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Wow what a month we have had...
I have written a lot recently about my Amelia's development and how she is getting bigger and bigger everyday and that she is no longer my baby. Gone are those days where we would just cuddle. So my toddler is, well, just that - a toddler who can run, jump, climb everything and even knows the basics of using an iPhone. Seriously. It's all thanks to Talking Tom Cat. It’s inevitable that she will grow up and leave the baby phase and move on to the next set of challenges as she grows older and her needs change. I am looking forward to the next stage but also nervous as time is going so fast.


To Amelia, 


You are weighing 22lb and measuring 33 inches you have finally grown a little bit. You are still quite small compared to the other babies in the family. You are shorter than Lily and weigh less than Elliot, but to be honest I don't think you will be very tall you will take after me.

Your hair seems to be growing thick and fast, your fringe is beginning to cover your eyes and Mummy is trying to sweep into a side fringe before contemplating scissors. Noooooo! I love her messy thick light brown hair!. 

You seemed to be having another growth spurt as you are beginning to reach and remove the glass candles on top of Daddy's speakers. We are now buying you 18-24 month clothing to get prepared for the growth spurt that is suppose to arrive around Christmas. But you are still fitting into some 6-9 month clothing, I am thinking these have probably stretched with you though.


So this month you have been fussy. There is no way that you will allow your Daddy or I to spoon feed you - at all. I like to encourage you to feed yourself and only like to step in when we are out and about as I don't want food to get everywhere...I like you clean when we are out. But despite you being fussy you can be good with your food, even though your Daddy and I sometimes have to duck when you have had enough.

I never thought about it before but this month I started to give you bananas in their skin instead of chopping them and its going well, but I do have to keep an eye as you do like to try and gnaw on the skin. We had to move the fruit bowl (for good) to the dining room table because you help yourself and I was finding lots of teeth marks in the apples and now I can monitor your grape intake!!! You only have two cups of milk a day, one in the morning and one at night time. Other than this you have water, a weak juice and big girl food! 


So I have decided that you're basically in your are a toddler  and well on the way to become a threenager. NOOOO. You’re happy and cuddly one minute then you have a major case of the grumps the next. You are trying to climb out of the bath, try to eat the taps and forever standing up in the bath even when I tell you to sit down, I sometimes have to bribe you. I always ask if you'd like to brush your teeth so I guess that is not so bad. This month I feel as if I am constantly telling you no or pulling you away and it upsets me because I don't want you to think all I do is tell you off.

Your little fake cry, I love you, but it can be tiresome mainly because I fall for it every time. I need to try and persevere and say no but you have been crying at almost anything. This month I have also realised that you seem to be going through a nervous stage as you have become quite clingy when you are meeting new people or in unfamiliar places.


Towards the end of this month you have not been very well, poor you and this has had a great impact on your sleep - and mummy's too. Once I came into your room because I could hear you coughing and I tried soothing you and you thanked me by vomiting all over me, you little bugger. 4am and sick in my hair was not the highlight of my day, but what made it worse was knowing that cbeebies didn't start until 6am!!!!

You seem to take naps if you feel like it and on a rare occasion you would go down for a nap around 9am and 10am. I would try and take full advantage of this, but it never went to plan. 


You love books, you will sit on my knee and turn the pages when its story time so whenever we go to town we like to buy you new books. But your collection is adding up and I think that your room is going to need a shelf soon.

You also like to help me with household chores and I will always give you a duster or a broom and it will are occupied for hours. Maybe I need to purchase some miniature cleaning tools. But when you do get distracted you like to follow the hoover around and switch the button on and off which always makes me smile, as you clap your behaviour. 

You are disliking some foods this month, you still don't like any meat and I have been trying all sorts to get you interested but I am getting nowhere. But pasta and vegetables still seems to be a firm favourite - I think these always will be. You seem to hate your high chair and will not stay in it for longer than you need to, you are quite funny when you do want to get out first as you will fake cry and then a moment later you will throw a massive tantrum. 


So this month you seems to be able to run fast, want to climb everything to the sofa to the tv unit and out of the bath. You are obsessed with the blinds at the moment and you can be such a bugger as you know it's naughty, I try and tell you no but you will always hide.

You have been climbing up the stairs by yourself for a while now but Nanny Russell has been encouraging you to come down them on your bottom. Some days you will feel confident and shuffle down other days you will turn round and go on your front. 

You are saying so many new words but you are actually understanding their meaning. For example I will ask Where's Daddy is and you will go straight to the back door. You are always asking what is that (wasssat) and pointing. You are beginning to do more actions to nursery rhymes that ever before this month we saw head, shoulders, knees and toes and even some of the next verse. 

We are still in the process of introducing the potty and key words so you can associate these words with the potty. You still like to sit on any potty (even Lacie's) and clap your behaviour. We did have a little wee on the potty earlier in the month but I am unsure whether you did this because you wanted to or not. Watch this space.

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7 comments on "AMELIA'S 16 MONTH UPDATE"
  1. Ah all this takes me back! Amelia will love reading all this when she's older!x

    1. if she is anything like me she will love books so much more. Thank you for your comments :)

  2. Love your term - threenager!! A book lover is a great thing :)) #MMWBH

    1. Haha I thought that there would only be the terrible twos but there is a threenager She does indeed sometimes I will catch her trying to gnaw on the book, but most of the time she likes to turn the pages. Thank you for stopping by and for your comments x

  3. I have a threenager and it's been a bit of a learning curve! Good luck! Lovely update #bestandworst xx

    1. I have so much to look forward to when she gets older. Thank you for your comments x

  4. She is doing so well! I have a strop bag too that cries immediately. I have to tell myself to ignore the drama queen. We also have a bit of a meat aversion!! Little ones. Thanks for linking to #bestandworst and sorry I'm so late commenting! x


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