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Hello everyone,

Since I began reading beauty blogs I have come to realise the importance of cleaning your make-up brushes and even though it is one of those mundane tasks that we must all carry out. You have to, unless you'd prefer lots of break outs.

I cannot tell you how important it is to look after your brushes. If you don't, think about this if you don't wash them regularly all the bacteria that is left on them can be spread again and again. all that bacteria hanging about in those bristles. You will be prone to break outs and you complexion won't be as fabulous. If you have problem skin or acne, I’d definitely advise that you clean your brushes a little more than others, you may even notice a change!

I am quite lucky to have a few make-up brushes. There are so many great professional brands on the market and I am pretty sure that you have heard of most of them, or use them. My favourites have to be the Real Techniques range, they are really great, I love them. I also think that the body shop have great range of make-up brushes and I love their foundation brush - it leaves my face looking flawless!
Dirty brushes?

Regular break outs?

Want to keep your professional brushes in a great condition?

Go and wash those brushes...its so easy. This how I wash them every week.

Shampoo your brushes. I normally use baby shampoo as its make them so much softer. If it good enough to for Amelia's fine hair it's good enough to for my make-up brushes. There are also some professional make-up cleansers out there but if it's only you using them - why waste those precious pennies? But if you do prefer a professional cleanse then this is a good one, great value for money too.

Run your brushes under some warm water, add some shampoo - just a drop mind you. Swirl the brush around in your hand and then wash away the dirt away. You may have to repeat this a few times to get them really clean.

Then pat them dry with a kitchen towel and then lay them out to dry naturally. It is not a good idea to dry them with a hair-dryer or roughly with a towel as your brushes will be ruined.

You will now have some nice new clean brushes to let yourself loose on! :)
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