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Hey everyone,

How are we all?

Today we set off bright and early for our first family holiday to Yorkshire. I was so excited about our first holiday that was until I began to pack and had a meltdown. 
I am definitely one of those people who will pack everything including the kitchen sink and my husband is exactly the same with his five pairs of trainers for a seven day holiday.  But now we have a toddler!!!

What do I pack for a toddler, for seven days, for a holiday in ENGLAND? Good ole English weather is sooooo unpredictable, isn't it? 

I began the awful job of packing on Monday and then thought NOOOOO but then it was Thursday and I had one day to pack! Cue the holiday meltdown. What do I pack for a toddler? How many baby grows do I take? What shoes? A coat? What if its hot? What if it rains? You can imagine what questions I was asking myself...

But eventually I managed to pack it away.

So we squeezed all we could into the car and we set off on our four hour car journey. An hour into the journey and we have a toddler tantrum in the back with her "Mimi" meltdown. I gave her a few raisins to keep her happy until we hit the services
 for a sandwich and a few wotsits and we were happily throwing toys for mummy to pick up again. 

*A bad selfie taken by mummy.

We finally reached our destination.

There are so many ways to prepare for a holiday with a toddler instead of having a major meltdown so here are my top tips...

  1. Make a plan and make lists - You need to have some sort of idea of what you will need to take with you. What is important as you don't want to be straddling your suitcase to get it zipped up. I think not. Write a list for everyone and think about what is essential.
  2. Be organised Try and get yourself organised. Give yourself a few days to get your case put together which should prevent you from taking stuff you don't need. A couple of days before you go through and eliminate extras you don't need. Think do I really need three handbags for a walking holiday???
  3. Always carry snacks for the little ones - If you know that you will be travelling for a while always carry some dry snacks like cheerios or rice crackers to keep those nippers happy. They are mess free for a long car journey. 
  4. Try to keep the little ones entertained - Whether this be a few toys, books, games or nursery rhymes. Make sure that you keep them occupied in order to prevent any tantrums occurring. But it is always a good idea to stop for regular breaks. 
  5. Don't forget those creature comforts - We all have those material comforts that help with our  well-being so remember to pack their favourite blanket, a favourite book or their favourite toy so that they will feel more comfortable. My Amelia does like sleeping in her cot bed so I bring her bedding, night light and her favourite yellow blanket. 
  6. Try to keep you little one in their routine  - I know that this can be difficult when you are on holidays and sometimes it actually good for them.  But to help them feel at ease just make sure you do what you normally would even though timing may change.
So there are my top tips in preparing for a holiday with a toddler. Even though little people are small you still need to take mountains of stuff with you. Whether you are taking your holiday abroad or in UK just take what you need to and if you do forget anything I'm sure you will still be able to get them. So don't worry.

Happy packing...



  1. We don't live near family and have 4-6 hour journeys to see most people (including to Yorkshire), & I hate the packing! I have streamlined it to a degree, but there is still loads we need to be prepared for two children under 3. Good tips - I always write lists to organise the packing. #mummymonday

    1. Oh my I struggled enough with my little one, I would definitely struggle with two children under the age of three. Go you! I am sure it will become easier for me as she gets older and the more we go away! Thank you for your comments x

  2. We are going to Florida soon with the toddler, eeeeek! Great tips though xx #mummymondays

    1. Aw thank you. Oooh have a fab time in Florida! Thank you for your comments x

  3. 5 trainers for 7 days! Wow. My husband is at the other end of this spectrum and takes so little with him that I secretly stash a few spare T shirts just in case. Good tips. I do remember the challenges of packing with a toddler. It gets easier as they get older because you ask them what they cant do without for the week and they have less stuff anyway. Great post. Kirsten

    1. I know and even I didn't take that many pairs. I used one pair of trainers all week! It so over whelming to know what you will need and what you want to take. I did over pack Thank you for your comment x

  4. Great tips, I think the routine part is especially important #twinklytuesday xx

    1. It was quite difficult to keep Amelia in a routine but hopefully we will get back on track! Thank you for your comments x

  5. It is tricky to pack with kids, I always end up taking too much but my plan is check whether there is a washing machine as then you can reduce the amount of clothes you take!


    1. Oh yes, I was so glad that the accommodation that we stayed in had a washing machine and tumble dryer. Thankful as my husband and my Amelia got very muddy most days. Thank you for your comments ;) x

  6. I agree with all of these! Especially the routine. In the long run it is just not worth messing with their routine! The odd night is fine but not for a whole week! I too pack the kitchen sink. I like going on holiday where we can drive to so we can pack everything haha! Thanks so much for linking up with #TwinklyTuesday

    1. Aw thank you so much for hosting. Yes I do agree with you about the routine, it's hard once it's been disturbed. Thank you for your comments


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