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4 Steps To Totally Smash Potty Training With Precious Little One

Potty training is one of those milestones that all parents dread, however it's much more than just saying goodbye to nappies. It's about shaping your child's feelings of self-assurance and independence, making it one of the most important developmental milestones of this age. Our potty training experience was a tough one, at first my daughter didn't really take to it, even though she showed most signs of being ready. With a little two week wait, we tried again and she soon started to really enjoy potty training with a few mishaps along the way. It took us about one month to be fully potty trained day and night, which was quite the accomplishment for both us and our daughter. When it comes to potty training the most obvious piece of advice that I can offer is for any parent embarking on this little milestone is that they need to remember that every child is different. Some children take to potty training very easily and with other children it may take a little longer. But that's completely ok. We need to make it a fun and enjoyable experience without placing too much pressure on you or your toddler and with the help of  Precious Little One and their amazing giveaway you will be able to smash your way through this milestone!!!

1. Know Your Child

Every single child is different and you have to expect the same when it comes to potty training. They may not get something straight away. Whether you try and do it 3 days or 30 days, ultimately it's hard and can be long winded. It's best to set aside any expectations and let your little one lead the way, you are more likely to succeed if you and your toddler are ready without pressure or rushing to be fully trained in a day. When it came to potty training our daughter we knew that she would be attending a nursery where she had to be potty trained giving us a target to achieve together. When it comes to figuring out if your toddler is ready there are certain cues that you need to look out for, such as staying dry during the day, or letting you know that they have a wet nappy. Once they show these types of signals then your child is trying to say that they are both physically and emotionally ready to potty train. Now that you both are ready to begin this important milestone, the fun can begin. But, how? How do you convince a toddler that a potty is so much fun?

Once we knew that our daughter was ready to potty train we decided to take her on a shopping trip, where we asked our daughter to pick out some special big girl pants. At first this may not seem like a big deal to you, but it will be to your child. While they make the very difficult decision between My Little Pony, Paw Patrol or Peppa Pig you can think about all the savings you'll make now that you are ditching the nappies. Once they have picked their big pants, also get a potty and perhaps toddler wipes, unless you want to stick with baby wipes. When it comes to buying a potty, you really are spoiled for choice as there are so many different ones that you can get. We have come a long way from the standard plastic ones, potties have become very inventive and fun with some potties looking like a real toilet with a toilet roll holder, some come with characters and lights. The choice is tough, but nonetheless lots of fun.  

2. Saying Good Riddance to Nappies

Your toddler has shown lots of signs that they are ready, you have brought some big pants, a potty and anything else you may need so you should feel ready to tackle this milestone head on, so let's get started. In the beginning it can seem strange for you and most certainly will be strange for your toddler, try to encourage and assure them when sitting on the potty. Tell them that it's natural and even mummy and daddy have to use the toilet, by doing this will help them feel at ease with something so new. After a couple of wees on the potty, it may be time to ditch the nappies and switch to pull ups especially for mealtimes and nighttime. When we first started potty training we just focused on potty training during the day, so she would be able to get use to the idea enough to stay dry at night time.There are so many different pull ups that you can get for your toddler that have fun characters to make the transition to pull ups more appealing, we use to get Cinderella and Minnie Mouse characters for our daughter. 

3. Practice Makes Perfect

When it comes to trying something new it may take some time in getting use to, even as adults a lifestyle change can be hard to adjust to at first. So to help your toddler adapt to this new change try and show a positive attitude , be consistent and don't be tempted to slip back into nappies if it's taking longer than anticipated. If they have an accident try not show your annoyance. For us, bribery worked wonders. Ready with a pack of chocolate buttons, smarties or raisins to help and encourage her go and sit on the potty, in the end she associated the two and would always come and tell me she did a wee. To help remind myself to ask her if she need to use the potty I would set an alarm on my phone for every 10 minutes, even if she didn't actually need the loo I would try and soon enough it became a habit. It was quite tiring during the throes of potty training but we got there in the end and she did her first wee without being asked. I was over the moon when she did her first wee, I actually clapped like a crazy seal and did a little potty dance and every time she did a wee, this became our thing. So observe your child’s behaviour and follow their lead. You might even have your little one sit on the throne while you read a potty book or find something entertaining to do. Reward any success with a silly dance, song and sticker on the chart! Just remember practise makes perfect. Try not to get frustrated, if they don’t appear to be succeeding, focus on praising on the effort in trying and the parts of potty training that are going well, such as washing hands. Aim your frustration at the naughty wee or poo, and get your child to join in.

4 Keep It Going

You’ll know when the right time is to start night time potty training. Sometimes your little one will suggest the idea of ditching the night-time nappies. Say yes quickly and go for it while their enthusiasm last by getting your toddler on board is the key to all potty training success. Once their their nappies are dry or nearly dry for several nights in a week then I would think that you are ready to ditch the nappies altogether. This is where the nappy fairy comes in. Our daughter adores fairies we were really keen on encouraging her to give it up her nappies all on her own with the use of her imagination. By using a little bit of imagination with the nappy fairy we managed to get our daughter to give up her nappies all by herself and we couldn't be happier. We told her that the nappy fairy really want to come and visit so she could collect the nappies and leave a special gift for being such a big girl. By being consistent, encouraging and supportive will help enhance their confidence and gain independence and they will totally be able to smash through the potty training milestone. Keep them interested once the initial excitement fades. It's actually surprising what a toddler will do for a chocolate button or the promise of a small gift to give up something they have had for so long. 

I T ' S   G I V E A W A Y   T I M E

To help you smash you way through potty training, with the help from Precious Little One we have the ultimate bundle to giveaway! This is the best starter bundle that you will find as it's include all the must have essentials to begin potty training, as it has been especially designed to make potty training a fun and enjoyable experience for both you and your toddler. So here is how you enter....

The Bambino Mio Potty Training Bundle (Boys)
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15 comments on "4 Steps To Totally Smash Potty Training With Precious Little One"
  1. Nice post :) won’t be entering the giveaway as there’s no point in me having potty training stuff when I don’t have a child but good luck to everyone entering x

    1. Aw bless you, thank you for taking the time to comment though!

  2. Oh I remember these days well xx It's definitely a rememberable milestone

    1. It was quite the milestone to tackle, that's for sure!

  3. A nice kit like this could definitely help overcoming the nervousness about potty training!

    1. Don't forget to enter the comp, it pretty much set you up to tackle the milestone head on! Good luck.

  4. I seocnd what Chloe said. Great post though and your photos are so cute

    1. Aw that's sweet you took the time to comment, so thank you!

  5. This post is awesome and super informative! My bf's sister is currently going through this at the mo and she's been telling me all about it :)
    M x

    1. Your bf sister will have much to look forward to then. It's been quite the milestone!

  6. If only it was this easy for us! Good advice hat I've already pretty much followed but I think my daughter wasn't ready when we started and so we've given up for a while. It's so stressful! Great competition xx

    1. I have seeing your little updates every now again. My sister in law is having trouble with her son, as he keeps doing 'protest' wees when he's had enough. Lol. Yay for girls.

  7. Its great to read a blog with such good tips for children! Can't wait to be able to put them in to practice when I have my own xx

  8. Some great tips here. It always seems a really scary milestone but it's actually okay. We just have to be prepared to follow our children's signals x


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