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Hello everyone,

Sorting Amelia's bedroom has been something that I have been avoiding at all costs! My daughter has wayyyy to many toys and this morning I thought enough is enough her room needed tidying and sorting through. There were quite a few toys that she doesn't really play with anymore but we also found some new ones and they seem to be becoming her 'go-to' toys.

Our house seems to be over run by toy boxes, I like to be organised. Amelia has two upstairs at the end of her bed, one in her cupboard and we have three in our living room. One is full of mega blocks, one with her happy land toys and the third one has everything else - soft toys, wooden toys not forgetting her noisy toys that I pray she doesn't pull out. But we have a small rule in our house and that is that Amelia is allowed to have one toy box out at time, we say this so then she doesn't become too over whelmed with the choices and keeps our home tidy. Nothing I hate more than coming back to a sea of toys when I go make a cuppa.

So today I thought I would share all the toys that Amelia has been loving lately and would be perfect gift for any toddler. If you didn't know (as if I haven't mentioned it enough) my little girl is turning two next month and all the toys that are in my top toys for tots are more than suitable for 10 months way through to three or four.
I hope you will find this list filled with classic, timeless selections for your little one!  My list of the best toys for toddlers is divided into sections based on the domains of early childhood development. After all, toys can provide some of the best learning opportunities all while being disguised as fun.  :)

Amelia's wooden train set is small one that we got her for Christmas in the Sainsburys sale. It was like £4 and it finally made its way downstairs and ever since Amelia loves her 'Choo-Choo's' and will carry the trains around with her everywhere. It is pretty easy to assemble unless you are Mummy and Nanny Caney of course...second attempt we nailed it though. I like the fact that the trains are held together by magnets so they can easily be pushed and pulled around the track - this train set will keep our little one occupied for hours.




Children are normally curious and inquisitive. They only need the right guidance to show their creativity so get them poster paints, finger paints, water colours, colouring books, crayons and modelling clay in different colours and see their creativity unleash.

Ever since I can remember my daughter has been a little obsessed with push along vehicles, they are great because they are durable, realistic-looking and they make lots of sound - which is bound to attract any child. Amelia's favourites have to be her alphabet bus, fire engine and quite recently her ambulance. To be honest my husband and I love to watch her play with her ambulance because certain buttons play music and its lovely to watch her do the actions to head, shoulders, knees and toes!


This was a first birthday gift for Amelia but last year she only used it a few times, she preferred dropping her happy land figurines or washing pegs down them. So it is really nice to see our little lady play on her slide and see that beautiful smile of hers. This is a great toy for small tots because its not too big and daunting - Amelia can be unsure of new things and sometimes it can take her a while to build up the courage.


These are such great little toys for tots. Amelia has received so many of these wooden jigsaws from family and friends so much so we have five of them and my daughter loves nothing more than to get her hands on these. When we get the jigsaws out we will try and learn what each piece is before trying to place back into the correct shape, I have found that Amelia ca get frustrated easily but I try to reassure her and tell her to take her time.


This shape sorter gets played with on a daily basis in our household, but I do think that this is a toy that parents will have to participate in due to the fact tots can get frustrated if they can find the correct shape straight away, it is also a great time to learn shapes, colours and numbers with them.

This was such a great toy to get for Amelia and it was a great way to encourage toddler chores too. Start them young, I say! But in all honesty Amelia loves nothing more than to help me around the house and now she has a few chores that she has to do whilst I reluctantly do mine - I have been told it won't last forever so I must enjoy her help while I can.

I can always remember playing shops with my sister and it would keep us occupied for hours so plastic fruit is the perfect toy for toddlers. The will learn new words and have lots of fun while doing so, Amelia loves to fill her trolley and then tell me what she has in there.

In my opinion the best way to encourage language development in your child is to read for at least 20 minutes every day and talk about things you do throughout the day.
Once children start saying their animal sounds it seems that their vocabulary expands shortly after. I do think from our personal experience that learning these animals sounds is such a big step in her language development and she is learning new words everyday. We have a lots of Happy Land toys in our house and these are definitely one of Amelia's favourite toys to play with -  she will always go for the bag of figurines first.
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So these may not be able not be toys but Amelia loves to read and will always get excited when I ask her if she wants to read together. We have so many books and her collection continues to grow and here is a short list of her favourites.
Cute As A Button, by Carrie Hennon
Guess How Much I Love You, by Sam McBratney
Daddy's Little Bear, by Gemma Cary
The Best Jumper, by Lynne Garner
The Little Raindrop, by Joanna Gray

For young children, toys come with numerous benefits, not only are they fun, but they also stimulate the imagination and help with learning. So there you have it my top toys for tots.
What does your tot like to play with? Please feel free to share your top toys in the comments section as I always love to hear what other toddlers like to play with. 
6 comments on "TOP TOYS FOR TOTS"
  1. I love reading to Josh so I am going to look for some of these books! The train set looks fab too - any excuse to go to Sainsburys ha ha! xx #BloggerClubUK - a fellow Norfolk Mummy xx

  2. I might consider buying for myself a MELISSA & DOUG CLEANING SET. It might help me to like cleaning again �� lovely ideas here #BloggerClubUK

  3. My son has the Melissa and Dog cleaning set and he loves it! x #BloggerClubUK

  4. I am feeling your pain with the whole toy thing! Thankfully Monkey had just moved into a bigger room which is allowing more toy storage. Lovely selection of toys here. I am a massive fan of treasure baskets too for open ended play. Thank you for joining us at #BloggerClubUK hope to see you again next week xx

  5. These are lovely ideas Kelly-Anne. Love that lots of them are wooden and encourage creativity. We also love legos in our home! Little M started out with the Duplos at around age 2. x

  6. There are some fab ideas here! I the educational items and the happy land toy. Also wooden trains are fab!


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