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Motherhood is a complete whirlwind. Sometimes finding the joy and smiles is easy and sometimes it's a little harder, but amid those times it's not so easy we owe it to ourselves to savour those moments forever.

A big hello and welcome back to the #MotherhoodMondays guest post series. A weekly feature for mothers to share their stories about their incredible journeys of motherhood in all kinds of forms. I am very excited to have the lovely Caroline from Carter Family 4 this week, because well basically she's amaze balls. I first came across Caroline and her blog through the #mombosssquad Facebook group and fell in love with her beautiful and honest blog. This post that she'd like to share with you all is about what she thinks mothers should teach their sons. Being a mother to a little girl I can only imagine but it's an interesting read and I am more than sure that he will grow into a wonderful young man some day.
Before we get into her post I wanted to share a little more about Caroline and her blog, which is a lifestyle and parenting blog. Caroline's blog is her little corner of the internet where she can share her family adventures and general ramblings about their life along with her husband, daughter Ruby, Son William, Bella the boxer and not forgetting the new addition Evie the cat. Thank you for joining us Caroline for Motherhood Mondays.

15 Things Mums Should Teach Their Sons

Mum’s of son’s know they have a special place in their heart and that they want them to become the best man they can be. My big lad is now 10 and although he’s  know where near a man just yet he is growing up so fast. So as he’s growing up feel it’s important for us to teach and learn him how to be the best he can be from a young age. He seems to have grown up so much over the past 12 months and I can already see the wonderful young man he’s becoming.
Here are 15 things I want my son to learn as he grows up.
  1. The kitchen is not just for girls. Learn to cook.
  2. Courage to do what’s right
  3. Shower daily keep your nails tidy and use deodorant .
  4. Sexting is not cool and is a criminal offence.
  5. Real girls don’t look like a Victoria secrets model.
  6. Good manners are very important, always say please and thank you
  7. Never break up with someone by phone.
  8. Never use violence to solve a problem.
  9. Trust your instinct good and bad
  10. Never feel pressured into doing something just because your  friends say it’s a good idea.
  11. Bad language shows no class
  12. Respect yourself and others
  13. Admit when your wrong apologise and mean it, say sorry
  14. Be confident not arrogant
  15. Hold open doors and give up a seat for someone who needs it
Obviously the list is endless but these 15 are some of the most important ones and will  hopefully help him grow up into a wonderful young man that he is already becoming.

Thank you Caroline for taking part! And you my lovely readers don't forget to check out Caroline's blog and follow her on all her social media platforms.
If you'd like to be part of the series then please feel free to send me an email to  and I'd be thrilled to get back to you with more information! Please get in touch even if you don't have a blog and you would simply like to share your story.
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