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Hello everyone,
Dummies? Do you use them for your little one?

We started using dummies with Amelia when she was just two days old, I was struggling with her constant cries and sobs. Before she was born I believed in no dummies whatsoever but by day two I completely caved!!! Being new parents is hard work maybe I could have stuck it out, but I gave my daughter a dummy. Amelia laid in her Moses basket happy, calm and sucking away. I was happy, she was happy so what is the big issue?

There is a huge stigma when a parent uses a dummy. I cannot understand why. Even David Beckham has been criticised for giving his four year old a dummy. Experts have jumped on the band wagon to criticise their parenting skills suggesting it will cause developmental issues but who has the right to judge others?

Its a dummy!!!

 I did read somewhere that you are suppose to take the dummy away at 12 months old, some even suggested that there is no need to soothe after 4 months. Seriously are these 'experts' even parents? Not unless you have a patience of a saint and don't sleep! My Amelia is 13 months old and she still has her dummy and quite frankly I don't care what people think if she has it or not. But it helps to soothe her, its her comfort and she looks so adorable.

I don't think there is an age limit of when to take a child's dummy away, just do what is right for you and your child. But when my Amelia is ready to give up her dummy I'll be ready too.
9 comments on "DUMMIES - WHAT IS THE BIG ISSUE?"
  1. It's such a tough one. I too have used dummies with two of our 5. I think they get criticised for the impact they can have on establishing breastfeeding. I think the best 'advice' is to do what works for your family though and I will always stand by that! the two of ours that had them were no more or less content than the ones who didn't but I wonder if they would have been different without them!

  2. Yes that is exactly my feelings. There is no right or wrong answer just do what you think is best for your baby as you know them better than anyone. x

  3. I was sworn against dummy's too but by the end of the first week we had given him one and I would 100% do it again. We said goodbye to dummy's at 18 months and he was totally fine about it

    1. I am thinking that around 18 months is a good time to start...well I say that now lol. But I would use dummies again if I was to have another. Thank you for your comment x

  4. I was adamant I wouldn't let my girls use a dummy, but they're three now and still use them! It's not like they'll still be sucking on a dummy when they're 18 and they don't have it all the time! Thanks for linking up to the #BinkyLinky

  5. If it works for your child who is to judge great post thanks for linking to the Binkylinky

  6. I love this link up so thankyou. So many great comments and feedback. #binkylinky

  7. What a great read. I was told by midwives at 3 weeks old to use a dummy as he was a 'sucky' baby (i bottle fed) He still has it now and Elliott is 14 months, like you i am not fussed if he has it or not, but now he tend to have it when sleeping! I think they are a god send! Thanks for sharing! Suz x

  8. I think that dummies are a god send too. My Amelia only has it for sleeping or when she's is not feeling herself. Thank you for your comment x


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