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RESTAURANTS & TODDLERS | Ways to make them less stressful

Hello everyone,

I have been waiting how long???
Do you go to eat out often? Do you ever feel embarrassed when your child screams or throws a toy and it hits an innocent passer-by?

When Amelia was younger going out for a meal was pretty straightforward. I would take her in her pushchair and keep a bottle or dummy to hand just in case there was a meltdown! But now I am the lucky owner of a newbie toddler and there is so much more to consider. So for all of you that own toddlers here are some ways to keep them occupied when eating out...


Children can get bored easily and very quickly so I am sure that this one comes as no surprise. So to help avoid at screaming tantrum at all costs takes toys out with you and make sure that they are EVERYWHERE! The changing bag, the pram, the car and even in your handbag as you will never know when they will come in handy.


It is always a good idea to keep some scrap pieces of paper and some crayons stashed away in the car. Children just love being able to doodle so it is perfect to keep them occupied for when you are eating out! Just keep a watchful eye in case they take their masterpiece to the table or the menu, Amelia has never done this *total fib* I also think that it is great that most restaurants supply children activity packs which is a big bonus for us parents!!!!


(Okay so this one is aimed at ladies sorry dads) When the novelty of their toys or creating a masterpiece has worn the next thing that I would do would be to dive in your handbag. There are so many things that I take with me everyday that will keep those little mischievous minds occupied. Keys, comb or compact mirrors. Amelia loves to get hold on my purse and gets excited when she sees her Daddy's wallet. She is just like her Mummy!!!


Children don't like waiting too long for their food just like hungry husbands but at least the husband won't scream at the top of their lungs...too much! So when you go order your food ask your server to get your children's food to be the first out so all tantrums can be avoided!


I know that this may sound odd but you cannot guarantee that you will get served right away so prepare a few snacks but keep them small and light rice crackers, cheerios or bread sticks are great as they won't become too full.

Even though this the most obvious try to avoid the busiest times. You could try a weekdays, or go out for a lunch - less noise, less distractions and less people. Happy lunch + Happy toddler = Happy days.

Trying to go out to restaurants with a toddler can be tricky but with the list I am sure that you will become more than prepared to deal any unreasonable tantrums.
8 comments on "RESTAURANTS & TODDLERS | Ways to make them less stressful"
  1. You need to take like a whole mini suitcase out with you just to keep the kids occupied and quiet don't you lol. Another thing that keeps my kids amused for about five minutes is books. They love looking at books. We have some really little hardback ones which are especially great for taking out and about, but yes, otherwise it's all a about the snacks and handbag contents!

    Visiting from #bestandworst linky

    1. Oh yes, I will have to take Amelia's Peppa Pig hardback books with us from now on. Thank you for your comments x

  2. I always order the kids food first, literally turn up and before we have our coats off I'm ordering their meal and asking it to come asap!! Great advice!!
    Vix x

  3. Haha we have just got over this hurdle and things have got a bit easier again. My girlie is 2. I remember the days of taking ANYTHING to keep her entertained. Mummy's phone got used a LOT! Great list hun and thanks for sharing with #bestandworst. See you again xx

  4. Crayons...oh dear....We were given a pack of crayons on Wagamama a while back, and I handed them to Piglet, thinking there was no way he would be interested, as at the age of one he wasn't exactly drawing masterpieces. They kept him occupied the whole time. Occupied repeatedly throwing them on the floor.

  5. These are perfect tips! My daughters and I have been going out to eat since they were infants, and it never occurred to me that it should be hard. One thing I found handy was an inflatable pillow. My daughters are so little for their age that they'd slip out of restaurant high chairs without some padding in place. Thanks for linking with #TwinklyTuesday.

  6. Great tips! I definitely use some if these, and think we're graduating to the crayons stage soon. And a fantastic Happy Days formula, thank you for sharing on #TheBabyFormula :-) x

  7. Great advice! I love it when restaurants provide coloring materials for the kids as it will occupy them while waiting for food. Also, I try to avoid ordering a starter as it will make the main course arrive much later. I do bribe my kids as well with ice cream if they finish their dinner and that stopped them mocking around. Thanks for sharing! #TheBabyFormula


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