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Hello everyone,

As I started this blog after Amelia's first birthday I have decided to do some updates on her progress. Today Amelia-Rose is 14 months old - how is this even possible? Doesn't seem that long ago when I was holding my 6lb 7oz new born baby.  But Amelia is changing so much very quickly and my little chubs is even losing her chubby cheeks...Nooo! 

To Amelia,


Amelia weighs 20lb and is measuring 31inches. Another growth spurt sometimes its is hard trying to keep up with you little lady, but its strange as it seem to be your legs that have grown lots. I can remember at your 20 week scan the sonographer actually said that your legs were measuring older than your body. However when ever we meet new people they think you are only about eight or nine months old!
You hair seems to growing nicely now and I don't have to try and flatten your Grandad Russell hairstyle. Okay so this month it seems as if you have become a bit of a chunky monkey because you make my arms ache...lots.

Even though you are only 14 months old you still wear clothes that are aged 6-9 months and some 9-12 months.  We had her feet measured in Clarks and she measured a C3 but we are buying shoes around a 2-3 depending on the make. But you will need so new one which means shoe shopping for Amelia and Mummy (If mummy flutters those eyelashes she may get some new ones too!). 

This month we have been trying to wean you off the night time bottle however we are failing miserable as you still like a 7oz bottle. But I have been told by the health visitor that you need to come off the bottle at night because you have teeth now and milk can damage those pearl whites.
You are having three meals a day and any snack if you want them.  You still love your veggies and you can never get enough broccoli and you will always ask for more. As I always try new food with you this month its been courgettes and this month we tried you with  courgette bakes, courgette fritters.

You are just the best one year old to have and you never fail to make me smile, even when I shouldn't. This month we have seen a lot of falling over on purpose to get some attention, especially when the grandparents come over and they fall for your antics and give you cuddles.
You are having lots tantrums at the moment and they are coming more often these days. I can also see that sometimes you are getting so frustrated with yourself because you cannot do something and I have to get you to calm down and explain why you cannot do that. 
Towards the end of this month we all went on our first family holiday but it was more of a nightmare for Daddy and I as you just wouldn't settle at night-time. Your Daddy and I had to sleep with you in our bed all week, you just couldn't take to your cot. I think that this is the beginning of separation anxiety


Amelia you have been sleeping through the night since you was 6 weeks old because we all worked so hard to get you into a routine.  We had no social life or sleep so thanks for that! We also were advised by a friend to get little gem, and it was great for you so if any parents are having problems honestly get one of these.
Oh my word you are absolutely loving raisins at the moments, its like you cannot get enough of them and it's such a great snack to tie you over until lunch time. 
You love to brush you teeth and I think that this is great and when ever I ask you will try and make your way to the bathroom. However as great this is when I take your toothbrush away that a whole different story - we have full blown temper tantrums. 


You have been walking since you were about 11 months old but a month ago you favoured crawling for a bit - you hate walking in shoes and would do a bambi stance. Your speech has improved so much and you are saying thing like 'hi', 'bye', 'duck', 'dog' and even 'jake' (Our pooch). When I sing nursery rhymes like Wind the Bobbin Up you try to do the actions, it is so adorable as soon as I sing you point to the floor straight away.

You only have 2 teeth but it seems as if you have been teething for months  - I just wish these suckers would come through already. We have also bough you some Peppa Pig big girls underwear and a potty! What was the first thing you decided to do? Yes, as some can assume popped the blooming thing on your head. So we are going to introduce the potty and I am unsure if it is too early I have no clue but we will see how we go. If any of you have a potty trained little one I am more than happy for any advice, probably thankful. 
6 comments on "AMELIA'S 14 MONTH UPDATE"
  1. Interesting to read as my little one is 13 months so lovely to read this and see what he might be doing in another month. I'm really looking forward to first words so fab to see that Amelia has several words already. #binkylinky

    1. It's a fantastic feeling when your little one begins chatting...I was so excited when she said mum for the first time. Thank you for your lovely comments x

  2. She's so beautiful! Agree with Clare they do grow so quickly. My twin girls are three and starting nursery next month. Make the most of it! Thanks for linking up to the #BinkyLinky

    1. Time flies by...thank you for hosting :)

  3. Sounds like your little girl is doing really well time flies by great post thanks for linking to the binkylinky

    1. I love this link up thank you for hosting :)


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