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Hello everyone, 

Here we are again. I can’t quite believe how quickly the last few weeks have gone. It doesn't seem like yesterday I wrote 14 month update. I swear time goes so much quicker the older you get. This is Amelia's 15 month update:

To Amelia, 
You are definitely a toddler now. I feel as if you have changed so much this month so here is what has been happening this month...

Amelia you are now weighing 21lb and is still measuring 31 inches. You are getting very tall and you can even climb onto the sideboard unit to get your hands on the porcelain coasters, you little bugger.

We need to get you some more baby gro because you are growing so fast and you have finally grown out of that beautiful navy dress turned t-shirt that mummy loves. Another growth spurt required another shopping spree :) but there are so many adorable outfits for Autumn/Winter and I cannot resist them. You are a size three in shoes when we got you measure in Clarks and size threes are so hard to find but I did manage to get you the cutest dusty pink ones from Tesco for £10!

You have never been a big eater - I think you are more of a grazer and prefer lots of snacks. Your favourites seem to be breadsticks and grapes so not much of change there but I did have to move the fruit bowl because you like to help yourself, cheeky baby! I have been trying to introduce new food you love green beans and swede which doesn't really surprise me as you love your veggies.
You have two cups of milk a day - one in the morning and one for night time. You love the new light horlicks that we bought the other day and you can't get it in quick enough. 


This month we have seen a real change in your behaviour. You are so loving and want to cuddle and kiss everyone. It is so lovely when you cuddle people and your toys and say 'aww!', but I think you need to understand not every child wants kissing or cuddling. Especially when you cuddle a child at play group and this creates a domino effect among the children. That was definitely a face palming moment for Mummy, we had to leave early because of pure embarrassment. 

However even though you are so loving there is also a naughty side to you. You have been having lots of temper tantrums and they are something that I have never seen you do. I have even had you screaming and crying so loud in a restaurant and I have to bribe you with the restaurant menus to help ease your screaming. But its okay because I am learning new tips when we eat out.  

Sleep? What is that? Well that's what I have been thinking to myself this month. You normally sleep about eight hours a night but as you are going through separation anxiety this has been completely thrown up in the air. It is becoming easier each night and I think you are beginning to understand that Mummy will come back to see you. 

This month we have also seen you drop the length of your naps as you can imagine we have had a few grumpy afternoons because you can be stubborn, but I would prefer if you would nap in the afternoon. (So I can snoozed too, haha no I mean do the laundry or something). During the night you are waking several times and I think its due to these teeth trying to break through, I do feel as if I have a new born baby again but I am loving those extra cuddles with you. 


You are obsessed with crisps at the moment and I have to limit how many you eat as they are not always good for you. But I am not going to give you them because people say I shouldn't. Whenever you see a yellow packet you make a bee line for that packet.

Nanny & Grandad Caney bought you a pink chair just before your birthday and you love it, you even try to eat you lunch in it. You are pretty much happy sitting in your pink chair, cuddly cow & your yellow blanket watching In The Night Garden!

This month you hate your cot and every time I try and put you down for a nap or try to settle you for bedtime you scream the house down. But I couldn't keep getting you out to come sleep in Mummy & Daddy's bed so I would wait outside your bedroom waiting for you to settle yourself, it was awful hearing your cries.


You are saying a few more words this month but your favourite word has to be ta and sometime you will not part with anything unless someone says ta. You have also started to snort whenever someone says Peppa Pig, its the most adorable thing ever!

This month it seems that you are able to recall some information with pictures, colours, and people. You like the big cat magnet on the fridge and I will always ask you where the cat's eyes are and you will always point to them. When we sing wheels on the bus and for the bell/ding you tap your nose - this is so adorable but wasn't so much for you when you had a toy phone in your hand and Mummy began to sing. I think you can guess what happened! 

You has been working on five new teeth so we all have been struggling during the night and you are waking regularly for cuddles. As you will see from the last Amelia 14 Month Update we were going to introduce the potty and its going really well and even claps herself when she sits down on her potty. We are trying to introduce words that can be associated with using the potty and hope in time she will understand so what this space!!!
4 comments on "AMELIA'S 15 MONTH UPDATE"
  1. Aw she's so cute! I hope the sleep improves soon! Thanks for linking up to the #BinkyLinky

    1. Me too Emily its a lot better than it was so fingers crossed. Thank you for hosting xxx

  2. Looks like your little one is doing so well great post fab photos thanks for linking to the binkylinky

    1. Thank you Nigel and Thank you for hosting this week! See you next Friday.


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