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5 Years Time

A week or so ago I came across a lovely post from Being Mrs Lynch about her five year plan. And so, seeing as I am trying really hard to try and get involved with #Blogtober17 and today the prompt is goals, I thought that I would try and combine the two. When I sit here and think about it, a five year plan is never something that I have ever actually thought about, I guess you could say I am more of a life planner. If you had asked me five years ago what my life would be like now, I can pretty tell you that it would have been completely different to where I am now. At that time, I was in full wedding planning mode and so a future beyond our wedding day wasn't too much of a thought. Planning my wedding was pretty much all I was thinking about. But if you did ask me where I would be in five years time, I would have probably said that now I would have been married, travelled with my husband, packed up our one bed rented flat and moved into a beautiful owned home to go along with shiny new career after graduating a few years previous. We did get married, we had an amazing honeymoon, but didn't 'travel' as we hoped, we had our beautiful baby girl and then moved into a owned home. So I guess it's not too far from those 'plans' I am so content with my life right now because I feel as if it's somewhere I am supposed to be in my life. Since having my daughter I have done things that I never thought were possible, I have been moved out of my comfort zone, more times that I care to remember and I know that things can only get better. And so, I have some what become obsessed with planning and I thought that I would give a five year plan a whirl. I have a new five year plan in place...

L O C A T I O N: 

Saving for a deposit for our first home was pretty hard for us, seeing as we did that saving in a short period of time it was most definitely a big accomplishment. I would like to see my family perhaps in a different location but most definitely in a house that is bigger. At the moment we live in a three bedroom house, but as my daughter is getting older the more toys she seems to be accumulating and so it make sense to be somewhere bigger. Ideally I would like to move to a quieter location, perhaps a villager near by. Since having my daughter we have moved back into the main town and it's taking us time to get use to, it's completely different to the life we were accustomed to. 

C A R E E R: 

Since making the decision to become a stay at home parent to my daughter, so many new doors have been opened and it's been quite the adventure so far. I have a degree in Criminology and Sociology and so perhaps a career would be amazing, however without re-training it would be quite difficult. Realistically, I would love to be doing something with my blog and perhaps venture into the world of blogging more professionally, and into social media management. 

T R A V E L:

I do love travelling and exploring new places, however since having our daughter we haven't ventured outside the UK. I'm not entirely sure why though, it's been exciting finding adventures in the UK however I think that it's time to venture abroad. Five years from now I would like to have travelled more, ideally Disney Land, Italy, Greece and we would love to take our daughter to Cuba to show her all the amazing adventures we explored while here on our honeymoon. I would also like to see Australia and Thailand too. 

F A M I L Y: 

Adding to our tribe is something that we would love to be able to do, our daughter has been asking for a little sister quite a lot since starting nursery. Nothing like a bit pressure. However seeing as we struggled to conceive our beautiful baby girl, I think that will be another hurdle that we will come across once both my husband and I decide when the time is right. Perhaps even baby number three, but we would would plan for baby number three pretty much straightaway as I just love the ideas of siblings being close in age. There are 18 months between my sister and I and we just have the strongest bond, so I would want the same for my own children.

With five year plans who really knows where we will be. You can make plans, have hopes and dreams but we can never really predict exactly what will happen in the next five years, it's exciting to wait and see what comes our way. Another move? A new job? Emigrating? Triplets? Who knows! Life plans are never really set in stone, you can hope that your plans will unfold just as you predicted but making the plan come to life will take hard work, dedication and a lottery win! So here's hoping! 
10 comments on "5 Years Time"
  1. I've never thought about making a 5 year plan either, it's a good idea. I hope your plans become a reality! I would also love to be able to make a living from my blog within 5 years' time - I have a long way to go to achieve that, though! #blogtober

    1. I'm more than sure you'll be able to achieve your goals too.

  2. Such a cool post - never really knew what a five year plan was. Loved this post x

  3. I totally applaud you for writing this- I honestly never think further than next week let alone 5 years but this has made me feel like I wanna make some goals!

    1. Haha, normally I am kind of the same. But then I thought where would be in five years time. Turned out to be a popular blog post#!

  4. At the end of the day each and everyone of us has an opportunity of making a difference in our society one way or another. The worst mistake anyone would do is not trusting in oneself.


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