourself to strengthen your pelvic floor and prevent problems such as bladder weakness. A weak pelvic floor is definitely NOT something you have to learn to live with. And so I want to share this with you, not solely to embarrass myself, but to actually share that pelvic problems are completely normal and more common that you actually realise. 

Many women want to deal with pelvic floors, but more often than not they can't always afford certain procedures available on private health care, and therefore put up with it. But now, they don't have to with this non-invasive gadget INNOVO®. Keep in mind that even if this may seem a little costly it would still be considerably less costly than a medical procedure.

So what is INNOVO®?

INNOVO® is a non-invasive way to strengthen your pelvic floor, that doesn’t involve inserting anything, and so is ideal for anyone who feels a bit squeamish about that sort of thing. Instead, you strap yourself into a pair of conductive pads, and then you can just sit down and have a flick through a magazine or catch up on Netflix. INNOVO® does all the work for you, so you don’t have to worry about doing it right, or making stupid faces at your desk.

The great thing about Innovotherapy is that it doesn’t rely on you mastering the art of the Kegel, and it doesn’t involve you having to insert anything anywhere. I think the invasive nature of some pelvic floor treatments can put a lot of people off, but with this I can assure you that it won'y. The Innovo pack contains a two-part garment that you wear around your upper thighs and control using a hand held controller. Innovotherapy sends targeted impulses via a set of conductive pads, which activates all the muscles in your pelvic floor. You get 180 perfect contractions in every session without having to even think about it.

INNOVO® - Getting Started

Before starting with the Innovotherapy you need to charge the controller for 5 hours and I would recommend watching the introduction video on the Innovo website. Now I have to admit that I was a bit daunted when faced with all of this. But I took a deep breath and read through everything carefully. By reading the booklet and watching the video it made the whole process seem a lot less daunting and shows you exactly how to fit the pads and how to wear the garments on each leg.

The Innovo system can be used for a range of incontinence issues, but for me it was all about my recent stress incontinence that I have been experiencing so I would be following a special program. Over the course of 12 weeks, I would spend 30 minutes for 5 days a week using the Innovo product, while reading a book, catching up on Netflix or blogging. 

INNOVO® – How it feels?

Now I must admit the feeling is an odd one. It’s really hard to describe the sensation you have when the Innovotherapy takes place. You almost can feel your pelvic floor lifting without you having to do anything. It was in no way uncomfortable, just odd. You can control the intensity of the 180 impulses which are sent from the pads over the length of the session. Over the first 5 days I worked up progressively from a strength of 45-70. You can go higher, to 75, but I found that intensity a little uncomfortable, so I am sure I will be able to build up to the higher intensity. Don't forget to come back to see how I am getting on with INNOVO® and whether it's making a difference at all.
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