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CONSTRUCTIVE CHAOS | Your Zodiac Sign Can Determine How Messy or Clean You Are!

Do you ever wonder why you're so different from your siblings or partner? Why is it that you are the one that cleans the whole house from top to bottom and organise your books alphabetically, meanwhile others prefer to sit back and rely on others? I know that I am the complete opposite to both my brother and sister, they are messy and I am more of an organised hoarder. Some things in life are written in the stars. But did you know that the stars are also to blame for how messy or organised you are? There are certain parts of our nature that differentiate us as personalities and this is what affects our cleaning habits too. When it comes to getting organised and staying organised, every sign is different. Let’s just say that some signs just don’t get it. But don't blame yourself, blame your star sign.

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In general, the signs that are ruled by the earth element tend to be the most organised, especially when it comes to organising the home or the office. As a scorpion we are often seen as mysterious people who approach cleaning and organising with intense determination. I know, I take it seriously, and will not rest until everything is thoroughly completed. I like to keep everything and organise like there's no tomorrow. My filing cabinet is full of a collection of papers that have made it through the letter box and into my cabinet and never leaves. I never know when I may need that certain piece of paper from 2010! It's pretty cool to see that your Zodiac sign can determine what type of person you are, be it a super organiser, an organised mess, or a person who thrives on organised chaos, like me! 

Credit: Furniture@work 
So with this in mind, I wanted to focus on essential elements in creating the perfect work space for people who thrive in organised chaos. Some people spend a significant portion of their lives at work. Whether they love what you do or they're are less than thrilled at work, office space and how it's organisation can have a lot of impact on you and those around you. As so much of your life is spend at work, your work space should be a place where you can function to the best of your ability. The most important feature of good office design is functionality. But too often our offices are crammed with so many office machines, equipment, supplies and pieces of paper that our small or home offices are completely dysfunctional. So, today I want to share 5 things you could do right now to help you become more proactive at work...

Clear your desk

There's nothing more satisfying than a well organised, perfectly placed desk. So, start from scratch! Reorganising your office desk will be easiest if you start with a blank desk. Begin by organising your office by looking at your desk, office desk uk offer some pieces that have been tailored to suit your specific needs. Decide what you actually need for work and figure out if it essential to make the cut to stay on your desk. A computer, obviously! It's something that you use everyday to help make your work easier, but that pile of papers that you have been meaning to file isn't! So, be proactive and file them away. 

Storage, storage, storage

After you clear your desk it's time to try and reorder. But try not to put everything back into it's original place. A new look. A breath of fresh air. Try and think of ways where you could reorder your desk and take advantage of your new, clean space, by devising a new layout will actually help keep you interested while you're at work. Even the smallest and home offices produce more paper than anything else.  Unfortunately this means that there will be a lot that clutter in your office and desk so it's essential that you have sufficient space and storage. Organise your office by getting another filing cabinet if you need it or adding a supplies cupboard. Then you’ll have a place to put it and keeping your office design uncluttered will be easier. After you have filter through all that with a fine tooth comb it's now time to stock up on brand new supplies, even if your workplace provides office supplies, keeping a few of your own things on hand can make you feel more comfortable. As we move fully into the digital age, the need to store paper files is gradually decreasing. What can you store digitally? You may be able to eliminate some of the files and folders you’ve used in the past. If you’re storing files on your computer, make sure you are doing regular back-ups. 

Try and make sure that your office space flows

Not everyone works the same way. You have to consider your daily processes, the files you use, the supplies you need regularly, the books you may need to reference, and which desk drawers and shelves are easiest for you to access. You don't want your notepads to be out of arm's reach if you use it regularly to take notes. When you're arranging your office, dedicate drawers and surface space closest to you to things of priority. The items you won't need as often can be stored out of the way until they're of use for you.

Don't go overboard with personal items 

Maintaining work-life balance is hard, especially on your desk. Family pictures or holiday souvenirs can provide positive feelings during the work day, but too many mementos can be a distraction and make you feel a little home sick. So leave it to just one photo and store the rest. Anything you decide to keep but don’t need on hand at your desk should be stored elsewhere so that it doesn’t accumulate and turn into a mess. This includes personal items, snacks and gadgets you only need on rare occasions. Written documents should go into folders and then into a filing cabinet, while other materials might need to be put away in a bottom drawer or closet if they’re not likely to be used. You could try adding a plant to your desk which can actually help you stay focused whilst working. It might sound silly, but, a plant or two in your office could improve your productivity and happiness. Even just having a window view of live greenery can help keep focus.

Make use of the walls

If you have a small desk but a lot of things, using the wall above your desk can be an efficient way to store things and keep your desk clear. Things like pegboards, cork-boards, and wire mesh boards are all great ways to hang up things that would normally clutter your desk and they give you something nice to look at when you’re even at your desk. You could even try and be creative and make your own, so you can tailor it to your specific needs. 

Wall Organiser by Sugar & Cloth
It can be difficult to get anything accomplished if you’re frequently losing certain documents or misplacing important paperwork. Working in an organised environment helps keep you focused and motivates you to make you work more efficient. If everything is in its place, you find the things you need to accomplish your daily tasks more quickly. Simple organisation techniques can make the world of difference when it comes to workplace productivity. To be in control is to be proactive, to take control to make things happen rather than letting things happen to them. So, with this notion in mind and the fact that as a scorpion I thrive on organised chaos by making a few changes in life and in my office will ensure that I am more proactive person. For many people, becoming organised is related to getting rid of paper clutter, improving their filing system or finding more time each day to get things done. And to some extent this is the main attribute to solving these problems but it will help them become better organised throughout their lives.

What is your Zodiac Sign? Check this well thought out infographic from Furniture@work to find out!
4 comments on "CONSTRUCTIVE CHAOS | Your Zodiac Sign Can Determine How Messy or Clean You Are! "
  1. Oh this is interesting. I have to have a tidy house and I am a Scorpio. I'm not a hoarder though! I can't stand clutter :-)

  2. Oh I'm a Scorpio, organised hoarder. It's probably true actually. I know where every little thing is in our house, right down to which side of which drawer! But I do like to stash crafty things like fabric and yarn, and have loads of old childrens' clothes I'm going to make into a memory quilt 'someday'!

  3. I'm a Capricorn what does that make me ?? I like to think I'm organised but I'm not that great at it.

  4. Oh, such a fun post. I'm a Libra and like to think I'm organised, but I'm also quite laid back - agree I prefer things to look nice over being in a logical order! x


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