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WICKED WEDNESDAYS | Why won't she mute?

Why won't she mute? 

My mummy trying to keep me quiet when all I want is her attention. Doesn't she know I am having a tantrum!!!

8 comments on "WICKED WEDNESDAYS | Why won't she mute?"
  1. This is so funny bless her

  2. I wish I can mute my girls too!! LOL Very funny, x

  3. Aw thanks lovely. If only eh? xx

  4. The same question that my son is asking =P

    Why cant Mummy stop telling me to tidy up!

    This is such an adorable photo.


  5. Oh my god I wish I could mute! Thanks so much for linking up! Hope to see you next week over at Wicked Wednesdays! x

  6. I absolutely loved this link up. So many great pics. Thanks!!!


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