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Easy Treats to Keep the Kids Happy on Christmas

For many of us, Christmas is the most important time of the year. The whole family light up at this wonderful time of year, and we all want our children to feel happy over the Christmas period. If you’ve bought all your Party Bags and Supplies ready for any Christmas parties you’re throwing, but are still wondering how to keep your kids happy throughout the rest of the year, look no further! 

Food Treats

Everyone loves stuffing their faces with scrumptious food over Christmas. Below are some food treats you can make and enjoy with your children.

Mince Pies

What Christmas list is complete without the humble mince pie? Mince pies are fun to make with your children and they’ll grow up developing a love for this perfect Christmassy treat. Bake them in batches, but don’t put them away until you’ve eaten a couple right from the oven - just be careful to not burn your tongue! 

Chocolate Rice Krispie Cakes

There are very few children on the planet who do not love making rice krispie cakes. They’re so much fun to make, cheap and very very easy! You could get creative with some white icing and make mini Christmas puddings, too!

Gingerbread Houses

The great thing about these delicious houses is that you can buy ready to build ones, meaning busy mums and dads don’t have to worry about baking the gingerbread. Gingerbread house kits are everywhere over Christmas, and your kids will absolutely love decorating their house with different coloured icing and sweets. The whole family will enjoy destroying the house when they want to eat it, or you may end up leaving it up until the rest of the decorations come down. (Some things are just too pretty to destroy). 

Mini Strawberry Christmas Trees

Christmas doesn’t have to always be about extremely indulgent food. If you want to be slightly healthier (only slightly, because these trees are coated in chocolate - oops!), make some mini Christmas trees. All you have to do is cut the stalks off the strawberries, cover in melted green chocolate (or candy melts), add a few silver balls and set aside until they harden. Cute!

Biscuits and a Letter for Father Christmas

Bake biscuits (or another treat) for Father Christmas with your children - they’ll get so excited! Help them to write and letter for him, and don’t forget to put down a carrot for his reindeers! 

Non-Food Treats

Christmas treats don’t have to be food related. If you want to be healthier, think about some of the following options. 

Christmas Crackers 

Hours of fun can be had pulling Christmas crackers. Making your own only adds to the fun. Set aside an afternoon with your children and make up your own crackers. You’ll be able to spend time creating coloured paper hats, cheesy jokes, and fun games to go inside. 

Paper Chains

Paper chains are one of the cheapest and easiest things to make, yet they look very effective. You and your kids will have loads of fun creating these pretty decorations!

Pine Cones

Pine cones can be such a beautiful touch to your home over Christmas. A lovely idea would be to treat your kids to a day out somewhere where they can pick their own pine cones. Take them home and clean them up, then let your children paint and decorate them as they wish.

Salt Dough Decorations

Salt dough is another great way to treat your kids to a fun filled day. One of the best things about salt dough is that adults can also join in on all the fun. Tie ribbons to your creations for Christmas tree decorations that are bound to stay in your family for years.

Christmas Cards

Children love to let their creative side run away with them. Save yourself the hassle of card shopping this year and let your children make some cards for your loved ones. It adds a nice personal touch and your children are bound to have a fantastic time getting all the glitter and glue all over the place. 

However you chose to spend your Christmas, we’re sure that you and your children will be kept happy over the period. Have fun spending time together whichever treat or days you decide to take part in for the best time.

Want more inspiration? Have a look through popular websites like Pinterest. You can search for different treats and use the site as a pinboard; you’ll never lose a link again. 

Merry Christmas!
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