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Life Begins After Coffee - What's Your Favourite?

Being a mother to a very energetic three year is so much fun but at the same time it can be completely exhausting. The late nights, early mornings, the tantrums and the countless number of meltdowns she has because I ask her to put her socks on. At the moment we are both trying to battle some wicked tonsillitis and so it's been a definite struggle to get up and get on with the day, let alone to smile or even contemplate a play date. So the best way to keep awake through the day is without a doubt a strong coffee, most parents are fuelled by coffee these days. A strong coffee will hopefully have enough caffeine in it to keep eyes wide open so my husband can get to work without worrying about falling asleep on the job and I need as much caffeine as my body can drink to see through the late nights, early morning and the meltdowns. The struggle is without a doubt real!

So let's talk coffee. How do you like yours? Strong? Black? Do you like flavour added to yours? To be honest both my husband and I love coffee but we never really stick to the same kind of coffee, seeing as it's Autumn it's all about pumpkin spiced lattes, but they are for times of indulgence. If I was to drink one of those everyday I would start to look as a round as a pumpkin so I needed to find something that will give me a caffeine fix but eases up on the calories. So when Rombouts got in touch to see if both my husband and I would be interested in trying some of their coffee, how could we refuse? When my Rombouts coffee arrived in the post, I was expecting a little selection of samples, however, Rombouts were very generous and sent me full size boxes of filtered coffee cups, packs of instant coffee and loads of delicious biscuits which was amazing and a big hit with the little lady, she loves those. So, I thought it would be a good idea to share some with family and friends to gather their opinions on the coffee too, which they were more than happy to do.


Straightaway a certain little person made a beeline for these Rombouts Café Biscuits, however she wasn't the only one. These little caramelised biscuits were super indulgent and I wouldn't be able to have a cup of coffee without opening a couple of these, so you could say that these were a big hit in this household. They have a sweet taste with a hint of cinnamon, so they are the perfect rich coffee companion without a doubt. 



The Rombouts Cuba Single Origin Ground Coffee is a medium bodied coffee with a hint of caramel and cacao. Now this beautiful rich aroma brought back some memories of our honeymoon and spending mornings at the coffee bar, you can't beat a Cuban coffee. This one was my favourite. 


The Rombouts Laos Single Origin Ground Coffee is has hints of chocolate, nuts and peaches with a rich aftertaste and full body. This one was a popular one with my husband and mother-in-law because of the nutty taste, it make it feel a little more indulgent.



The one cup filters are great because they are easy to use, you simply shake, put the filter on top of your cup and then pour in the boiling water and it will gradually filter through, it needs to be topped up more than once to get a full cup. These are most certainly great for convenience and would be perfect to pop a couple in my handbag for work instead of spending out at Starbucks or Costa. So, even whilst I am working I will be able to use these one cup filters to get my caffeine fix. First up, the ‘Original’ is Rombouts signature blend of coffee and has been a favourite of many since 1896, which is no surprise considering most family and friends chose this one. 


Just like the ‘Original’ the ‘Colombian’ is a medium roast coffee and comes from high-quality Arabica coffee beans. The well drained rich volcanic soils provide ideal conditions for growing fine high quality Arabica coffee beans. This Colombian coffee is rich, sweet and  full-bodied the perfect balance for any time of the day.


The ‘Decaf’ filtered coffee is a medium roast and is Aromatic and light. I preferred this one the most as I am trying to limit my caffeine intake, just a little. So it's perfect to drink throughout the day. I gave some of these to my mother-in-law and she loves the fact that these are not over powering in taste but still able to get a coffee fix. 


The ‘Italian Style’ is a dark roast with an intensely rich flavour, full body and strength. I can't say that this was one I would have often and it's rather too strong for me. I like a coffee but not that strong you are unable to enjoy a nice hot cup of coffee. However my husband sees himself as a coffee connoisseur and loves a strong coffee and this helps him work through his work load at a steady pace.

Overall Rombouts has become a firm favourite in this household and thanks to Rombouts we now have a coffee cupboard and every time we open that cupboard there's a beautiful aroma of coffee in the kitchen, it's pretty amazing. All my family and friends we impressed with the high-quality Rombouts coffee range as there are a roast and flavour to suit everyone.

*DISCLAIMER* Mimi Rose and Me is a personal blog written and edited by myself only, unless otherwise note my reviews are completely based on my own opinion of the product reviewed. These products were supplied to me as a gift to review from Rombouts.
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