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My Top 5 Christmas Films

Happy Thursday everyone! Can you believe that we are already in December. Where did November go? Better still, where did Autumn go? All those gorgeous golden crisp autumn leaves have turned into mulch, and the days you could get away with a thick knit jumper have well and truly gone. There's a fresh, crisp, chill in the air for sure. Now I look forward to wrapping up with blankets, hot chocolates, candy canes and turning the heating up to full, it's December so we can!
With all this festive excitement I thought it would be a great idea to share our favourite Christmas films of all time, and there are so many fantastic ones to choose from. I have been asking all my family and friends about their favourite Christmas films and there seems to be quite a few popular ones in this list. So let's get to it...
The Muppet Christmas Carol
Ever since I can remember this has been a sort of, tradition in our family. My parents would settle us down with blankets, hot chocolate and sweets in preparation for our Christmas Eve film and this would always be our choice. The Muppet characters tell their version of the classic Charles Dickens novel, A Christmas Carol which is a tale of an old and bitter miser's redemption of Christmas Eve. A must see for all families especially because in this adaption there are some modern songs, who doesn't love a good sing-a-long?
The Polar Express
I actually watched this film for the first time with my Nan, a few years ago. I can always remember how much she adored this film and know that this would be the perfect film for families over Christmas. My daughter and I watched quite a few films during our Christmas Eve film marathon and this was by far her favourite one. This exciting adventure is based on a children's book by Christ Van Allsburg. The film takes a young boy on a magical train journey that shows him that wonder of life never fades, if you believe!
The Santa Clause
This was a film that my little sister loved when we were younger and because she watched it so many times, it became a favourite of mine, too. This film is about a Dad, Scott Calvin, who accidentally causes Santa Claus to fall from his roof on Christmas Eve. When he and his young son, Charlie, finish St. Nick's trip and deliveries, they go to the North Pole where Scott learns that he must become the new Santa and convince those he loves that he is indeed Father Christmas.

The Grinch
The Grinch is a film from the beloved children's tale by Dr. Seuss. We love Dr. Seuss in our household my daughter is obsessed with the Lorax, I can't even hazard a guess at how many times she has made me watch the Lorax. This year we are going to introduce her to The Grinch who is a grumpy ole bugger who hates everything  do with Christmas. So much so that he lives so far into the mountains with his dog so he can't be disturbed. But, one day he has an idea to steal Christmas. The Grinch then travels down to the village and tries stealing everything he could and meets a little girl, Cindy-Lou. Can she change his mind about Christmas?
Home Alone
A timeless favourite! In my opinion Home Alone 1&2 are the best films out of the sequels and they would always get me excited about Christmas. When Kevin McCallister acts out the night before a family trip to Paris, his mother makes him sleep in the attic. After the family mistakenly leave for the airport without Kevin, he wakes the find the house empty and assumes his wish to have no family has come true. But soon not all is what it seems as he realises two con men plan to rob the McCallister residence, and that he must protect the family home.
What are your favourite Christmas films?
6 comments on "My Top 5 Christmas Films "
  1. Aww Home Alone is an absolute classic!! I haven't seen Grinch in years...will have to hunt it down this festive season :) #TheList

    Helen x

  2. I've written a similar list - but you've got a few that I haven't! I'd forgotten about the muppets christmas carol #thelist

  3. Oh my... The Grinch is my all time fave Christmas film!! I think between us me and my sister know all of the words and used to recite them on train journeys (much to our mothers embarrassment!) The Holiday and Love Actually are my next two i think! I always found Polar Express creepy? Just me? Have watched The Santa Clause already as our Sunday film last weekend... love it! Always makes me a tad emotional at the end! <3

  4. I love Christmas films. Any of them really I'm not fussy. I've only seen Home Alone all the way throuh, out of your list though #thelist

  5. The Muppets Christmas Carol is my ultimate favourite Christmas film and I have watched it every year without fail for as long as I can remember! It's so good! I have never actually seen The Santa Clause, but I will add it to my list as this year I'm trying to watch all the Christmas films I have never seen before xx #TheList

  6. Oh yes, you have to watch Home Alone at Christmas time! Thanks for linking up to #thelist x


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